Missed Period Negative Pregnancy Test

An article shedding light on missed period negative pregnancy test for women.

One of the highly exasperating things women could go through is late menses & a negative pregnancy test. Regardless of your intentions, trying to get pregnant or avoiding pregnancy, a missed period negative pregnancy test outcome could trigger significant anxiety, worries, perplexity & surmise on what’s precisely transpiring within? Have I conceived, and if yes, why am I not getting a positive test outcome? If I haven’t imagined, then where are my menses?

Firstly, having a missed period negative pregnancy test outcome isn’t essentially an irony. There are some likely rationalizations. Undeniably, there might be elucidations apart from conception for why menses haven’t arrived on time or have gone amiss in several situations.

On the other hand, there are even likely scenarios wherein a skipped menses is definitely because of a conception & the woman nonetheless gets a negative pregnancy test outcome. So, here’s a complete perusal at such duo likely situations & probe some of the possible reasons.

The explanation for Skipped or Delayed Menses

The foremost thought that strikes most females in their reproductive years on missing a period is ‘are they pregnant’. But, cramping, breast soreness, mild spotting, higher body temperature, among others, are several indications of pregnancy before skipped menses that must not be overlooked. Here are some likely causes for missed period negative pregnancy test outcome.

  • Being stressed out is the key rationale behind skipped or tardy menses among females. It tends to interfere with the regular hormone signalling from the brain & hampers ovulation, thus leading to erratic menses.
  • Females with thyroid conditions could even experience irregular hormonal variations that could cause delayed or skipped menses.
  • Contraceptive pill intake might even wane menses. Usually, women who take such medicines do skip their menses.
  • Women who are obese, overweight or below-normal, required weight or prolactin hormones being excessively produced could even cause postponed or skipped menses.
  • Premature ovarian failure could even be a distant likelihood for skipped menses yet negative pregnancy test. It could be spotted by measurement of the FSH blood level on the 3rd day of a woman’s menstrual cycle, which in case present in elevated amounts is indicative of the body tolling excessively for stimulating follicular growth.

The explanation for the Negative Pregnancy Test

Among the simplest means of pregnancy detection is the use of home pregnancy tests. However, people need to bear in mind that they are not one hundred per cent precise since there could be a likelihood of a woman having skipped her menses & has conceived, though the test reveals a non-affirmative outcome. Such a scenario could occur due to the presence of any of the following:

  • The fundamental cause of getting a non-affirmative pregnancy test outcome can be hasty or identification endeavour or test conducted way too soon. The test finds out a particular hormone called hCG or human chorionic gonadotropin produced by the growing placenta immediately following conception. Although a woman might have conceived, her body would not yet have begun secretion of hCG instantaneously & would be taking its time to surge to the extent that it could be spotted in the test. Usually, the body starts hCG secretion 6-8 days following conception.
  • Another rationale could be an inconsistent method of performing the test, stated, improperly conducting the test. For instance, frequently, females gulp down too much fluid before urine sample collection, diluting the number of hCG hormones existent in the urine. Hence, it is advisable to do the test with the use of the foremost urine sample dawn since it would be having max levels of hCG hormones found in it.
  • Interpreting the test outcomes pre or post the set reaction time cited on pregnancy kits’ labelling could even reveal false-negative outcomes.

But, if you have experienced missed period negative pregnancy test, it is best always to seek the consultation of your physician or obstetrician for likely elucidations, recommendations & health pointers.

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After probing the medical past & performing some tests, the physician can detect the real cause for skipped menses & negative outcome of a pregnancy test & would advice needed therapy.

A pre-conception check-up would also be a favourable choice in case the woman is attempting conception.

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