Miele Ranges and Cooktops Review

Founded in 1899 by Carl Miele and Reinhard Zinkann, Miele has always been a family-owned and run company. The German-based company has kept its focus on providing high-end domestic appliances and commercial equipment and fitted kitchens. Operating under the original brand, Meteor, Miele’s first products were a cream separator, butter churn, and a tub washing machine. Miele’s slogan in German is immer besser (“always better”/”constantly improving”). In Dutch, the slogan Er is geen betere (There is none better).

A Prominent Name Among Today’s Kitchen Appliance Brands

As the goal of kitchen appliance performance continues to reach for ever-higher standards in the areas of functionality and design, Miele ranges highest standards are in great demand. Homeowners now regard the impressive lineup of performance features that can be found in the higher end of kitchen appliances, and they want this technology for their own kitchens. Appliance shoppers should understand how design elements impact the price of their options, and then make a decision as to either invest in a long proven brand like Miele or to simply forego many of the trending advancements that manufacturers claim to be available in their lower-end appliances.

The limitations with Imitations, and Why They Will Never Fly

The capabilities to be found in kitchen appliances are vast, with an ever-present state of revision and implementation that serves to more finely hone existing technology while seeking new ways in which to present shortcuts without compromise. More often than most consumers realize, it’s the companies that have historically manufactured midrange to entry-level appliances that are the ones most frequently engaged in a state of revision and design changes. The reason these companies now do this?

They are beginning to see their sales drop dramatically as homeowners indicate their preference for only including top quality capabilities in their kitchens, as witnessed by the appliances they are buying in impressive numbers. Quality has a way of outlasting all other efforts to create sales by imitation.

Miele ranges many areas of top performance, innovation, quality, durability, and intuitive capabilities actually started out where other mid and lower range manufacturers are now scrambling to duplicate. The reality is that in order to continue producing kitchen appliances in their current range, it would be virtually impossible to introduce such advanced levels of functionality without a significant change. The change would either occur in the area of actual dependability, actual performance, and true workmanship, or their median price tag would have to substantially increase.

Separated Cooking Made Simple

A significant change was introduced to cooking concepts by the move to separate functions, whereby more and more kitchens now feature wall ovens (sometimes double wall ovens,) located in one spot, and a cooktop located elsewhere in the kitchen. A great boon to this effort occurred with the implementation of downdraft ventilation, built right into the cooktops. This eliminated the need to create an “above the cooktop” ventilation system, which when adding separate cooktop technology to an existing home, would entail extensive work and measures to transfer the air from cooking out and away.

It’s a Matter of Personal Preference

There are, and will probably always be a number of households that prefer to contain all of their cooking and baking operations within the same appliance, and for that reason, new and innovative efforts are always being addressed with oven-stove all in one unit in mind. Now, with separation being simply a matter of preference, it doesn’t negatively affect any single element of performance, user-friendliness, or aesthetics.

Hoods and Ventilation Systems as Art

When above the stove ventilation is called for, the best choice for superior performance just happens to be found in Miele ranges hoods and vents. Among their designs are some absolutely gorgeous sculpture-like creations that make a bold statement, in terms of revealing that removing unwanted cooking odors effectively doesn’t require a utilitarian look. In fact, the astounding reviews of these systems weigh in with impressive comments on how Miele ranges have managed to introduce materials like exquisitely beveled glass extending out from the base of dropped hoods that would be beautiful even if they were rendered as non-functioning.

Cooktops and Choices

Induction Cooktops:

Induction Cooktops

Miele ranges bring induction cooking to the height of performance and style, and customer reviews continue to pour in, with resoundingly satisfying results. Certain reiterated statements include “…never going back,” “…best cooktops we’ve ever had” and “…so happy to have such control over cooking temperatures while being much safer around our young children,” and more similarly-expressed approvals. One of the most well-received Miele innovations has been from their “place anywhere” induction cooktop. Stovetop cooking simply could not get any easier than this!

Electric Cooktops:

Electric Cooktops

Miele ranges offer many self-contained ceramic glass cooktops that work by electricity. They are exceedingly easy to clean, luxurious looking, and blend in with the countertop line smoothly and almost seamlessly. Smoothtop cooktops offer 3D design for enhanced beauty that obviously delivers excellence, according to people who buy them for their homes. Miele Combisets receive great reviews from homeowners who either add a second cooking location to their countertops or only need a couple of burners for their food production. These can be combined side by side with boilers/deep fryers and gas burners, to create the ultimate array of cooking choices for the creative culinary experience.

Gas Cooktops:

Gas Cooktops

Choose a single-mount gas cooktop to add in with another counter flush-mounted cooking technology, or go with gas, all the way. Miele ranges receive satisfied reviews from happy consumers who purchased their gas cooktops. Most of these come in configurations of five burners, which customers state are very easy to clean and render even heat.

They ignite effortlessly, with the automatic electric spark ignition, and the controls are positioned in just the right spot. Permanently sealed burners mean nothing will run over and into the cooktop. And many customers ultimately purchased the continuous grate cooking surface. This comes in really handy when pots and pans become heavy from more voluminous production efforts. With no lifting required, the chef can simply move a heavy pot from one spot to another.

Miele Ovens:

Miele ranges offer a wide range of oven technology, with floor mount and wall mount options for all. Customers tend to choose equally among the functionality of convection, steam, steam-convection combos, and touch speed ovens. With resounding approval, Miele emerges as the choice among the most critical homeowners who share their satisfaction with intuitive technology, programming options, and overall performance.

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