10 Men Accessories that will Make You Look Stylish

Women undoubtedly enjoy a trump hand over the men when it comes to power dressing. Thanks to the number of options available for their styling, accessorizing, etc. But the real struggle begins when we speak of men’s fashion. Styling a man is the trickiest of all, mainly so, because a majority of men don’t like accessorizing their looks and many don’t have the aptitude of carrying them with finesse. It, therefore, becomes a task to deal with styling a man using men accessories while also keeping it feasible and manageable.

So let’s see what kind of solutions have our experts come up with, that can ensure an upscale fashion game which is also convenient and workable at the same time.

1. Hats or caps

Hats or caps

Beginning with the crown of the body, our fashion wizards swear by hats and caps as they believe they can lift the spirit of your sense of dressing. Varying from formal hats like the fedora, trilby, bowlers, and Panama to the more casual trendsetters like beanies, baseball caps, pork pie, bucket hats, etc., these headwears are radically versatile and finish off the wearer’s look with a classic yet swanky proclivity.

2. A cool pair of glasses

Bid adieu to the days when glasses were a trademark of bookish nerds or socially-awkward geeks only, as the latest collection of eyeglasses is all the rage. With this, we come to the next one in line, i.e., a pair of uber-cool glasses. Spectacles or sunglasses are the most dramatic way of boosting the semblance of any outfit. They can buoy up or demote your fashion game. The only suggestion for fashion enthusiasts who like to play it quirky is to play it safe while making the selection from amongst the galore of frame styles, colors, sizes, etc.

3. Pocket square

Pocket square

Descending further, we come to pocket squares. No matter how insignificant and tiny they may seem, pocket squares are the new hotshots that have seen a massive shift in the way they complement your ensemble. They are the most eye-catching and the quintessential element of a man’s style statement.

From the time of being used as plain linen fabrics and in colors as dreary as whites, pocket squares have come a long way. With the introduction of power dressing, these linen fabrics got replaced with satin and embroidered stunners along with splashing a color pop on your otherwise monotonous look.

Unlike earlier times, where it was worn only with business suits, you can now experiment and stuff them up in the pockets of your casual blazers, party outfits, and festive attires.

Pair them up with contrasting chinos, jeans, or shoes. You can even try and throw in together unpredictable patterns of ties with solid colored pocket squares.

4. Ties


Another interesting extension that you can play off with is the necktie that was used to be restricted only for formal settings as in officewear etc. But with the advent of cosmopolitanism, the whole concept of ties has become slick and voguish. Ranging from silk fabrics in solid colors to rougher patterns in rich muted tones, ties can instantly transform your aura. While shiny, satiny ones are synonymous with workspaces, the striped or plaid-fabric ones ooze out a more casual feel. Available in a variety of interesting patterns, textures, shades, etc., ties, are wardrobe staples.

5. Bracelet

Those who think that chunky pieces are only a ladies thing, we have got news for you. Bracelets are the newest wrinkle in men’s fashion. They have recently found their way in the men’s wardrobe and have also brought a breath of fresh air along. You can choose from the plethora of options available in the markets, extending from metallic, ethereal and luxurious pieces to bold, laid-back bead bracelets, depending upon your outfit of the day.

Just remember not to overdo the whole thing by either mixing more than one metal set or wearing them on both the wrists.

6. Watch


A classy watch is all you need when you plan to take your styling game to another level altogether. It is said that after your shoes, the next best thing that speaks volumes about you and your lifestyle is the kind of watch style that you possess. You can either have a simple yet timeless piece that replicates your subtle and elegant personality. Or you can go about flaunting a luxurious high-end sporty one for the more casual you.

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7. Waist bag

Gone are the days when bags were recognized as being predominantly feminine. They have finally made their way and become a part of men’s style too. What is more, they are inexpensive, look all hunky-dory and as a cherry on the cake, are supremely convenient. Whether you are on vacay mode or are following the usual office routine, you can comfortably stock up your stuff and go about, without even needing to step out of your comfort zone.

8. A belt

A belt

Having a classic and versatile belt as a part of your dressing sense is truly an asset. Whether you opt for a perfect leather belt or a braided colored one, it is always a good bet. Look for one with a charming buckle that draws all the attention to itself and also gives you the comfort of a custom fit.

9. Socks

No matter how little they may show or how less noticeable they might appear, never underestimate the significance of wearing a fun pair of socks. While heading towards business meetups, go for solid black, white or grey socks. But for more easygoing or nonchalant sessions, have fun experimenting with some whimsical patterns and colors. We agree that you may flash only an inch or so, but make sure that with a little improvisation, even that becomes worthwhile.

10. Footwear

Though sitting at the bottom in terms of physical hierarchy, shoes are hands down, the soul of any trousseau. They can make or break an entire look within seconds.

In this case, men are fortunate as they can still enjoy diversity compared to other men’s accessories. You can make a selection from a broad spectrum of options that include leather boots, sportswear, sandals, beachwear, clogs, loafers, etc.

Final words

With this, we come to the end of the discussion. But before you sign off, try and pay attention to the details while choosing your apparel and the men accessories to team up with them. Adding a personal touch with the help of these men accessories to your style can prove to be rewarding, and before you know it, it will become your second nature.

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