Linux Vs Windows: What’s The Difference?

Linux Vs Windows

Linux vs windows are two different operating system windows are most uses an operating system, and Linux is a new operating system. Still, people don’t know about the features of this operating system.

Linux is free and easy to handle operating system windows are also comfortable, and more people use it.

In this article, I explained everything about Linux vs windows and their all difference.

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Firstly we see what windows are and what is Linux so it can help you to better understand the differences between both of them

What Are The Windows?

Windows is licensed and for the business purpose of this system. This system is windows or very fast and easy to interface with.

You can efficiently handle this operating system and easy navigation are there so you can operate efficiently.

Windows are starting in the year 1985 and that time, and now they are famous day by day because of their understanding and lovable features

Windows provide you with different features like a user-friendly environment, systematic processing, client-server computing, and good virtual memory.

What Is Linux?

Linux is created by Finnish student Torvalds who wanted to develop the free operating system kernel that anyone could use.

Linux is the programming interface best for the interested in a programming language because the Unix standard of the operating system is present.

In that system, the modular features are available, allowing the drivers and load run time.

So that feature helps you to improve performance.

Difference Between Linux vs Windows



Linux is an open-source operating system Windows is not the open-source system
Linux is best for coding Windows is best for daly and business purpose
Linux is free Windows is paid
Linux file name is sensitive Windows file name is case insensitive
Linux is more efficient Windows is not much efficient
Linux provides the more security Windows have not much security
Linux is widely used for the hacking purpose Windows is not used for hacking

Let’s see more difference about the Linux vs windows


In the Linux operating system, three types of users can use this the regular system user, administrative user and service user

But in that, the windows operating system, four types of user uses this operating system administrative user, child user, standard user and guest user use this operating system.


In the world, almost 92 % user uses the computer and laptop, but most of the people are using the Windows operating system because its easy to handle and use

In Linux, coding knowledge is essential only in the world 1% user are using this operating system

Only those know the coding and working on the coding field, they only can use the Linux operating system

Many vendors and company supplier give or provide you with the Linux or Windows operating system.

Most of the Indian company are provide you with the Windows operating system you want the Linux operating system then you install in your computer

Now hp and dell also I’ve pre-installed Linux operating system.


First, understand what kernel is the commodore’s name for the rom-resident operating system

Linux uses the monolithic kernel this consumes more running space.

Windows are using the microkernel they take shallow space


The file system is arranged in different categories windows put the like additional driver or folder, but Linux arranges very lovelily like a tree structure.

Linux tree structure is staring with the root directory, and the further are branched out.

In the Linux system, they every other or outside object treat like the folder or files, and in the windows, they divided into the drivers.


In security, windows are less secure, and Linux is the more secure

Windows are not much security that’s why the spammer and hacker attack at any time

And your system crashed any time or found some stability issue.

But windows is now working in that so you are using the windows then update regularly your system so you can use more secure

Linux is based on the multi-user architecture and it was more stable than single-user os like windows

Linux is regular driven and the standard monitoring process, so they resolve your issue within 1 hour.

Now let’s talk about the compatibility


The windows operating system is compatible with all app on play store and works very efficiently in the system.

But in the Linux system is not work very efficiently


In Linux, you don’t spy in the system because it’s very secure and your all privacy in your area so Linux operating system is the best choice for hacker

Windows operating system is not more secure, but your data is personal, so its private but not much security is available in the windows operating system.


Linux vs windows: what’s the difference? Is all detailed explanation with a difference is give in that the article i hope it will help you to gain more knowledge about the Linux and Windows operating system


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