Is There School Today?

If your child keeps on asking "Is There School Today ? " it maybe highlighting a bigger issue in his/her life

“Is There School Today ?” If Your child is trying to Delay Going to School, There’s More to it than You think.

At some point, each child will experience the day that they cannot go to school. Some may think that the school was closed or play pretending to have a cold. However, parents are the ones to discover why your child isn’t eager to go to school.

Motives for Children to Choose to Stay Home from School

  1. Unprepared: One of the main reasons children ask, “is there going to be a school today” or even claim to have a cold is that they’re unprepared. There may be an exam that they didn’t study for or work on or an assignment due that they didn’t finish. If they don’t want to get a bad score, they may attempt to stay out of school.
  2. Classroom activity that is being read aloud: If a child reads the course and constantly asks, “Why are there schools today?” They may be asked to stand and speak to students, or perhaps they’re doing something they think they cannot perform in the gym class.
  3. School-related social problems Social issues are a frequent cause of children hoping that there will be school closures or telling parents that they’re sick and cannot attend school. The three most frequent reasons children choose to stay away from school are the most severe. If your child is attempting to avoid school due to social problems, there is the possibility that bullies are targeting them.

What is Bullying?

If you go to the dictionary, The term “bullying” is “use greater strength or influence for intimidation (someone) usually to force them to conform to the demands of one’s.”

It is the official definition of bullying. However, it goes beyond that. A bully may physically or mentally abuse their victims or both. Sometimes the bully will attempt to persuade others to manipulate their victim.

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Since the invention of cell phones and the internet, our attitude towards bullying has changed. In many instances, bullies use electronic devices to harass their victims. Therefore, Cyberbullying is also often referred to as cyberbullying. It can be just as harmful to the victim as traditional bullying.

Emotional Issues Resulted from Being bullied

Cyberbullying and bullying do severe injuries to children and teens. The adverse effects can last throughout adulthood.

  • Anxiety-related issues
  • Depression
  • Issues of anger
  • Self-confidence problems
  • Problems of trust
  • Addiction to drugs
  • Abuse of alcohol
  • Illicit activities

Signs Your Child is Bullying

When your kid is or is being bullied, there are indicators that you could observe.

  1. Bad scores If the child was great at school, however, suddenly, their scores start to decrease, it is possible that bullying is taking place. Instead of focusing on the work they have to do at school, they may be focused more on the shame and fear of being bullied rather than they would be focusing concentrate on their school work.
  2. Children avoid school because, as stated earlier, trying to get off school can be a frequent indicator that your child may be being harassed. If they are constantly asking, “is there a school today” is there a school today?” or “are schools closures today” It could be because they are afraid of someone they’re scared of at school.
  3. Avoiding the bus ride The bus is a prevalent location where children are victimized. If a child is distressed, they may seek to prevent the bus journey. They might inquire, “is there a delay in school today, to are unable to catch the bus or “why is there no school today” In the hope that you believe there isn’t a school so they will avoid the bus.
  4. Beware of going out with your friends. If your child isn’t asking to go out with their friends, there’s a good chance that one of them is harassing your child.
  5. Bedwetting: If younger youngsters are belittled, they frequently regress and then begin to wet the beds.
  6. Changes in appetite Children who are bullied are often unable to maintain their appetite due to their stress.
  7. Involving in a rage If your child has recently started performing, there is a good chance something is happening to cause the behavior. There’s a good chance they’re either being victimized by bullies.

What to Do If You Think Your Child Is Bullying

If your child is always asking whether the school is open today or if there’s a lack of schools today or witnessing signs of being bullied, it’s essential to take action immediately. The longer you delay longer, the more serious the issue is likely to be.

  1. Communicate: The first step you must do when you suspect your child is bullied is to get them to sit down and discuss the issue with them. They will not be ready to tell you what’s going on in many cases. If they’re aware that communication lines are open, there’s the chance that they’ll be willing to talk to you.
  2. Ask for help with communication from an individual. If there’s an adult in your child’s life that they trust as an older sister or brother, ask them for help in understanding what’s happening. They might be more inclined to be open with someone close in age to them.
  3. Contact the school of your child: When your kid has informed you they’re being bullied, it’s crucial to educate the school right away and inform them of the situation. The sooner the school is aware of what’s happening, the faster they will intervene.
  4. Counseling is recommended: Bullying can result in long-lasting effects that your child might not be able to handle on their own. If you seek assistance from a therapist, they might be able to assist you in ways you can’t.
  5. Contact police: If harassment is at an undetermined level, there may be a need to notify the police. If your child was severely hurt by someone bullying them, a case might have to be brought. Should your child be victimized by cyberbullying, the police is your best option. Victim of cyberbullying The police can assist in stopping the issue.

How to Stop Cyber Bullying

If your child is victimized, you will notice physical indications. Your child might return home with a bump or a rip in their clothing. There is a chance that someone else is watching what’s happening. If your child is being cyber-bullied, it is possible that there aren’t any physical indicators and, more likely, nobody else is aware of it, except for the child.

The majority of cyberbullies utilize texts, social media, and emails to harass their victims. These are the places where the majority of parents will not check. If you’re looking to make sure your child isn’t being targeted by cyberbullying, There are some steps you can follow.

  1. Make sure you know the password for your child’s email if you can look at your child’s emails frequently and know when there’s something wrong.
  2. Be aware of your child’s social media passwords: Many cyberbullies use social media as a platform. They can post comments on social media designed to make you embarrassed and hurt your child. If you know your child’s passwords to social networks, then you’ll be able to see the content posted on their pages. If you don’t want to go to the extent of asking for passwords, ask your child to “friend” with you via the media site. This will allow your child the privacy they deserve; however, you’ll be able to see the content posted by users on their pages.

Cyberbullying, bullying/bullying, and suicide

In the present, you will see reports on the news of kids and teens who are being bullied and who decide to commit suicide. In many cases, the stress these kids are suffering from is so overwhelming that they don’t know how to get out.

Helping Your Child Be an Upstander instead of a Stand-in

When a child is victimized, it’s the responsibility of other children to intervene to help. If a child acts in the face of bullying, they’re no longer passive spectators. Instead, they’re an upstander. When a child is victimized, and others can help, they control the bullying. If the bully doesn’t have any authority, he’s probably to quit.

A few children might find it difficult to intervene and stop the bullying. They may be worried that bullies will start taking advantage of them. However, your child could still be an upstanding person without going out and doing it.

If your child is aware that bullying is taking place, it is possible to inform an instructor, a school bus driver, principal, and even you. Simply by stepping up and telling someone the situation, your child is doing their part as an upstanding person.

If your child is constantly asking, “is there a school today” You should not just dismiss their inability to attend school and attribute it to laziness. There’s a possibility that there’s an actual cause.

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