I Hate College

If the sentence & I Hate College represents you then read this article now! what should you do if you feel like you hate college?

I Hate College

Whether you are currently attending your first semester of college or considering returning to obtain a graduates degree, you may not have the strongest feelings towards pursuing higher education. “If the thoughts “I hate college so much,” I hate college kids,” or “I fucking hate college” have ever crossed your mind, you’re not alone.” Whether you often find yourself thinking, “I hate community college” or “I hate college,” there are a few ways to ensure you maximize the education you need without dreading every class you’re required to attend to graduate.

Research Colleges Individually Before Choosing One

Although the idea of attending college can be quite daunting, especially if you have hating college on your mind, it is important to assess all of the options you have available before sticking to a negative mindset when moving forward.

Not all colleges are the same, require strict regimens, and allow for no time for freedom. Take the time to research and visit various colleges in person to help with locating an institution you feel excited about, not hateful.

“If the thoughts “I hate college so much,” I hate college kids,” or “I fucking hate college” have ever crossed your mind, you’re not alone.”

Think about why you often feel “I hate college students,” even for no reason. Do they distract you, bother you?  Do you prefer working in peace?  If you want to get out of the traditional college environment, it is still possible even if you do not want to attend traditional classes with others.

There are vocational and tech schools available and online courses to achieve everything from undergraduate degrees to Master’s degrees in the program of your choice. Before you dismiss all college students as the same, it is also recommended to check into various clubs and programs at your college to help find others with like minds and similar interests as you.

Reasons Why Your College or University Sucks

  • Some of the most common complaints regarding “I hate my college” stem from a variety of issues that often arise due to administration struggles or financial problems: Some reasons you may think your college sucks:
  • No extracurricular activities
  • No funding for sports teams other than those that are highlighted each year
  • A lack of funding for arts and music programs throughout the entire school
  • You have the most hated college football team.
  • No response from the administration when students create lists of demands
  • No respect when requesting more information on financial records and spending habits as well as pay distribution
  • Lack of AP classes and engaging courses that are not enough to prepare students for work in the real world
  • Misleading promises to employment after graduation, only to add to the trillions of dollars of student debt that is already in existence
  • No additional clubs for journalism, broadcasting, and radio to share concerns and opinions for the student bodies and teachers alike

Consider Alternative and Vocational Schools

Whether you hate your college due to its horrible football team, its lack of care from its faculty, or even the students themselves, there are also alternative options when pursuing higher education in any form.

If you do not believe a traditional community college or university is right for you, consider the ability to look into alternative and vocational schools. Tech and vocational schools focus on specific subjects and fields, which is ideal if you are looking to get into an industry that is select and in demand.

Many vocational and tech schools also offer part-time college credit, flexible hours, and the ability to complete some coursework at home. When you are struggling in your college, and the environment is causing you to hate college and learning altogether, it is essential to look into other options to avoid losing the itch to learn further yourself for a better future.

Any time you are considering a tech or vocational school, be sure to read through reviews and rankings of these schools to verify their legitimacy regardless of the type of degree or certificate you are working towards.

Changing your attitude on why your college sucks and why you hate it may not be easy or simple and does not happen overnight. However, understanding all of the options and resources you have available is one step closer to having the job, career, and future of your dreams, regardless of the obstacles you may face along the way.

Enroll in a Legitimate Online Degree Program

Another way to avoid your college is to consider the option of obtaining your degree through a legitimate online school or university. Although most online schooling programs require individuals to pay cash directly for courses, there are also alternatives to gaining and raising funds to get the degree you have your heart set on. There are also grants and scholarships available for those who qualify and apply, just like traditional colleges and universities.

Why is Online Schooling Growing in Popularity?

Taking courses online offers several benefits and allows individuals from just about any background or lifestyle to pursue higher education without additional sacrifices.

Not all traditional learning environments are right for everyone, which is why it is important to compare all of the options you have available before choosing a local community college, a university, a tech and vocation school, or even online schooling, depending on your schedule and preferred learning methods.

Benefits of Online Schooling:

  • When taking online courses for college, you can set your own house and schedule. If you are also working, taking part-time courses can help to drastically reduce the amount of stress you have regardless of the degree you are working towards.
  • Choose to work from anywhere as long as you have Internet access, allowing you to travel while also in the process of completing and working towards the degree of your choice.
  • Submit work on the go, allowing you to complete assignments even if you are not near your school or the university you are enrolled in.
  • Communicate with peers and staff using message boards and chats, allowing you to complete presentations and essays without having to do so in class.
  • Using an online program also allows you to work and take care of home responsibilities simultaneously, making balancing work, home, and school life much easier regardless of your daily schedule and struggles.
  • When you choose to take online courses, it is also much quicker to find resources necessary to help with completing work and understanding subject matter. Thousands of online communities and tutoring services are available when taking courses online to ensure you always stay ahead with your grades and any work you need to turn in on time. Taking the time to get familiar with online resources within the subjects you are studying is one of the greatest methods of learning how to complete work without hassle, even without the constant supervision and guidance of a teacher in the classroom at all times.
  • Having more creative freedom often comes with enrolling in online courses, depending on the type of class you are taking the degree you are working towards. Be sure to research all of the teachers and professors who are available before registering for online classes. It is now possible to select teachers who are likely to mesh well with your preferred learning methods even before registering and paying for classes you way to take for your degree in the future.

Skills Necessary for Online Schooling:

Although online college is appealing to most, a few skills are necessary to succeed, regardless of your previous level of experience in terms of education and prosperity. To do well when enrolled in an online college, you must have the following characteristics;

  • Drive and self-motivated
  • Determined
  • Persistence
  • Communicative
  • Expressive
  • Ability to stick to a schedule
  • Self-guided
  • Self-assured

It may seem simple to take an entire course load of work online, but that requires even more concentration and the ability to focus on the subject matter at hand, especially when you do not have a professor at your disposal at all times.

Today, however, more and more colleges and universities provide additional peer and staff support to those currently enrolled in any courses and classes through their institution itself.

Even if you have always thought, “I hated college, “college sucks,” and “I hate college kids,” it is still possible to get just about any education you need in the proper environment and with the right local and online resources.

The more resources you have readily available for college and any other type of education you are interested in pursuing yourself, the less likely you are to put it off due to circumstances beyond your control, such as the peers who attend the same college or university as you.


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