Important Things to Note before Installing an Electric Fireplace

There is an undeniably pleasurable feeling you get from lounging in front of a fireplace. Perhaps, it dates back to the moment man first met fire and it’s warm embrace, safe from the unmerciful hands of cold winter.

Irrespective of how much time has passed, the use of fire as a source of warmth in the home has become a way of life. The only change that has occurred is the advancement in technology and how it has affected the way you use fireplaces.

For this reason, you can now invest in examples like the two sided electric fireplaces among other options. This means you get to enjoy warmth, and comfort while maintaining the aesthetic in your home.

What You Should Know Before Buying an Electric Fireplace

Electric Fireplace

If getting an electric fireplace is within your plan, then this article is great for you as you will be getting some helpful information on them before you make a purchase. Here are some pretty interesting things to know about them:

No Smoke, but Enough Fire to Go Round

The saying ‘’when there’s smoke, there’s fire’’ does not exist with electric fireplaces. They are designed to be odorless, smokeless, and have little or no production of fumes like carbon monoxide, benzene etc.

This eliminates the risk that comes with the fumes produced by a traditional fireplace. It is necessary that in order to safely use one, you need to include a fireplace with proper ventilation in your architectural plan. If this is not done, the entire inhabitant of the home will be at risk of smoke inhalation.

Unlike the traditional fireplace, the electric fireplace does not produce smoke. This factor makes it very safe for use in the home. Because of the absence of smoke there is no chance for you or any member of your household to inhale toxic fumes that can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. You can check here:  to learn more about how they work.

Cost of Maintenance and Usage

Some people do love the process of cleaning out their fireplace after a night of comfort and warmth, but this is not the case for the majority of people. During the cleaning process, the ashes from the burnt wood get everywhere and they never look clean.

Getting the services of a professional cleaner doesn’t help either because apart from the extra cost, the fireplace does not get any cleaner. There’s also the cost of cleaning the chimney as you will require the services of a professional.

Electric fireplaces provide the solution to this problem as it doesn’t produce any debris, soot or ashes. This will save you a couple of dollars on cleaning services and even more bucks on wood  while giving you a consistent flame that heats up the room quickly.

Safety and Flexibility

A lot of house fires occur as a result of unattended fires. Most of these occurrences are caused by the fires in a traditional fireplace. Because electric places do not work with real flames, it makes using them safer while providing a uniformly heated environment.

Using an electric fireplace also means more flexibility for your home. This is because they can be moved around and placed in different positions unlike the traditional fireplace that is fixed. They are not only moveable but they come in different sizes and designs.

This means they can serve different purposes and can be used in different scenarios. You can read this article to see various fireplaces you can buy for your home.

The Bottom Line…

It’s undeniable that having a fireplace in the home gives it an air of class and sophistication. Over the years, the way fireplaces are being used and what they represent have changed. They have gone from being just functional (to provide warmth during the winter), to being a source of aesthetics.

Special and more expensive materials were then used in building fireplaces as it showed social standing and class. Now technology has closed that gap and created electric fireplaces that not only look good but are also cost effective and functional.

The problem of safety that also comes with using naked fire in the home is now being taken care of. Distribution of heat in the home can now be done without the fear of toxic fumes like carbon monoxide and many others.


If you live in an environment with extreme winter seasons, then investing in an electric fireplace is best for you. Its advantages cannot be overemphasized, you get to enjoy a cozy environment filled with warmth, safety and aesthetics at a cost effective rate.

Fireplaces are one of the places in the home where memories are made. Think about long nights with you and your family cuddled up as you read bedtime stories, what could be better?

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