How to Stop Your Vape Leaking

Vape leaking can be a real problem for some people. It’s super annoying, and since it can be difficult to spot over time, you might end up with an entire e-liquid being wasted by the leak. No one wants this! So how do you stop your vape from leaking? Well, read on for information about vape wicks and how to replace them!

The Problem: Vape leaking is essentially the same problem as dripping when using a pen or other device that uses cartridges. The only difference with vaping is that instead of just dripping the liquid out when you draw on your device or switch off it while vaping, the liquid goes out of control.

Fill your tank correctly

If you are using an eGo battery and e-liquids with higher PG content, you must fill your tank correctly. If you don’t, the wick may not have enough air to breathe and will result in a bad leak. A good way to check if your wick has enough air is by trying to draw some e-liquid out of your coil. If there is no resistance at all, then you have a faulty coil that needs replacing.

Check your connection

According to, it’s also possible that there is a dry joint between the battery cap cover and your tank wall in which case, there may be excess pressure on the wick causing leakage.

Don’t cross-thread your vape when tightening it up

Another reason for vape leaking is when you cross-thread the vape tank. If you are using a 510 device and your tank is a bit loose, then it’s a good idea to check that the threading on your tank and battery match correctly. It’s easy to cross-thread them!

How to stop your vape from leaking: Wicks

Wicks can be incredibly fiddly to work with so if you are looking at how to stop your leak, the Wick section is where it’s at! There are many different wicks, and they need changing depending on what type of vaping you’re doing. Some of them even need replacing after just a few refills.

Leave the tank standing up

When not in use the device should be left in a vertical position, so that juice can flow freely through the wick.

Vape tanks are not for storage

Vape tanks are not meant for storing, as there is a risk that they’ll split if pressure is exerted on them. If you want to look at how to stop your vape leaking, then make sure that devices are stored upright.

Use the correct coils

The next thing to take into consideration is the type of coil you are using and whether or not you are using them at the right temperature. If your coil has been used at a lower temperature or at a higher than the normal setting, it can cause a gap between the coil and the wick. You should be using coils that are specifically designed for your type of vaping. For example, most people use a rebuildable since they’re cheaper, they can be changed very easily, and you can use whatever liquid you want.

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