How to Make Ripped Jeans

Distressed denim with a white boyfriend tee or distressed denim with a tank top, confused? Well, in our facet – distressed denim with ANYTHING! But wearing ripped jeans is a fine art.

One wrong tear, and your much-awaited day get spoiled. The problem with buying already-distressed denim is that you don’t have much control over the rips themselves, so why not make your own?

With your rugged jeans, your preferences come just right in place, from placement and size to the scope of the tears. Do you like two gaping holes at the knees, a few tiny nicks, or a series of serious slashes down the leg? Then, you can do it on your own. Yes, you read that right! Now with your rugged jeans, you are all set to rock that party and let your hair down on a lazy Friday evening.

That’s why we suggest a little DIY action. However, if you do not want to make an effort to cut your jeans, then you can check out these rugged jeans on Amazon and grab discounts through Amazon offers on clothing.

We have summarised some easy steps as to How To Make Ripped Jeans. So, let’s get into the blog (You can thank us later).

How To Make Ripped Jeans 5 Steps (with Pictures)

1. Choose Your Favourite Pair Of Jeans

Choose Your Favourite Pair Of Jeans

The first and foremost step is to pick your choice of jeans. We suggest picking a pair of jeans for the greenhorns, which you bought at a very cheap price. ( Note:  Even if you go wrong with the scissors, you should not repent)

The risk-takers can choose – tight or skinny, boyfriend style, black, white or blue, high-waist, or mid-rise jeans. Please note that dark washed jeans look too freshly dyed to be ripped jeans and might not look realistic.

So, if you want your jeans to look extra-worn, wash them a few times in hot water and a little bleach before you get started.

2. Supplies Needed To Rip

Supplies Needed To Rip

No big machines required. Yes, you do not need a plethora of supplies to rip your jeans but a few. Something sharp like a knife and scissors is a must.

If you want to create holes, use scissors, a razor, or a sharp knife. To create a frayed look, use sandpaper, a greater or a pumice stone.

As we said earlier, washing your jeans in hot water can work. To go smooth with the procedure, use cardboard or a small wooden block inside the jeans.

3. Mark Your Pretty Hole

Mark Your Pretty Hole

Put your jeans on a flat surface and use a pen or chalk to mark exactly where you want your rips or distressed areas. You can also use a ruler to mark an exact length if you want.

You can rip the knee areas, as most people like, but you can rip anywhere around the leg of the jeans or maybe thighs according to your wish.

Don’t rip too high, or your underwear might show. You can also check out the video for a better understanding of the steps to cut the jeans.

4. Just Start It

Just Start It

Now when everything has fallen in place, you should start ripping your jeans. Lay the jeans flat and start rubbing your marked areas with your sandpaper and pumice stone.

To make it look more realistic, use your scissors or knife to tug at the area you just weakened with the sandpaper. Pull at the white threads that stick out from the jeans to encourage this look. Of course, you can always make the ripped jeans part look bigger.

Aim for a tear no bigger than a half-inch or so. Avoid cutting the hole too much, as this will give a very clean, unnatural edge to the fabric.

Alternatively, you can also just cut a small hole and let it grow as you wear the jeans. It’ll look more natural this way.

5. You Are Ready To Go

You Are Ready To Go with rugged jeans

Now, when everything has fallen into place, you are ready to rock the night and have a ball. You need to watch it upside-down and give it a cleaner look (though you can always go about without it too).

You can also wash it before wearing and iron the jeans. Now choose the best style of top to pair it up with.

With rugged jeans, a checked shirt might work or a body-con tank top, and with legs or thighs rugged, go about with a tee and layers.

Do not forget to click those amazing selfies and carry that bling wherever you go in your rugged jeans.

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