Top Natural Remedies On How To Get Rid of Hickeys

get rid of hickeys
get rid of hickeys

For humans, the most common desire is to feel love and show it to partners. You can let them know your feelings by speaking directly or by acting that makes them feel loved and care for. There are many ways to express yourself to the person you love like holding hands, a tight hug, or a French kiss passionately. In the world, there is a way of expressing love which is widely known as “love bites” or get rid of hickeys. It sounds weird, but this method is extremely effective and a sign of publicity for your feelings.

The traces left behind after a “love bite” are to break the blood vessels, leaving bruises, which often appear in prominent places such as the arms, shoulders, or neck even on the cheeks.

Signs of Hickey

“Love bite” left behind begin to fade, then they turn red around the spots and gradually turn purple. The trace left more protein and clarity as demonstrated strength and sublimation in the love of two people.

Looking at it may feel quite painful, but for the insiders, it is extremely appreciated signs for those who desire to be different in love. However, these traces are also quite noticeable and attention to the people around, sometimes you will feel embarrassed by being around so many people.

So, after getting the mark from “love bite”. Some people hope it will soon turn fader quickly

Why remove hickey

This question is attracting many people on the internet because it can cause many other problems such as You are afraid that parents will see, or you want to hide the current lover. Or you simply do not want anyone to know you have a love bite on your skin … With countless problems, you must be surprised that so many people still want to have a stamp of love. This, however, ultimately depends on each person, every living circumstance, which may be pride, can be bragging or being brought out to ridiculous causing difficulties in life as well. So, for some, it’s really necessary to hide get rid of hickeys.

How to remove hickeys properly

Nowadays, there are countless ways to cure hickey symptoms. However, with experienced methods,, we have selected some of the best and quickest ways to cure this problem.

1. Use an ice cube or any cold method:

ice cube

This is the oldest and most familiar method used to treat skin wounds such as hematoma or bruising. Cold temperatures will freeze and prevent blood from passing to the affected area and gradually reduce the symptoms. This method is especially effective for new bruises that have not appeared completely yet.

You can put a cold ice cube in a small bag or a tape and place it on the wound. Continue to maintain this method a few days later. Use this method as soon as possible.

Note: Only place ice on the wound for 15-20 minutes and do not allow the skin to come in direct contact with an ice cube, which can cause further damage, possibly even cold burns.

2. High-temperature treatment

High-temperature treatment

This method is not the same as the ice method, which uses therapeutic heating only and is especially effective for long-established bruises. Temperature helps the blood to gradually circulate in old wounds. Also, you can use warm water to cure for a few days.

Note: use only moderate temperature, use too hot temperature can cause skin damage and bring side effects.

3. Get rid of hickeys with Use of vitamins

Vitamin K and Vitamin E have been shown to reduce the symptoms of wounds quickly. However, this method should be directed by a physician before use.

4. Massage the hickeys

Massage the hickeys

This method helps blood flow easily and makes bruised color decrease rapidly. This is arguably the quickest way to cure this problem

You need to heat up the wound and the area around it, then gently massage in a circular shape with the direction from the inside out. As the above methods, you perform repetitive tasks for a few days. Love bites will be removed quickly. However, this method just simply works for simple hickeys. For more complicated and profound bruises, it will leave no change on your skin as you expect.

5. How to remove a hickey in seconds with toothpaste:

How to remove a hickey in seconds with toothpaste

Toothpaste is the ideal remedy to remove hickeys on the skin. All we need to do is applying the paste on hickeys. Regular use of toothpaste will reduce bruising sometimes get rid of hickeys quickly. However, many people with sensitive skin will feel irritated and burned like they have an ant bitten. Especially mint toothpaste causes skin itching, burning, and irritability when left it on the skin for too long. Therefore, it is usually best to leave the toothpaste on hickeys within half an hour.

Depending on the different types of skin and the features of the get rid of hickeys, we should determine the type of toothpaste and the time we should keep it on the skin. When feeling itching or burning, wash it right away with warm water.

6. How to remove a hickey in aloe vera:

How to remove a hickey in aloe vera

Thanks to anti-inflammatory substances, skin softeners, Aloe Vera is considered as a magical prescription to remove hickeys. Aloe vera helps to increase the elasticity of the skin and increase the resilience of broken blood vessels while promoting blood circulation.

Aloe Vera contains lots of different vitamins including vitamin K and E. Just apply aloe vera to the skin and massage 2-3 times on the hickeys and around the affected skin, bruising will quickly disappear. Fresh Aloe Vera is the best method. However, if fresh aloe vera is too complex and time-consuming to care for, using aloe vera scrub or aloe vera essence available at any grocery store is also effective.

These above methods to remove get rid of hickeys for your consideration are completely natural and safe for your skin. “Love bite” can also gradually disappear without any treatment or just by applying easy make-up. You can discover more methods just by searching for some remedies for bruises as they are the same symptoms that we shouldn’t waste any wrinkles on your forehead on it. So, take it easy and enjoy your love!