How to Delete Netflix History?

Netflix has become so popular among people these days. Users buy the subscription to access Netflix to watch their favorite shows and movies. It is accepted in a huge range, and it is quite challenging to ignore its content. All the best shows come on it as a series of movies. People prefer to watch series and movies by subscribing to them on their phones or Television. It is no hidden fact that everyone loved to watch Netflix shows.

What is Netflix?

Netflix is a platform that uses excellent algorithms to keep track of all the History which includes viewing History. Viewing History is somehow essential as it makes it easier to find and search the keywords which users use often.

But when it is the case of Netflix, people usually prefer to delete Netflix viewing history. Netflix uses the data, which refines the option of suggestions for every user.

There are enormous reasons to delete viewing History, and users might want to delete their History of the search history of viewing History from it. On Netflix, there are several shows or series that people prefer to watch alone, and when they ask for their phones, they don’t feel comfortable as it might show what you viewed.

This is embarrassing as well. Or may someone have used their account to watch something else, which might show in the recommendations? However, there are other possible reasons also which may consider deleting viewed History from your Netflix account.

If you consider hiding titles from the viewing activity, you may no longer get the suggestions based on those titles. It is assured that it can take up to 24 hours for the hidden title to be deleted from your devices and accounts. This will also not enable you to continue watching rows on your account.

Things to consider while deleting History from your device

While proceeding with the deletion process, make sure that your account is logged into the right profile on your device because the History is joined to every account’s profile on Netflix. User scans apply this strategy to every device such as iOS, Android, smart TVs, and others.

How to eliminate Viewing History on Netflix?

How to eliminate Viewing History on Netflix

The steps which are listed below are applicable for desktop, Laptop, and mobile devices! Who will delete the viewing history within 24 hours? And it would help if you did it manually as there are no ways to delete history automatically.

Follow these steps to delete the Netflix history, like viewing history .

  • Step 1:  Visit from your browser or devices and log in to your account.
  • Step 2:  Move to the profile picture, which will show in the upper right corner of the screen of your devices.
  • Step 3:  After this, it will show a list of drop-down options you need to choose from, and look for your Account options. Now, click on those options.
  • Step 4:  Now, the account section of the account will navigate, which consists of extra information. This information is about the Netflix accounts, which consist of information like registered email addresses, payment modes, and subscription plans.
  • Step 5:  Scroll down the page to the bottom and figure out the option of viewing the activity link, which is present under the My Profile section.
  • Step 6:  Select the option of ‘Viewing Activity link’ from the profile section of your browser.
  • Step 7:  New page will be loaded, and it will be present on your screen with the list of your recently watched videos.
  • Step 8:  Select the activity you want to delete or remove from your Netflix account and then click on the option ‘X,’ which is present next to the title. This will ensure to eliminate your viewed history from your account and devices.
  • Step 9:  If you want to delete the whole show from your watch history from your Netflix account at once, you can directly choose and click on the option remove Series’ as this will assure to remove the entire show from your account. Who will eliminate your watch history permanently?

How to Delete Netflix History from Your Computer?

You have to step on various steps to proceed with the deletion of Netflix history. To modify the viewing history on your computer, Pc, Mac, or browsers, you will need to step on these methods. Though all steps are quite easy to apply, you can easily proceed with these steps to delete the history.

  • Open your account on your computer and log in to your account.
  • Select your profile from where you want to edit or remove history details.
  • Choose on the option Account.
  • Open your profile and click on the option ‘View,’ which is present under the viewing activities.
  • Head over the options icon beside ‘Report a Problem’ to hide a single show or entire series or movie from your account.
  • You can also opt to hide or delete the entire TV series from your account by choosing the option to hide.
  • Who will delete the entire show from your device and account in 24 hours, and the notification will pop up in place of the program you recently deleted.


Several reasons might cause you to hide or delete your viewing history from your account. Sometimes you may have an urgent need to share your account with your friends or families. They might judge you if your viewed history is shown to them and it is not comfortable.

To hide your viewing history, the steps mentioned above will help you to eliminate history. There is also a possible reason which can show the recommendations which you are not interested in.

It is not difficult to delete Netflix history, and the process mentioned will ensure to provide help to remove your watch history. One can expect an accurate process to do and operate on your wish. This will not lead to any discomfort among your friends or family and remove the probability of having any awkwardness with your loved ones.

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