How Long Does It Take To Learn Sign Language?

Learning new languages can be an overwhelming task. This is particularly true when trying to understand spoken languages, such as German, Spanish, or French. To learn such languages, you not only have to know the words, but you will also want to know the dialect and inflection of the languages. This is, however, not the case when you are attempting to learn sign language. So here is how to Learn Sign Language!

Learning sign language is as simple as learning how to say different words in a certain language using hands. Although it takes practice to learn how to do it, doing so fully has certain advantages that will last a lifetime.

The best way to learn sign language  is to learn a word at a time.

The first step that someone trying to  learn sign language  ought to do is find out how to fingerspell. Although this is not a common practice, it can greatly assist you when you don’t know it all.

Fingerspelling is a good way as well when it comes to helping you communicate ideas and thought in which a sign might not be readily available. Most people are rather familiar with signing alphabetical letters, and it’s a very useful resource when you’re learning the language.

The next step you will have to learn are some basic signs for different words. Most words have specific signs, and most of them are easy to connect with the word.

  • One good example of such would be the word ‘think.’ For you to say ‘think’ in sign language, the index finger makes a small circle on the forehead.
  • Another good example is the word ‘right,’ where you have to fingerspell the letter R and move the hand towards the right side.

Not all words are as easily associated as the given examples, but this gives you an idea of what you should be expecting. Once you’re familiar with most of the words, you will have to learn how to communicate them well.

Sign language isn’t a word-for-word language. Not every word is signed in the sentence to communicate the thought to the listeners. However, what you would do is to identify the major points of a sentence and mark them to pass your point across.

This can certainly take practice, and the ideal way to practice is to start signing immediately. Even though this may seem like an awesome task to beginners, most sign language users are happy that you’re taking the initiative to want to learn.

They will probably fill the gaps and assist you where necessary. By learning the language one word at a time, you will be able to retain it and do it easily in a short time.

There is also American Sign Language or ASL. ASL is not simply spelling words with signals. American Sign Language is a unique language complete with its grammatical rules and sentence structure (syntax). It is entirely as subtle, precise, and versatile as English.

ASL has been in the U.S.A for as long as there have been people who are deaf. The first formal teaching began in the 1820s at the first school for deaf people in the U.S. Students from the school afterward spread American Sign Language to all parts of Canada and the U.S.

Nowadays, most deaf people in Canada and the U.S. speak ASL. It is well-spoken by friends, family members, employees, co-workers, merchants, employers, and others who often interact with the deaf. Experts say that American Sign Language is the third most-spoken language in the U.S.

Why Do We Have to Learn Sign Language?

Perhaps it may be because you want to learn American Sign Language so that you can communicate with a friend or a family member who is deaf, or maybe you want to share with those who are deaf in general.

It may also be because you have encountered or have worked with deaf people, or you may be a police officer, a firefighter who would like to communicate with those who are deaf in emergencies.

It may be because you want to advance in your profession by being able to communicate in sign language.

For whatsoever reason, most people find it easy to learn sign language fast since it’s not expensive or difficult to know such a unique way of communication. It is really exciting!

You can communicate with sign language at distances. For example, undersea divers use sign language while speaking, where speaking is usually impossible.

A small microphone can get and eavesdrop on spoken conversations, even when whispered. However, microphones are useless at recording any sign language.

Yes, a video pickup can indeed record it, though the recording would be continuous and in a well-positioned line of sight. However, a video camera would not be useful if the person speaking the sign language had his back behind the camera or was behind something.

The Importance of Sign Language

Sign language is used and expressed in various ways. For example, facial expressions are used as well to communicate ideas or thoughts. The language is becoming more popular, and there are certainly many reasons why we should learn sign language online or offline.

#1. Communicate with the deaf

Among the reasons is to have good communication with those who are deaf. If you don’t understand the language, you won’t be able to communicate with such people. They are an important part of the world, and if you can’t share with them, you’re not doing any justice to the people.

#2. Sign of early communication

Signs can be expressed using the face and body and head movement as a sign of early communication. Once you learn the basic movements, you can continue with the advanced movements.

#3. Development of different codes of languages

Different languages codes have now been developed, for instance, Signed English and Language (SEL). These languages ought not to be confused with languages. The oral, signed code of oral language is just a signed form of the language.

#4. People understand the deaf .

We can trace sign language’s history back to the 2nd century, stipulated for commercial transactions purposes. Those people who were deaf used to hold display signatures back then.

The language constantly improved, and with time people could understand and communicate with the deaf. Currently, most people understand those who are deaf and have developed a logical understanding of sign language.

Signs are a common way of passing a message across to somebody when you are sad or happy. For example, you’ll be able to express yourself in a recognized way when you are at a wedding or when mourning.

#5. The deaf can socialize

Signs have helped most people in the world. People have found it easy to socialize and communicate. The deaf to has been gotten married to each other regardless of their disability.

#6. Society has come up with schools for the disabled .

Society had to come up with schools for disabled individuals so that Braille teaches them.

However, many people have discriminated the deaf people since they are disabled. In some regions, such people don’t even enjoy basic human rights. Such discrimination has led to psychological problems with these disabled people and has eventually lost their trust in their talents in society.

The societies showing the people who are deaf how to learn sign language fast and socialize to become part of the society is moving forward really quickly.

If someone in your neighborhood or your family is deaf, perhaps you may be saying to yourself, ‘I want to learn sign language.’ Well, this is the time! But, first, make sure you start learning American Sign Language or available sign language.

You ought to communicate with the person and make him feel at ease. This will assist your family and society in looking at that person positively and give him the confidence to move up in life. You can easily find online courses to teach you to sign language in just a few weeks. You can as well find local schools teaching sign language.

Perhaps you may be asking yourself, ‘how long does it take to learn sign language?’ or you may be eager to know how to learn American Sign Language. Keep in mind that it takes very little time to learn sign language, and you can learn it online or offline.

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