How Can You Become A Cybersecurity Expert In 2023?

As we firmly entrench ourselves in the digital age, companies are finding themselves more and more vulnerable to cybersecurity attacks. There is a growing need for robust cybersecurity teams that can help companies defend themselves from these kinds of attacks and protect their sensitive data.

A cybersecurity expert position like a cybersecurity consultant or specialist primarily heads a cybersecurity team that maintains the security of a business’s online network and important customer data. They are also responsible for predicting future threats and neutralizing them with minimum damage.

While a cybersecurity course can give you a head start on becoming a cybersecurity expert, it might not be enough. Here are some useful steps that can help you become a cybersecurity expert in 2022.

What does a cybersecurity expert do?

While the job description of a cybersecurity consultant or expert can vary from one organization to another, here are some core duties you can expect on the job:

  1. Create and execute audits of existing computer hardware and security networks
  2. Ensure that existing cybersecurity systems are functioning properly
  3. Check for the existence of software bugs and nullify them
  4. Training the general work staff on cybersecurity best practices
  5. Design firewalls and other cybersecurity measures
  6. Ensure all company networks are compliant with these measures

What are the steps to becoming a cybersecurity consultant?

There is no specific age of entering the cybersecurity domain which can be encouraging especially for older people. As long as you keep adding to your knowledge base, your career prospects keep getting better.

Here are some useful ways to gain expertise in cybersecurity systems.

  1. Basic cybersecurity programmes: There are different levels of programmes such as a diploma, associate degree, bachelor’s degree, and a postgraduate programme, catering to different cybersecurity jobs. You will need higher qualifications for specialist and expert jobs.
  2. Different industry certifications: Pursuing a course on cybersecurity isn’t enough. You also need to update your industry knowledge through different cybersecurity certifications and clearances. The prime ones include Security+ and Network+ by CompTIA.
  3. Gaining experience through relevant internships and jobs: You can also learn cybersecurity coding and practices hands-on by enrolling in specific internships.
  4. Networking with other experienced professionals: Meeting up and communicating with other experienced professionals from the industry can also help you learn more about it.

What kind of skills do you require for becoming a cybersecurity expert?

While you are updating your knowledge of the cybersecurity world, its also important to gain relevant skills that are required for the job. Here are the most important skills you need to become a cybersecurity expert.

  1. Data analysis skills
  2. Computer coding and programming skills
  3. Ability to keep track of the latest industry trends and best practices
  4. Excellent communication skills
  5. Mentorship and leadership skills
  6. People management skills
  7. Quickly adapting to new workflows
  8. Aptitude for learning throughout the job

You can easily pick up all these skills when you enrol in a comprehensive cybersecurity programme from a reputed university. Start searching for appropriate cybersecurity programmes near you today to make a difference in this dynamic profession.

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