Healthy Recipes that Tingle Your Taste Buds & Add Glow to Your Skin

healthy recipes

Do you truly crave fine-looking skin? Then, check out these  healthy recipes  made from constituents present in most refrigerators – which are truly nourishing your skin from inside out.

Healthy Recipes Listing

Almonds-Cranberries Combo Granolas

Those who are novices in DIY granola preparations would certainly be surprised at how flavorful & fresh they taste & best-of-all simple to make. In addition, Almond contains 150 percent of one’s everyday requirement for vitamin E that helps in moisturizing those with dry skins, shielding from damages to the skin & anti-aging properties.


Two-third cup of iced plain juiced apples concentrate, thawing

Half-cup of maple syrup

One-fourth cup brown sugar

One tbsp. powdered cinnamon

One-third cup oil of canola or almonds

Half tsp. salt as per taste

One cup wheat-germ (post-toasting)

Half-cup sunflower seed (two oz.)

Five cupfuls rolled oat (skip the quick-cooking one)

One cupful of dry cranberry, segregated

Method of Preparation

  • Positioning rack in the upper & base 3rds of your oven, which is to be preheated till 325 degrees Fahrenheit. Coating duo large-sized bake sheets that have been coated with non-stick oil spray.
  • Whisking the brown sugar, juiced apples, oil, maple syrup in a medium-sized cooking pan, bring to a boil on moderate flame & stir intermittently. Take off from the flame & then stirring in the salt plus powdered cinnamons.
  • Tipping in the sunflower seed, oat, Almond, wheat-germ into a big-sized open vessel. Stirring in the juice mix & tossing for coating. Spreading the granola mix in an even manner on the prepped baking papers.
  • Baking the granolas for fifteen minutes, stir 1-2 times, reversing the baking sheets up to down, rear to fore. Continuing baking till light brown appearance noticed alongside aromas emanating, frequently stir, around fifteen minutes further. Transferring the baking papers onto wire meshes, stirring in half cup dry cranberry in the granolas on all sheets & allow total cooling.
  • Relish these homemade, simply heavenly granolas that have skin-friendly ingredients alongside additional fiber plus magnesium.

Serves:  Nineteen

Preparatory Time:  Two hours (when cooled)

Laden Double-Baked Potato Pleasure

Apart from being superb comfort food, the humble potato is additionally doing a whole lot of good to your skin. Bake potato offers seventy-five percent of one’s everyday copper requirements, an elastin-fiber-manufacturing mineral that supports skin make-up.


Four medium-sized potato

A cupful of broccoli floret, fine-chop

A cupful shred reduced-fat cheese (cheddar), segregated

Half tsp. of salt as well as sour cream (reduced fat)

A cupful of water

One-fourth tsp. freshly grounded pepper

Three numbers of scallion, slicing them

Method of Preparation

  • Piercing the potatoes using forks, microwaving them & then cooking over moderate heat, turn them 1-2 times, till they have softened around twenty minutes.
  • In a cooking pan, boiling the water & then adding broccoli to it & cooking till they have tenderized, four to five minutes. Draining them.
  • Carefully, cutting off the upper 1/3rd of the potatoes post-cooking; preserve the caps for another usage. Scooping out the inners in a bowl. Placing the potato cases in a smallish bake dish & adding half cup cheese, salt, cream, pepper into them & mashing using forks. Tipping in the scallion & potatoes, mix to the broccoli & stirring for combining.
  • In an even manner, dividing the potato mix amongst the potato cases & topping with the remnant half-cup of cheddar. Microwaving on high-setting till fillings have heated up & melting of cheese noted, two to four minutes.
  • Relish these yummy potatoes that even offer calcium, vitamin C, K, Zinc.

Serves:  Four

Preparatory Time:  Forty minutes

Roast Mango Sorbet

What a healthy switch from ice-creams to sorbets as a fine means of reducing sat. Fats, plus the use of mango as a key ingredient, even add eighty percent of one’s everyday need for vitamin E, known for maintaining & repairing skin cells & fighting free radical harm.

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Three ripened mango

Half-cup of sugar

One-third cup of coarse mash small-sized banana

Half-cup of water

Two tbsp. juiced lemon

Method of Preparation

  • Preheating oven till 350 degrees Fahrenheit, placing the mangoes in a baking tray & roasting till they’ve softened, seventy to ninety minutes. Refrigerating till cooled for an hour.
  • In the interim, combining water plus sugar in a smallish pan, simmering & then stirring in sugar for dissolution. Take off from the flame & refrigerating till chilled for around an hr.
  • Once cooled, peel them off & coarse chop the pulpy part & discard pits. Placing pulpy part & accrued juice into a blender, adding lemon juice plus banana, processing till smoothened. Transferring into a big hollow vessel & stirring in the sugary syrup. Covering & refrigerating till chilled, forty minutes till all night.
  • Freezing the mix in ice-cream makers or freezing the mix in a shallow metallic vessel until solidification occurs around six hours.
  • Breaking into pieces & processing them in a blender till smoothened. Serving instantly.

Serves:  Eight

Preparatory Time:  4.5 hours

Raspberry-Avocado Smoothie

The delectable cream-like consistency of this delicious smoothie is an instant hit with many taste buds, while the fruit is doing wonders for your skin.


Three-fourth cup of OJ

Half-cup freeze raspberry

One avocado, peeling & pitting

Three-fourth cup of raspberries juiced

Method of Preparation

  • Pureeing the fruit, OJ, raspberry juiced plus the freeze ones into a food processor till smoothened consistency.

Enjoy these wonderful  healthy recipes  that you’ll adore eating daily.


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