Have You Tried These Whiskies? Check Them!

Are you a whisky enthusiast? Or perhaps a budding collector? Here are some flavors of whisky you should add to your bucket list.

There are hundreds upon hundreds of flavors of whisky in the world. There’s a market solely focussed on the trade of rare and old whiskeys. Thousands of transactions occur here every single day.

Starting from the standard Scotch and Bourbon, the whisky industry has grown significantly and has several different types. There are rather intimidating whiskies in the market like the snake or scorpion whisky originating from the Orient and several simpler, less threatening sounding ones.

Here is what you need to know about whiskeys:

What is whiskey?

Whisky or whiskey is a distilled alcoholic drink made from fermented grain mash, including barley, corn, rye, and wheat. It is generally made in wooden casks of charred white oak.

What is the difference between whisky and whiskey?

There are two schools of thought, one which annotates it to the location of origin and the other, which believes it to be based on the method of preparation.

The word whiskey is used in Ireland and the United States, whereas whisky is used everywhere else in the world.

Source: Wikipedia…

Here are a few interesting variations of the whiskey you might be interested in adding to your collection:

1. Screwball Peanut Butter Whiskey – peanut butter:

Here’s a great blend between the classic aged delight famous worldwide and a family-friendly delicacy of rich, smooth peanut butter. A flavor is so delightful it put PB&J sandwiches to shame.

Some of the most finely crafted whiskies you could get.

2. Boxing hares – hops:

A fantastic mix of flavors where hops are added to the whisky, those usually used in beer, helps add a unique flavor.

This odd whiskey is legally classified as a ‘spirit drink in the UK’ is a specialty never to be ignored.

3. Rogue Chipotle Whiskey – Jalapeno Peppers:

Dried and smoked Jalapeno papers are used in the production of this whiskey. These are worked into the mash. Then more are used during maturation. This results in something truly tangy.

4. Piehole Pecan Pie Whiskey – Pecan Pie:

This lovely drink does not involve the usage of pecan pie. However, this Canadian flavored whiskey uses several flavor additives to create a well-flavored drink with a sweet punch recommended to be consumed in a single shot.

5. Kings County Distillery Chocolate Whiskey – Chocolate:

The first distillery in the city of New York since the prohibition, Kings county infused their moonshine with cocoa beans sourced from a nearby artisan chocolate maker. This led to some of the finest and most exquisite whiskey flavors to be created, chocolate whiskey.

6. Westland Inferno – Tabasco:

An experiment of the Washington State’s Westland Distillery released in April fools of 2016 was a malt matured for four years in a barrel that held tabasco sauce. It is reportedly almost undrinkable from the spice.

7. Mosswood Espresso Barrel American Whiskey – Coffee:

Matured in barrels seasoned with cold brew coffee, this is Mosswood’s second-ever release and continues to go strong. The emptied oak-aged coffee is served once the barrels can be crammed with whiskey.

8. Tamworth Distillery Eau de Musc – Beaver Castoreum:

Unlike most others, this whiskey isn’t flavored with plant-based substances but instead is flavored using castoreum sacs, a part of the beaver’s body; these secrete a compound called castoreum, which gives a raspberry-like leathery flavor.

All the sacs are ethically obtained by a licensed trapper who harvests them to control beaver overpopulation efforts.

9. Kikori Rice Whiskey – Rice:

The Kikori Whiskey is made in Japan, and unlike most other whiskey’s, the only grain used is rice. This delight is produced exclusively in Japan and can be found on most Western Coast shores.

10. Jefferson’s Ocean – Ocean:

As odd as the name sounds, Jefferson’s ocean is one of the few rare whiskies which isn’t matured on land. This whiskey, unlike most others, is aged in the ocean.

Jefferson decided to take the routine idea of making whisky and add to it the magic of the sea, as can be seen in this majestic whisky.

Whisky is a timeless and magical drink; remember to enjoy it.

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