Face Cleansing Brush: Dermatologist-Designed For Acne

Face Cleansing Brush For Acne The best way to keep acne away from the face is by keeping the face clean and free of dirt,

Face Cleansing Brush For Acne

The best way to keep acne away from the face is by keeping the face clean and free of dirt, oil and makeup all the time. What we have seen however, is that no matter how people try to achieve this, they often fail because there is no guarantee that impurities will not hang around the pores. These impurities are always present because they are usually unreachable when we clean the face with our hands, sponges, washrags, etc.

Your face deserves all the tender, loving care you can give it, because it is the principal makeup of your body and by a large extent, it determines the essence of your body. One important tool that you need to give your face the perfect care it deserves and keep it clean, exfoliated, smooth and glowing is the facial cleansing brush.

Facial cleansing brushes are one of the essential skin care tools for the best acne treatment and for clean, radiant skin. Our exposure to dirt on a daily basis leaves a ton of it on our face and our body. While our clothes cover much of the dirt that falls on our skin, no piece of fabric actually covers the face and this is why it is important that one take proper care to ensure it is dirt and germs free.

Usually, when acne settles on a face, dermatologists find a hard time suggesting medications, as they may be a dip in a wild pool. They believe proper care can prevent any skin ailment and this is why they suggest ways to get your skin better without necessarily resorting to medication.

How Do Facial Cleansing Brushes Work?

Face Cleansing Brush

A face brush allows dead skin exfoliate faster and allows the production of more collagen that will give a tighter skin. The face brush removes any oil or debris that blocks your pores and will allow medication and other cosmetic applied on the skin penetrate through the pores.

Acne is generated subcutaneously and this leaves us with no much option to prevent them. In essence, it is necessary to try to take care of acne and do not allow it foster from the outside. There may be drugs to combat acne subcutaneously, but dermatologists have continued to make it clear that heredity and excess secretion of sebum are major factors that affect acne formation.

The facial brush is a very vital tool because it is gentle on the skin and is naturally designed to tackle bacteria formation. It creates a massaging effect on the spots where it is applied, while it promotes blood circulation as well as increased generation of collagen and are perfect for the most sensitive skin because they are smooth, soft and silky. Facial brushes are especially perfect for the removal of makeup, environmental pollutants and dirt that aids the formation of acne on the face.

While all of the benefits of the facial brush are targeted in one direction, it should be noted that there are precautions that should be considered strongly so that it can yield the best results as desired.

Precautions While Using Facial Cleansing Brushes

Facial Cleansing Brush

The most important precaution is to ensure that you purchase a dermatologist-designed facial cleansing brush. Buying another type of brush and using such in place of facial brush is the first signal of a disaster waiting to happen. It is imperative that you check the bristles of the facial brush and you should likewise ensure that it is dermatologically tested.

After the purchase of the brush, there are a few other things to note so you can get the maximum desired results from using the facial brush.

  1. Before you use the facial brush, endeavor to wash your face with acne treatments before using the brush for the first time. This will reduce irritation.
  2. Use the brush once or twice weekly and slowly build up the frequency of using it.
  3. You can use the facial brush everyday if you have normal skin. If you have sensitive skin, once or twice a week should be maintained even after the initial stages.
  4. After each cleansing, make sure you apply topical medications to your face.

Taking Care Of Your Facial Cleansing Brush

There are precautions that have to do with the care for the facial brush. They are listed below:

  1. The facial brush should be cleaned with soap and water or alcohol to prevent acne build-up in the brush.
  2. After cleaning the brush, place it in a microwave for a few seconds to kill bacteria and other germs.
  3. Do not use the brush on active acne, pimple and open wounds. If care is not taken, this will lead to the spread of infections.
  4. The facial brush should never be used in combination with a chemical exfoliating agent.
  5. The best time to use the facial brush is at nighttime. Then, all of the sebum, pollutions and dirt from the day will be washed off together.
  6. Use the facial brush with a gentle facial cleanser i.e. those with a balanced PH and those that are fragrance free.
  7. Avoid sharing your facial brush with friends and family. One brush is meant for your use alone and this is why it is advisable that you carry it along with you wherever you go.

User experiences with facial brushes are varying but largely, they yield desired results. When you start using any facial brush, your skin might flare within the first 2 weeks. This is because the dead skin cells will become opened up and because there will be fewer dead skin cells to exfoliate; your skin will flare up.

What you need to do, is to reduce its usage because continued usage of the facial brush can lead to broken capillaries, irritation, redness, sensitivity and excessive dryness and these signs are not good at all. The only way to control them is to desist from using the facial brush at that time. A visit to your dermatologist will confirm what went wrong and necessary ways to address it is.

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