Edibles vs Smoking


Whether you’re a curious frequent marijuana consumer or a first-timer digging the web for information, there is one thing you probably already know: cannabis has different effects depending on the intake method.

However, what exactly are the differences between the most common consumption methods, smoking and taking edibles?

Maybe you’re interested in marijuana for medical or for recreational purposes, whatever the case, read on to find out which way of using cannabis suits best your wishes and commands.

First, let’s define what can be defined as smoking and what fits into the edibles category. Smoking describes basically any way of consumption that involves joints, pipes, or bongs, where the weed is exposed to high temperatures known as combustion. We should point out that vaping doesn’t fit into the smoking category because the combustion process doesn’t take place while doing so.

The term ‘edibles’ on the other hand, includes a wide range of products made of cannabis for oral consumption, whether it is by eating or drinking too. You have lots of varieties, from candies to cookies, smoothies, and anything your chef mind can think of.

Okay, we hate having to do this, but let’s start with the negative aspects of each method of consumption first so that we can move onto the rainbow land afterward.

When it comes to health affections there is clearly no doubt that edibles are healthier for you. Why? It’s as simple as being able to differentiate that eating something doesn’t involve inhaling any harmful smokes into your lungs, and, well, smoking does. Although inhaling marijuana doesn’t cause as much damage to your lungs as smoking cigarettes would, it still isn’t as healthy as if you weren’t smoking anything at all, so edibles 1 – joints 0.

Another huge difference between smoking or taking edibles resides in the time factor. First, there’s the time for the product to kick in. If you’re looking for immediate effects, again, whether it is for medical purposes or because you’re just an impatient stoner, then definitely opt for smoking. When you smoke it will only take about 10 to 15 for the effects to kick in. Edibles on the other hand take around 1 and a half to 2 hours to hit.

However, just as fast as the joints’ effects can kick in they can fade away. A bong or pipe hit, or a full joint will only get you high for about 2 to 3 hours, being really optimistic. It all depends on some external factors such as tolerance, weed quality, etc., etc., but we’ll not get into this one now. Edibles, in the meantime, can even last up to 12 hours, depending also on some other influencing aspects. Keep this in mind when you take your edibles or else you might find yourself extremely high at the wrong moment.

Last but not least, the type of high. If you’re looking for the floor to be swept off your feet then definitely try taking some edibles, since given that we process them through our digestive system, the high tends to be much stronger than the one of a joint. If you want to keep it on the low, then yes, smoking will be a better choice.

So, now that you’re aware of the main differences between smoking and edibles perhaps it’s time to grow your own plants! Get some auto-flowering seeds at Fast Buds, which work great for beginner growers, and after your first harvest, start enjoying whichever method of consumption you prefer!

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