Dressing to Look Younger and Slimmer

It’s not a secret for anyone that being overweight visually adds age. The more extra pounds you have, the older you look. Of course, the correct thing is to go in for sports and keep to a balanced diet, but you will not see results right away. In addition, there are still situations in which people can’t do exercises or keep to a specific eating schedule (for example, because of the exhausting schedule of work). So what should one do in this case?

We are sure that properly selected clothing and accessories will help to look slimmer, and therefore younger.

These ten tips will help you dress to look younger and slimmer without compromising your family and personal budget:

1. Divert attention from problem areas

Each of us has genetically programmed certain “fat stores”: someone is gaining excess weight in the hips, someone in the waist, and someone in the back and shoulders, while the other parts of the body can remain slim for a long time.

Tip: Identify the hard part of the body from which you need to distract the attention of others, and switch it to the amount of the body you like. For example, you gain weight in the hips, while your neck and shoulders are slim and attractive. In this case, use thin elongated beads to the middle of the neckline.

They visually extend the neck, make it more delicate and elegant, and add lightness to the whole image. If you have elegant wrists but short channels, use bright, vivid bracelets to draw attention to your hands. Remember that the skin of the hands should be in perfect condition, and the manicure should be in harmony with the jewellery.

2. Choose the right shoes

Try to avoid bright, contrasting shoes – it visually makes your legs shorter and adds even more disproportion to the figure. Instead, give preference to shoes of beige and sand tints, which visually lengthens the legs.

3. Correct skin tone hides imperfections

Imperfections are less visible on slightly sunburnt skin – cellulite, stretch marks, vascular reticulum. It is essential to know the measure – the tint of your tan should be only slightly darker than the natural skin tone. Otherwise, you will achieve the opposite effect. Remember the harmfulness of ultraviolet radiation and do not abuse sunbathing and solarium – Who can replace them with self-tanning or tonal means.

4. Correct fabric texture and heel height

A classic monochrome suit of natural shades (for example, grey or beige-sandy) from smooth fabrics (not boucle, matting, or similar) combined with classic high-heeled shoes visually emphasizes the figure, making it tauter, and helps you to dress to look younger.

5. The correct shape of the cutout helps to adjust the shape

If you have wide hips, then clothes with a wide round neckline will help balance the “heavy” hips and a more slender “top”. A deep, narrow V-neck also helps to look slimmer.

6. Heel shoes – our everything

Shoes with a thin high heel (hairpin or slightly wider) help not only to make the gait smoother, more graceful, and feminine but also slender legs. On the other hand, a wide heel will have precisely the opposite effect – your calves and ankles will look thicker.

7. Choose the right hairstyle

If you have a round face or just chubby cheeks, they should be balanced by high hairstyles.

8. Choose classic straight trousers

If you want to look slimmer, give preference to the trousers and jeans of the classic straight cut. Narrowed trousers and skinny jeans will only emphasize problems with excess weight. In trousers, it is necessary to give preference to monophonic fabrics without drawings. As for jeans, you should choose classic dark colours without holes, scuffs, and patch pockets.

9. Choose the right underwear

There is nothing worse than underwear that is not matched by the size: the “ears” resulting from the smaller clothes create the illusion of excess weight even for those who do not have it in reality. In addition, squeezing tight underwear can violate blood circulation in the tissues, which is one of the causes of cellulite.

10. Create winning sets

To enhance the shaping effect, combine several techniques: wearing dark straight jeans, an elongated blazer, a top with the right neckline, long beads or bracelets, and a high hairstyle.

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