Constipation Remedies at Home the Foodie Way

Every once in a while, we all experience bouts of constipation remedies home. When you’re constipated more than just occasional instances or experience acute pains or bleeding, then it’s a red-alert sign to promptly seek medical advice on the same as they could be likely indications of grave digestive conditions.

However, frequent constipation is just the outcome of not much fiber consumed & merely revving up its intake in one’s diet is the primary cure.

Generally, adults require twenty-five & thirty grams of fiber daily for staving off constipation, much lesser than what most of us normally consume.

Although feeling bloated & cramps could be prevented, it is better that one does not abruptly jump from consuming ten gm. Fiber to twenty-five gm. Per day.

The best constipation remedies home is increasing intake of fiber-laden foods to one’s dietetic intake in a gradual manner & ensure plentiful drinking fluid to facilitate proper fiber flowing via the digestive system.

8 Best Way Constipation Remedies Home

A Very-Berry Remedy


A bonbon cure for constipation is gorging yourself with a juicy berry blast of blackberry, raspberry &strawberry that are potent fiber sources. Just ½ cup of strawberry offers two gm. Fiber, while the analogous portion of blackberry offers well over three gm. & raspberry providing four gm fiber.

Berry varieties, alongside being low-cal, means one could have a huge bowlful of berry assortment along with some less-fat whipped cream as a sweet dish after meals or tossing these into one’s breakfast cereals or mixing these into your pancake batter.



Air-popped popcorn are an excellent means of adding fiber to one’s dietetic intake, mainly when fiber-deficit is the reason for being constipated. But, piling on the sodium & buttery effect, annuls a lot of its gains.

How about air-popping your corn kernels or microwaving them? The whole-grain presences in popcorns increase whole-grain in one’s dietetic intake & among the most effective constipation remedies home.

Boosting Fiber Intake with Beans


Measure-for-measure bean offers two-fold the amount of fiber as the majority of the veggies, & incorporating these into your diet daily would certainly help ward off constipation. Lima bean, pinto bean offers a creditable over six gm. Fiber for every ½ cup. A ½ cup serves of navy bean offers 9 ½ gm. Fiber, while the analogous serve of a kidney bean, offers over eight gm.

The incredible versatility factor of beans means these could be added into most casserole, soup, salad & pasta dishes.

Snacking on some wholesome dry fruit

dry fruit

Dry fruit varieties like date, prune, apricot, raisin, and fig are good nutritional fiber sources that act as great constipation remedies home. Especially, prune is a fine choice as fiber-laden is also containing an innate laxative, sorbitol (a carb form with a molecular make-up resembling sugar).

Digestion of fiber does not occur & hence it mops up water during its passage via the stomach. The water would be softening one’s stools & help in relieving constipated feeling.

Change to Whole Grain Breads


Be it your sandwich or meals. The bread one eats must be prepared with whole-grain to aid in staving off constipation. The whole-grain variety of bread is less-fat & laden with nutritional fibre & complex carbs.

One must be checking to label prior to purchasing – the foremost constituent in the listing must be saying ‘whole’ prior to grains. The Diet variety of bread is mostly fiber-rich.

Fibre-rich cereals is the best breakfast option.

With the market inundated with an array of flavors, tastes & combinations of fiber-laden cereals, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Opt for cereals having a minimum of five gm. Fiber/ serve. In case your preferred cereal does not have as much fiber, then adding some by sprinkling in some tbsp, of flax seeds or wheat bran.

Bountiful Broccoli


Similar to bean, broccoli is nutrient & fiber-rich while being low-cal. An ideal way to consume veggies is in raw form, as their fiber presence could lessen when cooked. Those people with a preference for cooking their florets could opt to either broil, steam & bake them & prior to being eaten, tossing in a little EVOO, pepper & sodium.

Raw Fruits Are the Way to Go

Raw Fruits

Bloating can arise as a result of being constipated. Increase your intake of raw fruits could resolve this problem since it is laden with nutritional fiber. Opt for pear, apple & plum since many fibers is present in their skin alongside having elevated amounts of pectin, an innately present fiber.

A small-sized pear provided over four gm. Fiber while a medium-sized apple offers over three gm.

Go Nuts for Relieving Constipation

Nuts are powerhouses of fiber & the finest ones are peanut, brazil nut & walnut—an oz. Serve of almond offers over three gm. Whereas fiber, whereas an analogous pistachio serves, would offer almost three gm. & pecan nut offering 2.7 gm.

Fiber. But, in the case of nuts, one needs to be watchful about the amount one eats as they calorie-laden. For exactly figuring out the right amount – cupping your hands & solely filling the palms area – which is how much one must be eating.

Skins on Bake Potato Remedy


A medium-sized baked potato sans de-skinning would be providing 3.8 gm. Fiber & sweet potatoes are much better – offering well over four gm. One could boil & then mash the potato retaining the skin – is an excellent way of serving it, though evade French fries as they are fat-laden.

Potato could be diced into wedges or long slivers, spraying with EVOO, sprinkling with your pet seasoning & oven-baking these till crispy – tasting similar to French fries though minus the additional calories.

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