Commercial Mortgage Truerate Services

Commercial Mortgage Truerate Services is a banking product designed for professional entities. Commercial loans can be used by:

  • Companies run as sole proprietorships,
  • Partnerships,
  • Commercial law companies,
  • Budgetary units of local governments and state administration,
  • Other entities with legal personality (e.g., NGOs).

The general mechanism of Commercial Mortgage Truerate Services is the

same as for a loan to individuals. The borrower (company) borrows a certain amount from the bank, establishes appropriate collateral, and then repays the principal plus interest in installments.

The differences are primarily due to the specifics of business activity.

  • What matters is the company’s creditworthiness, which can realistically be assessed after a full fiscal (and tax) year. Businesses operating for less than 12 months have minimal access to commercial loans.
  • Interest and other credit costs are deductible expenses and can be the basis for reducing the PIT/CIT tax base.
  • The entrepreneur does not enjoy the consumer protection guaranteed to borrowers by national and EU law. The contract is treated as concluded between professional entities, fully aware of the consequences of signing it.

What are the types of commercial loans?

commercial mortgage

Commercial Mortgage Truerate Services covers a wide range of banking products adapted to the enterprise’s type of business and situation. The most important criteria to distinguish the types of commercial loans are:

  • Renewability – is the loan granted on a one-time basis (similar to a cash loan), or does the company get access to a certain limit of funds (analogous to a credit card)?
  • Purposefulness – does the company take out a loan to cover the cost of a specific investment, or some other purpose known to the bank, or to cover ongoing business expenses?
  • Collateral – is the loan repayment additionally secured by a mortgage, registered pledge, or transfer of collateral?

Companies have access to a diverse range of loan offers, the more individualized, the larger the amounts at stake. Most companies, however, choose among several relatively simple and popular loans.

Commercial bank – what is it?

In the broadest terms, it is a bank where a “typical Blacksmith” can perform most standard banking activities. By “standard activities,” we mean running a checking account, opening a deposit, or taking out a cash loan. The versatility of the solutions offered by a commercial bank means that many people also take out a mortgage here.

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The commercial bank also serves companies in the SME sector (small and medium-sized enterprises), offering them the tools they need to run their businesses. These include an invoicing application, financing through leasing, or a working capital loan.

Can a mortgage bank provide other loans?

It is important to separate the legal scope of activities from the factual scope. In practice, however, mortgage banks are limited to mortgages or consolidation of obligations where a mortgage has been established. However, those looking for a consolidation loan online will not be satisfied with working with this type of bank. The entire process is highly formalized and fraught with strict conditions, which may discourage many potential customers.

Can I open an account with a mortgage bank?

Commercial Mortgage Truerate Services does not offer the option of any bank account. This includes standard savings and checking accounts and brokerage or junior accounts. Consequently – you will not receive ATM cards at these places to pay

The only mortgage banks maintain are technical accounts for servicing the loan. Since a mortgage bank does not have cash deposits, it must finance loans by issuing mortgage bonds. Standard banks make loans based on accumulated deposits, which mortgage banks will not do.

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