Best Eyelashes For Hooded Eyes a Must Have For Your Beauty Collection

The aesthetic appeal of your face is commonly defined by the eyes. Here’s more on the best false eyelashes for hooded eyes and their advantages.

The aesthetic appeal of your face is commonly defined by the eyes. Here’s more on the best false eyelashes for hooded eyes and their advantages.

Your eyes can determine what kind of impression is made as soon as someone speaks to you. Do your eyes look tired? Do your eyes look off and not in line with the rest of your face?

These are questions a person will ask and it’s important to understand the value of false eyelashes. For individuals with hooded eyes, it becomes doubly important to invest in high-quality false eyelashes.

The one product that we have found that is the best false eyelashes for hooded eyes: Eylure Lengthening 115 Lashes. These can be easily applied and will make even the most dull eyes pop when worn.

What are Hooded eyes?

Let’s begin by defining hooded eyes and what they’re all about.

In general, hooded eyes refer to extra skin that droops over the eyelid creating a natural “hood” as the name suggests. The additional layer hides the mobile eyelid (the part that moves when you blink). It’s important to note not all hooded eyes are the same and there are variations in this category depending on a person’s genetics. Some people have mild hoods while others have a more aggressive layer that is prominent from far away.

Most people prefer to make changes to the appearance of their eyes because of this hooded look. To do this, one of the more prominent options comes in the form of false eyelashes and it is used all around the world with great effect.

List of celebrities with hooded eyes:

* Blake Lively
* Leelee Sobieski
* Catherine Zeta-Jones
* Renee Zellweger
* Anne Hathaway
* Taylor Swift
* Jennifer Lawrence
* Camilla Belle
* Malin Akerman
* Emma Stone

Are Hooded Eyes Attractive?

Hooded eyes are not something to feel down about and are a natural feature of one’s face. As mentioned above, there are several celebrities that rock these looks and don’t mind it one bit!

However, for those who are looking to change things up and get their eyes to “pop” a bit, it helps to fix the appearance. This can be done in a variety of ways but the best option is to make use of false eyelashes as suggested here. It all comes down to preference and in some cases, you may want to take a look at your hooded eyes and this simple change.

Hooded eyes can be attractive and shouldn’t be perceived as a flaw but with subtle improvements, you can bring more life to your eyes as soon as you want to.

Benefits of False Eyelashes

1) Help Define Natural Eyelashes

Your natural eyelashes may not stand out the way you want them to. This can start to have an impact on how your face looks and what you’re able to get out of a makeup session.

With the help of false eyelashes, it’s possible to define your natural eyelashes and get them to pop. Remember, there is real value in drawing attention to the center of your face and good eyelashes can help create this impression.

In general, the average person with hooded eyes will not be able to make use of their natural eyelashes. This can be frustrating and it can start to have an impact on the overall look you’re going for. With the help of false eyelashes, it’s possible to bring attention back to the eyes for all the right reasons. As long as the right product is being used, it will create a major difference in the overall look of your face from all angles.

2) Offer a Bold Look

Whether you have hooded eyes or not, a “bold” look is almost impossible without the use of false eyelashes. Many people end up sacrificing their look and going with something subtle because their natural eyelashes aren’t equipped to recreate such a look.

False eyelashes get rid of this problem once and for all. Creating a bold look with the help of false eyelashes is a no-brainer and one of its biggest advantages. Just take a look around at women that put on false eyelashes and how exuberant it makes their overall appearance. It is a show-stopper, to say the least, and can be a wonderful addition to any outfit especially on formal occasions.

Even if you are not going out for a formal event, the bold look is something you can rock at any time of the day and feel confident about. This is the magic of a good set of eyelashes.

3) Help Accentuate Makeup

If you are taking the time to put on makeup and spending hours in front of the mirror, do you want the eyelashes to get in your way? A lot of people hate their look because it doesn’t stand out and get noticed because of the hooded eyes.

While this is nothing to be concerned about, you can change things quickly with the help of false eyelashes. This solution has the ability to bring more attention to the center of your face and accentuate the makeup. If you are doing any type of eye makeup, the false eyelashes will make things pop just that much more. It is easily the best way to draw more attention to where you have done makeup.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you avoid other parts of the face but it does bring everything together and that’s a must. Anyone that is tired of not being able to draw attention to their eyes can use false eyelashes without a problem.

4) Get Rid of Fatigued Appearance

Do you always look tired even if you have had a good night’s sleep?

This happens a lot when you have hooded eyes because the extra layer of skin droops down. This creates a false illusion of you being tired even if you are not. To avoid this, it’s best to make use of false eyelashes.

False eyelashes are able to accentuate the eyes and make them look livelier. A lot of people make this simple change and that’s all they need to look alive. For people who have major hooded eyes where the droop is significant, this can be the ultimate change in the long-run. It is a great way to maintain control over the eyes and ensure your appearance doesn’t come across as fatigued.

It is these little changes that can turn things around for your overall look.

5) Help Balance Out Both Eyes

In most cases, you will have hooded eyes that are going to be imbalanced. This is a major issue to deal with since the look is hard to ignore and people will notice it. Of course, it may go unnoticed when you are far away but becomes apparent as you draw in closer.

For those who don’t want to deal with this any longer, false eyelashes are the right option to go with. A good product can change your life since it will automatically balance both eyes.

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The product is made to do this and will ensure both eyelashes are equal in size and fit snugly. Having this level of control is a no-brainer for people that want to stay on top of their eyelashes at all times of the day.

Since you are setting up the false eyelashes, the balance is always going to be ideal.

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