Visit 10 Best Bird Sanctuaries Near Delhi

Find the best bird sanctuary near Delhi to visit from our list of the top 10 sanctuaries near the national capital. From Okhla Bird Sanctuary to Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary, choices are endless when it comes to visiting bird sanctuaries near Delhi.

Bird sanctuaries are among the most amazing places to visit especially if you happen to be an avid bird watcher. While there are plenty of bird sanctuaries in India, some of the best ones are found near Delhi. You can spend an entire day spotting stunning bird species without even realizing that time is flying by. Apart from exploring historical landmarks, try this offbeat experience of visiting a bird sanctuary near Delhi.

10 Best Bird Sanctuary In Delhi:

We’ve put together a list of some of these incredibly popular and amazing bird sanctuaries that you can consider visiting. Browse through our list and decide which bird sanctuary you’d like to explore first. Make sure to find out beforehand if cameras are permitted so that you can capture the magnificent birds you see on film. Additionally, if time permits, you can visit some amazing national parks around Munnar in Kerala as well.

1. Okhla Bird Sanctuary

Okhla Bird Sanctuary

Possibly the best bird sanctuary in India, this is the best place near Delhi to spot some beautiful birds. Spend a day watching beautiful birds in the remarkable Okhla Bird Sanctuary located in Noida. Home to endangered bird species, you will also find several migratory species here as well arriving winter time. Birds you can spot here include Sarus Crane, Indian Skimmer, Baikal Teal, Sociable Lapwing, and Grey-headed Fish Eagle among others.

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2. Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary

Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary

Probably the best bird sanctuary near Delhi, this is a must-visit when arriving in the city on cheap last-minute flights. Situated in Haryana, the presence of the lake and shallow marshlands here attract a large number of birds to the region. Take a bird sanctuary tour here and spot amazing species such as the White-throated Kingfisher, Sarus Crane, and Red-Wattled Lapwing among others.

3. Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary

Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary

Located in Rajasthan, Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary is ranked among the finest bird sanctuaries in the world. This is the best bird sanctuary near Delhi you can visit owing to its proximity to the city and is a favorite weekend getaway for city folk as well. The sanctuary is especially known for being home to several species of migratory birds that fly down here for the winter. You can spot Pelicans, Eagles, Larks, Ducks, Warblers, and Flycatchers among other birds here.

4. Surajpur Bird Sanctuary and Biodiversity Park

Surajpur Bird Sanctuary and Biodiversity Park

Another great bird sanctuary near Delhi is the Surajpur Bird Sanctuary and Biodiversity Park offering you the chance to spot beautiful birds. With lush green environs, this incredible natural wetland attracts countless species of exotic birds. You can expect to see some amazing species here such as the Red-crested Pochard, Bar-headed Goose, Common Teal, and Comb Duck among several others.

5. Bhindawas Bird Sanctuary

Bhindawas Bird Sanctuary

Also in Haryana, this stunning bird sanctuary is a bird lover’s paradise. Apart from innumerable resident Indian birds, there are several migratory species you can spot here as well. The scenic lush green surroundings and an incredibly serene ambiance make this one of the most tranquil places for a vacation. People from both Delhi and Haryana visit the sanctuary often and spot spectacular birds such as Shikra, Purple Swamphen, Oriental Honey Buzzard, Gray Francolin, and Common Hoopoe among others.

6. Saman Bird Sanctuary

Saman Bird Sanctuary

Another great bird sanctuary near Delhi to explore when visiting the city on cheap business class flights is the Saman Bird Sanctuary. Bird enthusiasts must most definitely grab their binoculars and head to this remarkable sanctuary as there are plenty of bird species to see here. You can expect to spot Storks, White Pelican, Common Teal, and Northern Pintail among plenty of other species at the Saman Bird Sanctuary.

7. Bakhira Bird Sanctuary

Bakhira Bird Sanctuary

This is among the largest and most popular bird sanctuaries in Uttar Pradesh state. The place is perpetually packed with avid bird watchers trying to glimpse some of the most stunning bird species ever. The wetlands are accompanied by shallow lakes here that attract a vast number of aquatic birds that come to breed here. Among the stunning rich variety of birds, you can spot here is the incredibly famous Grey-headed Swamphen.

8. Samaspur Bird Sanctuary

Samaspur Bird Sanctuary

Also located in Uttar Pradesh, the Samaspur Bird Sanctuary is home to about 250 bird species. A great bird sanctuary near Delhi to visit, this place is a natural haven for local as well as migratory birds that come to breed here in the winters. The lush green environment has made this an ideal place for our avian friends to flock to. Some amazing species you can spot here include Kingfishers, Vultures, Ducks, and Common Teal among several others.

9. Assan Barrage Bird Sanctuary

Assan Barrage Bird Sanctuary

Placed at the confluence of Assan River and Yamuna Canal, this is the best bird sanctuaries near Delhi to visit if you wish to spot water birds. As many as 53 species of birds can be found in the swampy wetlands of the sanctuary. The lush vegetation of the sanctuary is ideal for birds to find and feed on insects. The sanctuary is home to species such as Pintail, Gadwall, Brahminy Duck, and Red-crested Pochard among several others.

10. Nawabganj Bird Sanctuary

Nawabganj Bird Sanctuary

This is also among the top bird sanctuary near Delhi you can visit. The lush green environs of the sanctuary make it an ideal bird habitat. The presence of marshy swamps and freshwater lakes attract a large number of birds to the region. You can expect to spot Pheasants, Woodpeckers, Lapwing, Purple Moorhen, Storks, and Bee-eaters among other species at the sanctuary.

Best Time to visit Bird Sanctuary Near Delhi:

Summers in Delhi are intolerably hot and it is hence not recommended that you visit this time. Winter is the ideal time to book cheap flights with Indian Eagle and come visit some of these remarkable bird sanctuary near Delhi. The weather is pleasant enough for you to explore the sanctuary and this is also the time when most migratory species arrive to breed here.

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