Benefits Of Using A Window Air Conditioner

window air conditioner
window air conditioner

Are you facing scorching heat in the summer? Then you are definitely looking for a way to beat the heat. But, beware! You can definitely turn the ceiling fan on to full intensity but beware of the hike in electricity bills at the end of the month. Oh, now you are thinking of buying an air conditioner, although it may cost a hole in the wallet. But do you know that there are various types of air conditioners? If you are looking at a central type air conditioner, then not only is it expensive, but it also will not ‘cool’ all the rooms. So the best way is to buy the type usually overlooked. How about window air conditioners?

They are not only affordable but also consume less energy. They can fit inside the window and are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Agreed, there are so many types and options available in the market, so why a window air conditioner? Our team has completed the article by giving a number of benefits regarding the window air conditioner. So, before you pull up your socks and hurry to the shop to buy the favorite brand, go to the list of benefits.

1. Low Cost

The first advantage – low cost. And they are also easy to operate. But, the cost of a window air conditioner will depend on three factors – brand name, features in the device and BTU capacity. To get the best job, you should know the details of the space the AC has to cool (also include BTU). So, bigger the room, you will need more BTU’s.

There are a dozen brands out there in the market but select the one that is tandem with your budget. It should also have the requisite features.

2. Efficiency

Usually, any window air conditioner will have a large EER (energy efficiency ratio). So to save money, buy a unit that has a large EER rating.

3. Installation

It is an easy installation process for this type. The process may not be the same for all, it may differ a little based on the model you buy, but it will be an easy process for the qualified technician. Every part and the instructions to handle the appliance will be provided in the booklet.

4. Save Floor Space In Your Home

They are specially designed to make their place in the window, and so they do not take any space inside the home. Just imagine the benefits if you live in a tiny home or just want to cool your living or bedroom. Agreed, there are other electronic appliances that can take valuable space such as fans and portable air conditioners, etc. But consider a window air conditioner – it has its place outside the room. You can get the same kind of benefits with ductless air conditioners. Did we forget the central air conditioning? Even both these types offer the same benefits, but they can be more expensive.

5. Individual Cooling System

In the present world, nuclear families are the order of the day. Five days a week, the family will stay out. The husband and wife go to work, while the children go to school. Very rarely, the AC will work in the weekdays. Even if it works, it will be in the evening or at night. So, one room will be sufficient to provide a cool atmosphere for the entire family. In similar situations, you need an air conditioner only for the bedroom or the living room. Window air conditioners are the perfect fit for this situation.

6. All Seasons

There are many window air conditioners which provide both heating and cooling options to your home. So, buy one and you can use it all over the year. So either in winter or summer, you can control the temperature of your home. Do you want more? Well, get the information. There are window air conditioners which act as an air purifier. They are equipped with filters to assist in reducing odors, airborne particles, and allergens which can cause harm to the indoor air quality.

These types of units can not only stay cool but will freshen the air. So it prevents the outbreak of germs as well other illnesses, especially if you have a family member suffering from allergies.

7. Portable

Not interested in having the air conditioner in the living room? You can shift it to the bedroom window. If you are relocating your home, you can easily shift the appliance.

8. Multiple Places

Staying in a student’s hostel and unable to beat the summer? Then opt for this air conditioner type. The students can buy an air conditioner and install it in their room. They do not have to depend on the hostel authorities.

9. Offices

At present, all over the globe, it is the era of start-ups. And, doorstep service providing companies are the trendsetters. Even in cities such as Bangalore, there are many start-ups providing home maintenance services at the customer’s doorstep. Do you own a start-up that offers doorstep services of various electronic appliances such as CCTV and AC installation services in Bangalore? It is evident that you have a small office comprising of team members below 15 to provide services all over the Bangalore city. In a similar situation, the window air conditioner is the best option to provide cool, pollution free air for your team.


Mentioned in this article are only some of the benefits of a window air-conditioner. At a time, when environmental pollution is on the increase, you need an appliance which can provide multiple functions. And the prices should be affordable for purchase. So, in all aspects, a window air conditioner comes across as the likely candidate for one of the most preferred electronic appliance in your home.

Have we missed a point? Then feel free to drop a comment in the Review section and we will take it up in the next article.