Get Paid For Doing What You Love: Becoming a Professional Landscaper

Professional Landscaper

Does the thought of working outdoors all day sound like the perfect job for you? Or perhaps you just love working with natural elements and you have a sharp eye for design.

If either of the above describes you, and you have a natural love for gardening, then taking your passion to the next level and becoming a landscaping contractor may be the perfect professional path for you.

The great thing about landscaping is that you really don’t need a huge nest egg of startup capital to get started. And with a few simple tools and the determination to meet your goals, you’ll be out in your community landing clients in no time.

In order to get started turning your passion into profit, you’ll need to complete a few simple steps. And the following post will help to get you started earning money as a professional landscaping contractor.

Gather Your Tools

Where you might have only needed a few tools such as shovels and the like for gardening, when you take on larger landscaping jobs, you’re going to need to have a larger variety of tools.

Perhaps the most important of all the tools that you’re going to need is a reliable and professional-looking work truck. And you might need something a bit more heavy duty in order to haul large equipment and materials.

As such, if you don’t have access to a professional work truck just starting out, you can rent one as needed for your projects that require heavy lifting. And you can always purchase one of your own later on down the road when business starts to pick up.

Remember, a professional appearance is also going to be a deciding factor when it comes to landing jobs, so a professional rental is a great strategy when you first start out.

Build a Portfolio

Before you’re able to land clients, you’ll need at least a small body of work to show your prospective clients the type of work that you’re capable of. And this is going to need to include before and after shots of your landscaping projects in the form of a portfolio.

You might be wondering how you can build a portfolio without first landing any clients. Well, if you’re determined enough, you could do some landscaping projects on your own property to showcase your skills or ask friends and family to see if they’d be willing to allow you to do work for them.

Additionally, you’ll also want to have a physical portfolio that you can show clients in person, and a digital portfolio that you can showcase on your website or your social media profiles.

Market Yourself

Luckily in 2021, there are a variety of ways that you can market yourself. You can turn to social media marketing and share content about your landscaping journey with your friends and followers.

Or you can add a blog to your website and talk about your landscaping projects and other topics and trends in the landscaping space.

But one of the best methods for landing clients is to get out there and start knocking on doors and advertising locally. For example, you could begin by driving around your own neighborhood and checking out properties that you think could use your eye for design and landscaping skills.

You could also ask your neighbors about doing some landscaping work, or branch out and start establishing relationships with other contractors who operate within your local community.

Chances are you might run into a construction professional or two who know of people who need landscaping work done. All you have to do is ask!

Beginning a business venture of any kind takes hard work, determination, and persistence. And if you really have a passion for gardening and making a property look its best, then you should have no problem landing clients as you progress professionally.


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