Agile Vs Waterfall: Know The Difference Between Methodologies

Agile Vs Waterfall

Define Waterfall methodology

Waterfall model methodology is also well-renowned as Linear Sequential Life cycle model. This order is followed by the waterfall model which is about projection in the development team that only moves to the very next phase of improvement and development. This phase of development includes testing if the previous step gets completed successfully.

Define Agile methodology

Agile methodology is one such practice that helps in the continuous iteration of the development including the testing in the software development process. In this model, the development and the testing activities are highly concurrent unlike the Waterfall model and its methodology. The process allows more and more communication between the customers, developers, managers, and testers.

Advantages of the Waterfall Model

  • This is one of the easiest models to manage and describe each phase with the right and specific deliveries with the right review process.
  • It works well for the smaller sizes of the projects whereas the requirements are easily understandable along with the fastest delivery of the projects.
  • Processes include the results along with the well-documented and easily adaptable method for shifting teams.
  • The project includes the management and also the methodology which is beneficial to manage the entire list of dependencies.

Advantages of the Agile model

  • The agile model is a client-based process that ensures the client with continuous involvement of the stage.
  • Agile teams are extremely self-organized and highly motivated which is about providing a better outcome from the other developmental projects.
  • Agile software development and method assures the quality of the development that is highly maintained.
  • The incremental process is completely based on development. Thus the client as well as the team knows exactly what is complete and what is not. It is what the risk is reduced with the developmental process includes.

Limitations of the waterfall model

There are ample limitations of waterfall models compared to the other projects especially when it is compared to the Agile process of methodologies. The limitations are what it actually measures-

  • It is not at all an ideal model for the enlarged size of the project.
  • The requirement of the project is unclear and it needs a definite kind of activities to support its activities.
  • The process is less effective in comparison to the others and its beginning.
  • Sometimes the process is difficult to move back to make it change in the previous phases.
  • The testing process starts and begins with the development which is over. Thus the high chances of the bugs are about to be found later in the development.
  • The high chances of the bugs create better developments along with which the expensive features are meant to get fixed.

Limitations of the Agile Model

  • It is not only useful but also the one which requires small development in their projects.
  • It also requires the expert to take the most important decision in the meeting.
  • The cost and the expense of the implementation of the agile method are to create more and more in comparison to the other development of the methodologies.
  • The project is one of the easiest ways off the track that requires the project manager that is not only clear but also what exactly needs to come up with what he or she wants.

Let’s know the difference between Agile Vs Waterfall

  • The waterfall is discussed as one of the linear sequential cycle models whereas Agile is considered as one of the continuous iterations of the development within the software process of development.
  • The difference between Waterfall and Agile is a perfectly different feature. In Agile the flexibility is discussed with other forms of activities involved in it. In Waterfall, all things are structured with the software development methodology.
  • Comparing the methodology of Waterfall with that of the Agile follows an incremental approach whereas the waterfall is one of the sequential processes including design. Waterfall methodology tests come after the phase of BUILD.
  • Agile allows the changes in the development of the project as well as its requirements whereas the Waterfall has no other scopes of changes that include the requirements that once holds the beginning of the project
  • Business analysis is prepared with all the requirements before the beginning of the project along with the difficulties of the project that can create all the changes in the requirements with a detailed description that needs the implementation of the waterfall software and the approach of development in the waterfall technology.

Summary in brief: Agile Vs Waterfall methodologies

  • Agile is all about separating the project and its development of the lifecycle into the right sprints. This is all about the incremental approach. The Agile methodology is also known as flexible as well as considering the collection of the different projects which is highly in demand in the recent world.
  • Agile is highly flexible and is truly planned with the objective to create the best initiatives in the world of technology. Every sprint has a Test Plan available after every plan. There are concurrent testing and satisfaction of the world in the customer’s demand.
  • The BUILD Phase is available in the Waterfall methodology to ensure the best working of the software and its development engages all the more in the right manner. The waterfall is structured in the right developmental feature that is divided into distinctive phases with a sequential process of design and also there is no scope of changing in the requirements.
  • The discussion regarding the Test Plan is hardly done in the Waterfall methodology. The method is ideal for projects which hold definite requirements that can change all the expected changes which are highly expected. The waterfall method is highly effective and it needs a project manager which plays the most essential role during the stage of SDLC.
  • The Waterfall model shows the project and its mindset that can help in accomplishing the project. Reduction of the risk in the form is highly fixed with the beginning of the process. Team coordination is a matter of importance for all that is involved.

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