A Guide to Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is a methodology that emphasizes getting customers through informative and relevant content, which helps to connect with the people who need the services. In simpler terms, the fundamental includes letting people find you, generate leads and having closure to the business.

It revolves around specific marketing tactics such as – content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, etc. It works so that the buyer’s behaviour is matched with the relevant products and services. For the best results, one can hire a digital marketing agency that avails inbound marketing services.

inbound marketingIt provides an ease to the people to directly meet their needs, be it a product or any service. This inbound marketing guide is super beneficial to the ones who are not known to this strategy.

Is Inbound Marketing Strategy a synonym of SEO?

No, both are different. SEO is a part of the marketing ecosystem of inbound marketing.

Inbound marketing helps in connecting with customers and drawing them directly to the website. The visitors are gained by providing valuable and informative content.

The main focus of inbound marketing is to earn valuable customers through its strategies like content marketing, Search engine marketing, Social media marketing, Brand marketing, Email marketing, and others.

Talking about SEO increases the website’s visibility. It helps in doing better marketing in the following ways:-

  • Analyzing the keywords and tracking the traffic to guide the content manager in creating compelling, link-worthy and keyword-rich content.
  • Keep the website up to date in terms of speed and other factors affecting the website traffic.
  • Creating and syncing the brand strategy for gaining maximum profit out of it.

Outbound VS Inbound

Outbound marketing is referred to as the marketing done while promoting the products offline, such as – TV, news, radio, pamphlets, etc. It has been noticed that outbound leads cost 61% more than inbound leads and hence are less preferred. Therefore, inbound marketing is more beneficial in terms of money and customer satisfaction.

SEO end of the Inbound Marketing

Well, SEO and inbound marketing are different strategies. Inbound marketing needs SEO at some point in time. By paying attention to polish the SEO strategies, you can flourish your inbound marketing, eventually leading to a good brand name. There are specific strategies you must take care of which comes under inbound marketing

1. Unique Meta Descriptions

Although Meta descriptions are not going to affect the site’s ranking directly, a unique Meta description has a lot to do with it. It is a description of the 160 character limit, which is used to describe the website briefly.

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The Meta description is expected to include the keywords which people are searching for. This way, you can attract many customers to your page looking out for these kinds of services or products.

2. Do Not Ever Go For Duplicate Content

People hate reading the same content over and over again. Duplicate content depletes the credibility of the webpage and hence harm the website ranking. Today, if your content is unique and fresh, it is possible to rank well and gain valuable customers.

3. Paying Attention To The Site Design

People are generally more inclined to the sites which are fast, easy to navigate and creative.

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To carry forward a successful inbound marketing strategy, you must have a good site design.

4. Simple And Optimized Url’s

As often as possible, make sure that the URL must be limited to words and add dashes where space is required.

simple and optimized cOBJVThis makes the page easily understandable by the user from its URL itself, making it user-friendly.

5. SEO of the Website

On page and OFF page SEO are self-explanatory. Applying ON page SEO strategies would contribute to the optimization of the website’s internal mechanics. In contrast, OFF page Seo techniques will help in understanding and establishing sites relationships with other sites.

6. Coming Up With The Site Reputation

You should constantly monitor your site reputation. Supposedly, an XYZ person posts a negative review saying that you have got the worst services ever, and then you should pay attention to it.

Start replying to them with reply backs such as – “We have acknowledged the issue, and we adhere not to commit it again” or Thank you for your valuable response”.

Also, reply to the positive comments. It is a lovely way to encourage and engage people with your brand. To enhance the brand’s name and build a positive identity to it, hiring reputation management personnel is a good option.

7. Copywriting Practices

If you want to stand out from the crowd, you have to put in a little extra effort. Providing unique content is the very first step to follow. Cover every aspect of your site. Briefly explain your products and services.

Ensure your site consists of at least 300 words of engaging content and 500 words of the blog. This minimum word limit has to be followed for proper customer engagement. It not always about the quantity; quality also matters.

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A blog with irrelevant information and grammatical mistakes is no less than trash to a customer. You have to look at what you are writing and how you are writing.

8. Customize Your Title Tags

Well, title tags are the one which is displayed in your browser tab when the site is opened. It is considered the good practice to update your title tags with some attractive titles, which contribute to the visitors to the website.

Supposedly, you have a cooking recipe site; you can add on titles such as “Mouth-watering dishes, ” “Be a chef in a few days, ” and so on, which lure the visitor to visit the website.

To improve your website’s SERP rank, try to have good online visibility by opting for services from a known SEO company and building solid connections with good networks.

Link building is one such practice to improve the website’s network in which the brand reaches out to those non-affiliated websites that can provide your brand with a link. If you do not buy links, do not get linked with some spammy sites, and the rest is fine.

If you wish your site to look organic and natural, try linking with multiple sites. A combination of a variety of links from a variety of websites is the best. This is the right path to a good Seo ranking and a solid backlinking profile.

Links such as – .gov, media links, .edu, blog, authority, and directories are the ones you must take care of.

Apart from that, many inbound verticals will help drive the valuable traffic to the site –

  1. Blogging
  2. Audio
  3. Video
  4. Images

Most of the customers are either looking for good content, video, audio or images to search for their queries, and so you must try to include all of them to gain more site traffic. So, this was all about inbound marketing.

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