A Fascinating History of Women with Tattoos

In modern society, women with tattoos are prevalent, and there is a tremendous demand for tattoo designs for women. However, it is wrong to say that only modern times use tattoos to decorate their bodies.

The truth is that the history of women with tattoos is very long. The mummies of women who lived in ancient Egypt revealed that women with tattoos were ordinary in ancient Egypt. Tattooing was also prevalent in ancient Polynesian culture.

In the 19th century, Victorian high society started showing interest in tattooing. In addition, many explorers from the UK who returned to their motherland during the 19th century played a prominent role in popularizing tattoos.

They vividly described the numerous women with tattoos they met during their explorations and wore different types of tattoos in beautiful designs.

Women with Tattoos

The women who belonged to the upper class in the UK became very much interested in tattoos, and they started searching vigorously for tattoo designs for women. The craze among women for tattoos was at its peak during the Victorian Period.

It is mentioned somewhere that Queen Victoria was wearing a tattoo that depicted the physical fight between a Bengal Tiger and a Python among all the women. Jennie, a mother of Prime Minister Winston Churchill, had a styled bracelet tattoo of a serpent.

History of Tattoos in the UK

For all the women with tattoos in the UK during the Victorian Period, tattooing was not voluntary. Instead, those who were not willing to wear tattoos were tattooed forcibly for commercial reasons.

The circus women were forcibly tattooed to make them attractive in front of the crowd. In the popular travelling freak shows, Who made many women pose for the punters. These women were abducted and forcibly tattooed.

Women with Tattoos

Justine Knight was the first woman tattooist of the UK, and she started her business in London in 1921. In 1904, Maud Wagner, considered the first known female tattooist, agreed to a date with her lover for an apprenticeship in return.

During the 1920s, tattoos were trendy in the UK. However, after World War II and the Great Depression, the art of tattooing lost its charm. The tattoo remained in the wilderness for not less than 40 years, and during the 1970s, the feminist movement facilitated the resurrection of dormant art.

The feminist movement enabled women to enjoy more freedom to maintain their bodies the way they wanted.

Tattoos and the Women’s Movement

During the 1970s, tattoos became popular again, but Who gave the tattoo designs for women new dimensions. They raised questions about the various controls over women’s bodies, and they also asked who was controlling women’s bodies. Various other issues, such as the right to abortion and contraception, were also subjected to debates.

Tattoos became so popular only after women secured greater freedom to maintain their bodies using their methods.

After that, tattooing emerged as a prominent form of body art. By the end of the 1990s, tattooing became a part of their culture. Many celebrities also helped popularize the art of tattooing. All the women with tattoos had the tattoos not only to beautify their bodies.

Some of them were using tattoos for different purposes. For example, women who were survivors of breast cancer used the tattoos to hide the marks on their bodies formed due to a mastectomy.

The many tattoo designs for women enable females to decorate their bodies uniquely without using flowers, clips, wires, and other accessories.

Tattoos enable women to decorate their bodies without attaching foreign objects to their bodies. For this reason, females will always prefer tattoos, and the art of tattooing can withstand the test of time.

A Revolutionary Method for Decorating the Body

Her body is very precious for a woman, and she will always be searching for new ways to make her skin look more attractive and stylish. The tattoo designs for women have the power to quench women’s thirst for new methods for skin modification.

This method for body beautification was introduced to modern society by Western women during the 19th century. The art of tattooing provided them with a new method to decorate their bodies. As a result of popularizing the art of the tattoo, numerous tattoo designs for women were created.

Women with Tattoos

It is a fascinating task for women to choose from a collection of tattoo designs for women, the design that is according to their tastes and preferences.

The development of the art of tattooing is, in fact, the outcome of the great efforts made by women of a particular period who were living with a lot of limitations for self-expression and body beautification. However, ultimately they succeeded in breaking all the barriers.

Their great victory enabled them to explore and find out alternate methods to decorate their body. As a result, today, we can see numerous photographs of women with tattoos. The rise in the popularity of tattoos demonstrates the social and cultural changes brought by the women’s movement.

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