9 Tricks for Wearing High Heels without Pain

Every woman loves the way a high heel makes her look but most every woman gets to a point where she does not like the way a high heel makes her feel. Whether they are worn throughout a workday or for hours at a special event, these attractive-looking shoes can really be a pain to wear.  And we really do like wearing high heels without pain.

Can you wear high heels without getting hurt? Actually, there are several tricks you can use to take the pain out of the high-heel experience. You can look stylish, feel beautiful and not feel like you have stepped on glass with these 9 tricks for wearing these heels.

9 Tricks for Wearing High Heels without Pain

Wearing High Heels without Pain

1. The first trick is the most sensible thing you can do, and that is to always buy the correct size shoe. Would you say that this is something you already do? Well, just remember that even though you might want to cram your feet into those adorable size 5 stilettos when you are a 6 do your best to avoid the temptation. Sure, they are the last pair in the store, but you do not want to go there.

Your feet must fit comfortably in your shoes, especially ones with heels. When you go shoe shopping, have your feet measured both for the length and width of your feet. Shoe sizes change as you age and after you have children, so make sure you are buying the correct size for your feet. It is also important to buy shoes that are the correct width.

If you have had any discomfort with your shoes in the past, you also want to examine your feet to get a better idea of the type of feet you have. Do you have a high or low arch?  Are your feet flat? If you regularly experience trouble wearing any other type of shoe or sandal, visit a podiatrist. There could be an underlying problem that needs correcting so that you can go back to wearing the shoes you want – high heels included. Once you know your proper shoe size, width, and foot type, you can indulge in buying the fashionable shoes you want.

2. Another trick to make wearing heels more comfortable is to use shoe pads. These are available at shoe stores, drug stores, and other mass retailers. They are contoured just like the bottom of a shoe and they are usually made of soft, pliable silicone. They provide cushioning for your feet so that you can walk around longer without hurting. They also provide a steadier hold for your feet so you can avoid slipping around in your shoes and getting blisters.

3. If you cannot find a shoe pad that you like in your local store, or you are in a pinch, try using a maxi pad instead. It should be a full-sized one and not the thin kind.  Stick it into the bottom of the shoe and secure it by pressing at the sticky side. If you need to, adjust its fit by cutting it or repositioning it. The remarkable thing about this trick is that most maxi pads are the perfect fit for the inside of a shoe.  Make sure you feel comfortable when you slip your feet into them. If you feel cramped make sure to cut it a little or you could end up with blisters. The cushioning feel of the maxi pad will make even the highest heel much easier to walk in without pain.

4. One of the most interesting tricks for wearing heels without pain is to tape your third and fourth toes together. You can use medical tape or cellophane tape. Other suggestions include using duct tape but that can hurt when it comes time to remove it. You simply take the tape of your choice, wrap it around the third and fourth toes and put on your shoes.

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The way it works is that it takes pressure off the balls of the feet. It keeps pressure from going to a nerve that is between the two toes as well. This amounts to you feeling a lot less discomfort. It might take a little getting used to, so before you try this trick for a special occasion give yourself a chance to practice walking on your heels with your toes taped. You should notice a difference right away, and that difference should be a drastic reduction in any discomfort you get from walking on your stilettos.

5. An interesting trick comes from myhealthcaretips.com. It reports that one of the Bachelorettes from the television show uses Midol before wearing heels. Pamprin is another option. These medications contain pain relievers as well as ingredients that reduce bloating and puffiness. The idea of taking them before putting on high heels is that they will depuff and feel more comfortable in the shoes.

Additionally, the pain reliever will get to work preventing you from feeling any pain when walking. The pain reliever is acetaminophen so it is not recommended that you use this trick if you are going out for a night on the town. Alcohol and acetaminophen are not a good mix for your liver’s health.

6. Find a good quality CBD oil. This is a compound found in marijuana. If you live in an area where marijuana is legal, you should have no problem finding a quality CBD oil.  This does not have any of the psychoactive ingredients marijuana has but it does offer pain relief in a natural product. Rub it on the soles of your feet and make sure it absorbs fully so you do not get any residue on the insides of your shoes.

7. Do stretching exercises. When you are done wearing your heels at work or out at night, stretch your feet and toes. When you wear heels they can wear down the fat pads on your feet and they can shorten your Achilles tendon. You can prevent this by doing simple stretches like the downward facing dog that is performed when doing yoga.

Another exercise to try is toe pushups. Stand up with your bare feet on the ground and then push to stand on your tiptoes. Stay there for a moment and then go back down. Do this 10 times. This will stretch your toes and feet out. Flamenco dancers, who dance in high heels incidentally, do this exercise regularly before putting on their dance shoes and after practicing or dancing for hours.

8. Give your feet a break. High heels should not be worn every day so you could try some of the best wedge sandals around. High heels can cause a misalignment of your whole spine. It is usually easy for young women to feel confident wearing high heels often but they do not realize that, over time, this type of shoe can really affect your knees, your heels, your spine and more.

Take a break from wearing these shoes a few times a week, and do not forget to use the trick above. Stretching will help, and can also prevent irreversible damage to your feet from standing on heels too often.

9. Are your feet especially sensitive to pain when wearing heels, but you just cannot kick the habit of buying these beautiful shoes? There is a solution. Try buying shoes that have more fabric or leather on top. Boots with heels are often much more comfortable than strappy high heeled shoes are. Shoes that have wide straps, however, that cover the foot are also more comfortable to wear.

You can enjoy the feel of a heel when you choose these types of footwear. Another benefit is that you will put your feet through less friction and will suffer fewer blisters when you wear these.

If you use one or more of these tricks you can get away with wearing your favorite shoes without hurting yourself. Some women think that feeling pain is a part of suffering for their beauty and for fashion, but the reality is that stressing the heels, balls of the feet and the nerves can all end up causing you greater pain and even irreversible physical damage in the future.

If you use the stretches suggested, you should be able to avoid any physical problems to your back, legs, knees, and ankles over time. You might also make it a point to ice your feet when you remove your shoes. Another idea is to run a bath and turn the faucet from very hot to very cold a few times to help your feet recover.  If ever you notice that you have recurring pain, see your podiatrist or doctor. You could have a foot problem that requires that you avoid wearing high heels for a while.

Go out and shop for your favorite fashionable shoes. There are ways to wear them, look great and feel great, too. Try one or more of the above tricks, and you should avoid pain every time you wear heels. When you walk in your shoes, you will look especially gorgeous because you will not be hiding any discomfort. You will be flashing everyone a smile that goes from your toes on up and here at One Pampered Life we love to see you smile!  Start wearing high heels without pain!

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