9 Creative Ideas For Dining Room Walls

Dining areas are a great place to enjoy meals with the whole family. In modern times where family members are busy throughout the day, mealtimes are the only times that the family spends together.

It makes the dining area a place to bond with the entire family. It is also a place where you entertain guests. Hence, it certainly deserves extra attention in terms of decoration.

If you love cooking and having company over, your dining area should be the focal point of your home.

Often, the interiors of the dining area only consist of having to have a proper dining table. Though this is important, you can certainly elevate the look of your dining area by adding different elements to it.

And because you use the area only for a specific purpose (i.e., eating), you can take as much liberty as you want while decorating it.

dining room walls

If you are looking for some excellent ideas to spruce up your dining room walls, we will update you with the latest trends.

Here are nine creative ideas to do up your dining room walls-

1. An accent wall of wood-

Wood interiors in any room give a warm touch to space. You can either opt for an accent wall with actual wood or paint a wall with a wood finish. Don’t forget to match your dining table with the same wood finish so that the place looks put together.

You can even put up some shelves on the wall to showcase your expensive china. Add some upholstery in the form of curtains and dining chairs for a pop of color.

2. A vertical garden-

Vertical gardens are magnificent for compact living spaces. You may have always dreamt of having a garden but could not due to lack of open space. You can now relive this dream and have a vertical garden right in your dining area. Specially designed pockets onto the walls hold the plants.

These plants will also help purify the air in your living space. You can even grow some greens for your cooking as well. Moreover, the latest technology in vertical gardening means that you do not have to worry about any mess in your dining area. You have to ensure that the plants get sufficient sunlight.

3. Monochrome wall-paper-

Monochrome wall-paper

Wallpapers are the easiest way to accentuate a wall in your dining area. You can choose a monochromatic wallpaper in black and white for a chic look and combine it with furniture in bold colors. It will make your dining area pop out from the other regions of your home.

A black and white rug and a white metallic chandelier will take your dining room walls style several notches high.

4. A photo feature wall-

A photo feature wall

If you have many memories in the form of photos, you can easily create a photo feature wall in your dining area. You can create a feature wall by painting one dining area wall in a specific color. Add some string lights and hang pictures on them.

This decor idea will undoubtedly look quite charming and nostalgic. Also, you can add some inspirational wall art sticker quotes to complete the look. It is a great way to relive old memories.

5. 3D wall panels-

3D walls will give your space a futuristic look. 3D designs in geometric designs bring a certain depth and character to space. If you want to provide a distinct look to your dining area, 3D walls will serve the purpose.

You can combine a 3D wall with a dining table and chairs in a geometric pattern for a more refined one. Just makes sure to restrict the 3D wall panel to one wall and have a monochromatic color scheme for the rest of the interiors.

6. Mirror wall-

Mirror wall

Mirrors are a great way to give the illusion of a larger dining area. If you haven’t had mirrors in your living space except for the bathrooms, you are missing something. Mirrors in dining areas look classy and appealing.

Moreover, they also serve as good luck charms. According to feng shui, mirrors are a sign of wealth and abundance. Mirrors in decorative frames or abstract shapes can do the trick.

7. Marble wall + Glass chandelier combo-

You can achieve a neo-classical look for your dining area by choosing a marble feature wall. Combining it with a chic glass chandelier above the dining table will look great. Chandeliers are perfect for any dining room lighting. You can opt for this look if you want the place to be mostly white.

This marble walls look goes well with gold dining chairs for a gorgeous look. This is a great way to decorate an open dining area, which will look great from any other part of your home.

8. Art murals-

Did you know that art murals make for fantastic wall decor for your dining area? You can display your priced art mural in your dining area to give it a rather formal look. You can also opt for mural wallpapers for a more sophisticated look.

Art murals in floral patterns are a great rage. You can pair it will artificial flower veins running through the wall as well. Matching it with dining chair upholstery in the floral pattern will look captivating. Do remember to keep the other aspects of your dining area neutral.

9. Plate showcase wall-

If you are a collector of plates, this is a great way to showcase your collection. You can proudly show off your exquisite stash of precious bone china by decorating them on a wall of your dining area. You can color the wall contrasting to make your plates pop. This is the most elegant way to decorate your dining area.


You can certainly let your imagination run wild when decorating your dining area. You can never go wrong if you stick to a basic color scheme for everything. Also, it is important to create a single focal point in the dining room walls, rather than cluttering the space with too many decorative items.

Do remember that beauty lies in simplicity. Who can make a simple change by introducing new lighting as well? Changing just a few things in your dining area will certainly help you bring new light into it.

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