8 Signs Your Life Needs a Makeover

Do you have a nagging feeling that something’s missing from your life? No, we’re not talking about another cup of coffee or a cute kitten, but rather a deep yearning that you can’t shake. But, if you do, a life makeover may be just what you need.

Here’s how to recognize when it’s time to add more oomph in your life so that you can experience more happiness.

1. You don’t feel fulfilled

Not too long ago, the story of Noelle Hancock made the headlines. She was a woman who earned $95,000 annually while working in New York City, and she left her lucrative job to move to the Caribbean and sell ice cream for a mere $10 per hour.

While her plan isn’t necessarily doable for many people, what matters is the eye-opening point her story makes about knowing when to make a change in life. In Hancock’s case, she says she often felt uninspired. But free from a constant laptop, cell phone and email use—as she was in days gone by—she’s now enjoying life more than ever.

Ask yourself if you’re feeling fulfilled with various aspects of your life—career or otherwise—and, if possible, make changes that will boost your happiness. You need not pack up and move. Sometimes small changes such as taking up a new hobby can be just what you need in your life.

2. You’re always stressed

Stress is a normal part of life, but if you’re constantly stressed, then it’s time to assess what’s going on in your world and make appropriate changes. You deserve to feel happy and relaxed instead of constantly plagued by worry and fear, so do the best you can to address stressful situations and, if you can, remove them from your life. Then, do what it takes to diminish your stress levels.

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3. You’re on autopilot

If you go about your day and hardly remember what you did at the end of it, then that likely means your routine is, well, too routine. Having hardly any recollection of the day’s events because you never stray from schedules—even ones that Who can change—is hardly the sign of a fulfilling life.

Instead, incorporate something different and new in your life every few days. Maybe learn to practice mindfulness, so you can appreciate each moment instead of going so fast that you forget things even happened in the first place.

4. You’re (yawn) bored

We all feel bored from time to time. The problem is when boredom seems to take over your life. If you’re losing interest in your daily activities, the friends you associate with, or yes, even your job, it may be time for a change.

5. You have nothing new to tell people

When people ask, “what’s new?” and more often than not, you respond by saying, “Oh, same ‘ole, same ‘ole,” then you need a revamped life. This doesn’t mean you have to always bring crazy stories of base-jumping or scuba-diving adventures to the table, but that you should consider breaking free from your routine.

Make new friends, explore new hobbies or attend local events. The next time you talk with others, you’ll be able to do more than listen to their interesting life stories because you’ll have some good ones to share yourself!

6. Your current group of friends don’t do it for you anymore

Difficult as it sometimes is to accept, friendships change. If your friends aren’t making you feel as happy or engaged as you used to, then it might be best to explore your feelings when you’re in their presence. However, you don’t necessarily have to avoid them entirely; consider limiting your time with them or making friends with other people, so you aren’t continually left feeling bored or stressed.

7. You’re insanely jealous of other people’s lives

It’s one thing to occasionally envy others, but another thing when that envy turns to intense jealousy. If you find that you’re often feeling jealous of others’ seemingly more exciting lives, you probably need to incorporate some changes in your own life.

For example, if your world is a stagnant reiteration of the same schedules and the same people, yet your friends and colleagues share fun stories of new restaurants they enjoyed or activities they tried, do something about it! Rather than wallowing in the misery of jealousy, get out there and do the things that bring more joy in your life.

8. You’re not getting results

If you find that you’re often disappointed because life doesn’t seem to be working in your favour, this is a sure sign that your life needs a makeover. You need to try new things for new results to come your way. For example, you can’t get an adrenaline rush or make new friends when you’re always sitting on the sofa, browsing through social media on your phone. So get out there and do something different, which will create the results you crave.

By honing in on your feelings and truly being honest about how you spend your days, you can create a more fulfilling life. So what are you waiting for? Start taking steps to give your life a makeover so you can reap the benefits of happiness and joy today.

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