7 Places to Visit in Norway With Your Children

Vacation time is the most exciting time of the year! It’s the best way to spend quality time with your children . Travelling alone is difficult. If you don’t choose the right places, vacation with children can be challenging. Learn about six places you can visit in Norway together with your children.

It’s not easy to keep everyone happy and entertained, but it is possible by going to family-friendly locations.

Norway is an excellent choice for your next vacation. The country is a treasure trove of fabulous attractions for all ages and interests. These are the top places to visit in Norway with your family, as they offer a variety of spots to satisfy everyone’s interests.

#1. Tusenfryd amusement park billetter tusenfryd


TusenFryd Family Park has more than 40 attractions, many games and lots of live entertainment. It is an enjoyable diversion for all ages. From the thrilling Speedmonster Coaster, a hair-raising thrill ride, to family favourites such as bumper cars and logboat rides, you will find it all here. Two popular rides are Norse Mythology-themed: Ragnarok (a rapid-water-rafting ride that drops and has lots of splashing) and Thor’s Hammer (an indoor 3D adventure).
Modern attractions are cutting-edge, such as the Virtual Reality roller coaster that is steampunk-themed and the haunted 4D house. There are also vehicle stunt shows by a team made up of Italian drivers and other events throughout each season. BadeFryd is a popular water park that is open to all ages and makes it possible to park-entry.

#2. Bonbonald Park & buy tickets at Sæsonkort

Bonbonald Park is Denmark’s best amusement park. Children and adults can enjoy it together. Take a wild ride on our virtual reality coaster, “The Secret World.” Swan Swingarm and Wildswinet are great options for daredevils who enjoy free fall and loops. We recommend Hundeperton and Victor Wendorm for brave souls. For young children, Spruten or Hestaperen are also available.

#3. Try Reindeer Sledding in Alta

Although you won’t meet Rudolf and Santa, you can picture yourself being pulled by Santa’s sleigh as real reindeers pull the sledge.

This activity is a hit with the kids, and it’s also a great way to let your child have some fun.

Alta, a town located on the northern coast at the head of Alta Fjord. Alta is home to the Sami indigenous people who raise and tend reindeers. You can enjoy the winter wonderland as you wander through the snow with reindeer guides.

Norway is proud to offer reindeer sledging as an adventure. Who is your opportunity to create some memorable memories with your family?

#4. Go to the Igloo Hotel of Ice and Snow

Talking about a winter wonderland, Norway has a hotel entirely made of snow and ice. You heard it correctly.

No child in the world wouldn’t love to see Frozen’s hotel. This unusual accommodation is not only for the kids but also for the adults.

The Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel in Sorrisniva, Norway, is the most northern ice hotel. The hotel has an outdoor Jacuzzi and a sauna. Parents will love to go to the Ice Bar and have their drink in an ice-made glass.

The room temperature is kept between 20 and 25 degrees Celcius so don’t be afraid of the cold.

#5. Watch the Northern Lights

The sight of the northern lights leaves everyone breathless.

From late September through mid-March, the sky turns dark and is the best time of year to view the show. Remember that Norway’s winters can be harsh, so ensure that your children are dressed in warm clothing.

For a brief moment, you will believe that the lights are magic when you look at them. It is a sight to behold, the combination of colours creating a fantasy setting.

Northern lights enthusiasts often stay in Tromso, where they can sometimes be seen from the city. Tromso Safari also offers a night bus tour that will take you to the best spots.

The city of Alta, located directly beneath the aurora oval, is the best-known activity. Nord Expedisjon offers tours with professional guides so that you can learn more about the phenomenon.

#6. Head Straight to Andenes for Whale Watching

The summer months are a great time to visit Andenes, a picturesque little town in Vesteralen. When orcas, sperm and pilot whales are jumping in and out of the water in their natural habitat.

You are more likely to see humpbacks if you visit Andenes during winter.

You won’t believe how amazing this scene is until you see it.

Who can take this adventure on your own or with Whalesafari andenes? They guarantee whale watching. You will enjoy the boat ride, the witty looks on everyone’s faces and the show-like performance of the whales.

#7. Visit one of the Many Themed Parks

You can keep your children entertained while getting a sæsonkort in themed parks.

“My Norway trip was full of bright spots. My favourite part of the trip is hard to choose, but my children will always cherish the memories from the theme parks. “We visited two of them, and I must admit that those were some of the most enjoyable days for us all,” Barbara McKinley from TopWritersReview, a digital editor.

These are top of Norway’s theme parks:

Hunderfossen Familiepark (fairytale-themed with water rides).

Namsskogan Family park (arctic wildlife and climbing activities, as well as a zipline)

A variety I Bergen is an aquarium that houses around 60 aquaria.

#8. Relax at Paradisbukta Beach

Relaxing is the best thing to do after a hard day. Paradisbukta beach is the best spot for relaxation.

Near Oslo’s downtown are the sandy beach and Huk park and gardens. Who is a great place to escape if you live near the city?

Relax and enjoy the beauty of the water and the greenery around you. You can cook, bathe, or relax and enjoy the beauty of the water.

You can break up the monotony by biking, playing volleyball, or teaching your children how to fly a kite.

Let’s enjoy it!

We hope you enjoyed reading about six places to see in Norway with your children.

Norway offers a wide range of activities and places to visit. These places will ensure that you have a great time and you don’t need to worry about whether or not you will be having a good time.

But there’s one thing missing. Perhaps the most important thing isn’t mentioned yet. The important thing is to have fun, relax, and enjoy one another’s company. Enjoy your trip!

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