6 Weeks For a Fitter Body

With numerous weight-loss and muscle gaining guides available online, it can be difficult to find an ideal program which combines everything necessary – from nutrition tips and exercising to getting mentally prepared for the challenges ahead of you.

With our six week plan for a fitter body, we will show you how you can make the difference and get to your desired weight and body!

Week 1

The first week is all about getting your body to detox. It is also about ending your old ways and habits, to begin a new, healthier way of life. In fact, most diet or exercise plans fail just because people start day one without planning ahead or getting their bodies ready for the changes they will face ahead.

To begin, start by stop watching television while you’re on this programme! The last thing your brain needs is a junk food commercial. Clear out a corner or clean up your garage, because finding a workout area is the next step.

Next up, consider a juice detox. You can find a few high-quality juice detox programmes online and look for something that will detox your body in 3 days as that is sufficient enough. This step will clear your digestive system, colon, and overall body health, and give it minerals and proper nutrition for the upcoming weeks.

Lastly, avoid negative people, even if they are your family. Focus on the positive things, they will notice the difference in 6 weeks!

Week 2

The second week is to adjust your eating habits. This is the perfect opportunity for you to turn over a new leaf. The detox programme should have forced you to clear all junk food from your house, and you can now begin filling your kitchen with healthy foods.

There are many diet programmes out there that have detailed information on what to eat which makes it easy for you to hit the supermarket and stock up on ‘fit food’. Try a fruit or a vegetable you’ve never tried before. If you have no idea how to prepare a cooked veggie, don’t hesitate to search the Internet for that.

Get rid of all sugar and sweets. By removing it from your life, you’ll instantly notice the difference in your health. Replace them with fruits like apples or sweet fruits if you need a sugar rush. Also, get rid of all grains as their high carbohydrates levels can only lead to weight gain. The same goes for dairy products like milk and cheese. Even though they are a good source of calcium, healthier options exist like vegetables (broccoli) or nuts and seeds (almonds, walnuts etc).

Week 3

Start exercising. After sorting out your own fitter body and what is in the kitchen, it’s time to get your body back to its physically active shape. This should be an easy week because you have gotten rid of previous bad habits and foods. This week, you should find yourself full of energy as you have been eating healthy meals, fruits, and vegetables.

The type of exercise you start with is not important, what is important is to start doing it! Try walking (brisk walking or even power walking), jogging or running, swimming, or even yoga which all makes for a great exercise. Stretching the body increases flexibility and mobility at the same time. If you are not a swimmer or do not know how to cycle, take this chance to go for lessons (age is not an excuse)!

Week 4

The aim of this week is to start making good routines and tighter schedules. You are into the 2nd half of the programme, so it’s about time to make yourself more organized. Do not worry though, because there are only a few tips we want to share with you and each of them will guide you closer towards long-term success.

Go to sleep early. By staying up late, you are only setting the tone for the next day, meaning you will wake up feeling sleep deprived. Have a light dinner as your last meal, and make sure not to eat anything until you go to bed. It does not take long for an average person to develop this habit, as long as bedtime is early enough. Don’t forget to relax after your light dinner, slowly ease your mind and fitter body and wind down after a long and hectic day.

Week 5

In the fifth week, we want to focus on your mental well-being. The connection between your brain and your fitter body is the strongest one you have, so focus on building a strong relationship. Start by getting rid of all stress and clutter in your life. This can be as simple as cleaning up your home, your workstation or even your computer desktop!

Once your mind is free from clutter, take some time to meditate to relieve stress. Also, find a good reason for yourself that explains why you are doing all this, and how far you have come. By now, those around you should have noted the positive changes in you!

Week 6

Sprint towards the goal! It has been a long and probably tough six-week challenge, but if you have followed our guide closely and pushed yourself, you should see some major positive changes in yourself, be it physically, mentally or emotionally.

Be excited about what the future has in store for you because the end of the 6-week challenge is just the start to a fitter body and healthier overall you! It has taken you much perseverance and hard work to get this far, so do not look back on the lifestyle you had in the past.


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