5 of the Most Common Dreams and What They Mean

Why do some people forget their dreams while others remember every detail? This remains an exciting topic of discussion. Some claim dream memory is connected to hormones, since many pregnant women remember their dreams. Meanwhile, the newest research claims that those who recall their dreams on a frequent basis have a more active temporoparietal part of the brain, which causes an awareness of noises and other stimulus around you while asleep.

Regardless of the cause, most people tend to remember at least a few of their dreams throughout their lifetime. History shows that dream interpretation has occurred for thousands dreams in Genesis, and even Descartes was exploring the meaning behind dreams in the 1500s. Psychologists have come up with explanations for many common dreams people experience today—let’s look at five of the most frequently reported.

1. Teeth falling out

College Atlas claims that teeth symbolize power and a high level of confidence. Therefore, the Atlas claims that the loss of teeth shows a decrease in your self-esteem, which is likely caused by something that has recently occurred in your life.

However, this is only one interpretation. There is actually a website dedicated to this dream, (called www.teethfallingout.org!), which shows how remarkably common this odd event is among dreamers. The site claims that dreaming of teeth falling out points to change. It can also mean that you have a fear of loss. Meanwhile, Freud claimed that this dream pointed to sexual repression (no surprises there).

2. Flying

Freud claimed that dreams of flying reveal a type of sexual release. When he published this idea with his other dream interpretations in 1953, the meaning behind this extremely common dream was easily accepted. Why did this happen? Well, most people wake up from flying dreams feeling incredibly happy, so the association with a type of sexual release seems plausible.

However, as alluded to above, Freud tied countless life events to sex. Other psychologists and dream interpreters do not see flying dreams as sexual in nature at all. The most common belief is now that people wake up happy after a flying dream due to a sense that they are above any physical limitations that normally apply to human beings. When you’re flying, you can feel like you have already achieved success (just as faltering slightly could symbolize struggling to achieve your goals).

3. Being chased

If you remember being chased in your dream, then try to determine who or what was chasing you. One of the best things that can happen during a dream like this is to stop running. Dream interpreters believe that this type of dream is telling you to face your problems head on. Even if you do not know who or what is chasing you, you can challenge yourself to think of any big problem in your life. Is there something you need to confront? Some cultures believe that ancestors are sending messages to you through your dreams. Whether or not this is true, your subconscious certainly plays a role.

4. Pregnancy

Women often experience this dream. Sometimes there isn’t much interpreting to do, as dreams of pregnancy can result from trying to get pregnant or thinking about becoming a parent. However, psychologists often come to the conclusion that pregnancy dreams do not necessarily involve pregnancy. These dreams instead represent something new that is developing in your personal life. Actually giving birth in the dream can suggest that you have given birth to a new idea. Try to think of anything new that is arriving in your life right now, and welcome it.

5. A recurring dream

Recurring dreams are often different for those who experience this enigma. If your dream contains the same actions or animals each time, then try to do a bit of research to discover the meaning behind your dream. Try the following website regarding specifics of your dream: http://www.dreammoods.com/dreamdictionary/.

You may experience variations on the same dream for years. Perhaps your subconscious is trying to tell you something important!

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