The 14 Fake Olive Oil Companies Are Revealed Now – Avoid Brands

People also buy that fake oil without knowing its side effects. In this article, we reveal the 14 fake olive oil companies that you should avoid.

Recently everyone wants to eat healthy and good food which helps them to boost their immunity. Olive oil is one of the main cooking ingredients because every cooking is incomplete without oil. In various videos on social media posted by people olive oil is coming in fake version. It’s hard to believe in the purity of olive oil due to this type of claim which is said by the California Olive Oil Council which beliefs in the purity of olive oil. This oil is abbreviated as EVOO meaning extra virgin olive oil. Retailers purchase brands of fake olive oil because they have a good margin over it. People also buy that fake oil without knowing its side effects. In this article, we reveal the 14 fake olive oil companies that you should avoid.

14 fake olive oil

These Brand Passed

Filippo Berio Corto olive
Primadonna Lucero
Carapelli McEvoy Ranch Organic
Whole Foods Omaggio
Sasso California Olive Branch
Mazola Bariani Olive oil
Bertolli Lucini
Pompeian Ottavio
Colavita Olea Estates
Antica Badia Cobram Estate
Safeway Kirkland Organic

How can you identify fake olive oil?

Nowadays it’s a big scam in the field of the oil industry. Soybean oil is labelled as olive oil and people buy this oil with the belief that it’s olive oil. If it’s low quality that can also be checked through various parameters. These companies sold their product with more attractive bottles in which olive oil was packed. So, don’t buy products with their packaging because good packing can hold fake products. When you bring olive oil at home then check its ingredients list on the bottle. Authenticity labels can also be checked on bottles if their labels are well-identified then you can easily believe that your oil is safe and good for your health.

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If you want to check your olive oil at home then you put the bottle in the refrigerator at the temperature of the fridge should be 32 degrees Fahrenheit. You store your olive oil bottle for at least five hours if the oil starts solidifying then it’s a good sign that your oil is safe. But if its low quality and mixing soy oil then it will not solidify it will stay liquid. Through this test, you can easily identify the quality of olive oil.

How authenticity of olive oil affect your health?

Whenever olive oil is purchased due to its quality which is beneficial for your health. From a health perspective, olive oil contains various vitamins, Plant compounds, and healthy fats. This quality helps in the improvement of health like helping to fight off cancer, rejuvenating your skin, and maintaining cholesterol levels, inflammation is also improved and blood pressure is also regulated.

Seed and nut oil also come in a healthy version but all feature not hold because it contains omega-6 fatty acid which is responsible for body inflammation. Olive can be consumed directly like it’s applied directly to salad dressing.

How can purchase real olive oil?

  • Do research about oil– there are several criteria available through which you can research the product you are going to buy. Consider oils quality parameter and quality which makes it separate from other vegetable oils. 
  • Harvesting date – it’s a second way to check the quality of extra virgin olive oil. Its harvested months are October, November, and December. And it’s validated till 2 years of manufacturing. 
  • COOC label COOC label– The California olive oil council’s main motive is to encourage people toward good quality olive oil. If you find the label of COOC on the oil bottle then its proof that this oil is going through various validated tests so, you can easily believe in this type of olive oil. 

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