12 Amazing Planters Ideas On Cheap Privacy Fence

Here are some ideas how you can transform your fence into an original and stylish addition to your garden:

We think of different ways to decorate our homes and put a lot of effort to create a unique atmosphere inside each room.  We do the same for our gardens, planting a variety of beautiful flowers and greenery. What about the ordinary-looking, humble fence that surrounds your garden and keeps your privacy?

Perhaps your garden is smaller in size and you wish you had more space to grow herbs and flowers. Have you considered expanding the gardening space on your fence?You can make the most of your outdoor space and transform your fence into a beautiful vertical garden, adding special character to your living area.

Many commonly used items can be converted into original planters if you don’t set limits to your imagination: yogurt containers, pallets, rain boots, worn-out bags, even bricks with holes in them. Tea cups make wonderful planters for succulents and add a unique décor to the plain window sill. Even car tires can be converted into wonderful homes for different plants.

You can always go for the store-bought planters but why not use the items that you already have and add a unique charm to your fence while saving funds at the same time?

Here are some ideas how you can transform your fence into an original and stylish addition to your garden:

1. Hanging Metal Planters

You can display various kinds of hanging metal baskets on your fence to create stylish planters.

They do not need to be the same size and style: the more variety you add, the better. The effect will be complete with colorful flowers and green plants.

2. Old Painted Cans

Dozens of opened cans are sitting in your dustbin waiting to end their lives sadly in a garbage dump?Don’t do this!

Just peel of the labels, rinse them, make a hole in the bottom, splash some bright color onto them, fill them with some soil and plant small flowers. Then hang them on the fence posts and you will have a playful vertical garden to admire all day long.

3. Detached Crate Planters

Give the old wooden fruit crates a new purpose. Just secure them together and convert them into lovely vertical planters.

The fact that they are not attached to the fence does not matter at all: they will look as if they make one unit with the fence since both are made of wood. They provide enough depth for planting vegetables.

4. Hanging Flower Baskets

Front porches are most commonly used for these beautiful floral decorations.Forget all about conventional use and insert hangers at the top of the wooden fence. Make a colorful display alongside the fence by hanging the baskets.

If your fence is exposed to a lot of sunshine during the day, make certain that the flowers you have chosen thrive in the sun.

5. Ornamented Iron Fence with Built in Baskets

If your fence is of the ornamental iron type, a display of flowers will add color and an even more sophisticated look to it. It will take no time and effort at all: just attach a shallow metal tray to the fence and fill it in with delicate flowers.

6. Built In Gutters and Shelves

In case you need more gardening area and your outside space is surrounded by a very tall fence, here is how you can benefit from that vertical surface: by attaching shelves at different heights, then adding long gutters to them, making very elegant planters.

7. 2×4 Board

An ordinary long board that is in the same color as the fence will make a simple but effective home for plants with shallow roots.

Just attach the bottom part of the board and you will create a planter in the form of a letter V. This is an inexpensive and effortless project that will expand your planting space.

8. Old Gutters

Do you wish to dispose of some old gutters? We have a nice idea how you can reuse them effectively for your gardening purposes.

Paint them in a vibrant color, attach them to your brick fence and you have wonderful planters for ivy and succulents, for example.This will create a cascade-like effect.

9. Falling Flower Baskets

You can create floral wallpaper on your fence by hanging baskets with flowers that grow in thick and drooping bundles. The different colors and multiple varieties of flowers will be delightful to look at, concealing any unsightly spots or cracks in the fence.

10. Shoe Organizer

In case you need more space to grow herbs but there just isn’t any in your garden? No problem. You can grow them vertically on your fence, in the pockets of your old shoe organizers. Each pocket will be a perfect home for your herbs or smaller flowers.

11. Thin Shelves

If your fence is made from horizontally placed panels, you can create an elegant wall garden by inserting thin shelves between them and planting flowers of the same kind in matching pots.

This kind of fence will also allow some sunlight to pass through without exposing your private space.

12. Old Purses and Beach Bags

Old bags that are no longer stylish can be converted into fashionable planters.

Everyone will be impressed by this clever floral display on your fence. Just nail some hangers and hang the bags by the handles.

There are so many ways in which you can decorate your fence with plants if you are willing to do that and your imagination will do the rest.

Nature takes care of most of the hard work so you only need to fill the planters with fertile soil, make a hole for the water to drain and admire your work!

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