You Deserve It: 10 Ways to Pamper and Treat Yourself

2020 was a long year, full of ups and downs, so what better way to refresh and pamper yourself for this new year than by being pampered? It can be hard to step away from work to indulge but remember that rest is vital for progress. Allow yourself time (from one hour to one day) to enjoy the following ten ideas.

1. Treat yourself to a spa day

Go to a real spa or enjoy an at-home treatment. Both men and women alike will benefit physically and mentally from a relaxing spa day. Professional spas offer a variety of options, from saunas, steam rooms, and hot tubs to massages, pedicures, and facials. Enjoying a spa lounge will allow you to step away from work, decompress, and open a good book you’ve been meaning to read. Alternatively, bring the spa to your home—a nice bubble bath with essential oils, candles, a face mask, relaxing music, a fluffy bathrobe, and spa water will make you feel like you’re at an actual spa.

2. Take a professional fitness class

A professional fitness class (as opposed to the usual morning run or at-home yoga session) can provide a new opportunity to be challenged, learn, and meet new people. Not all classes are expensive, so if you look around, you will find great deals.

3. Go on a short trip

Book a night in a local hotel to get away and change up your routine. Depending on the hotel, you may be entitled to access a pool or even a sauna. Further, it will be nice to be taken care of by others. Alternatively, plan a weekend trip and travel someplace else. A change in scenery will rejuvenate your senses and allow you to let go of your stresses temporarily.

4. Hire someone to clean your house

Hiring a regular cleaner is a luxury, but hiring someone just once is a nice treat you can give to pamper yourself. The extra time you get is also part of the package deal; use this time to complete something on your to-do list or relax.

5. Indulge in your favorite food

Whether it be an unhealthy childhood favorite or an expensive treat, allow yourself to eat your favorite food. Satiating that craving now and then is not only satisfying but also refreshing—you’ll be able to move forward and eat healthily with peace of mind instead of constantly thinking about your craving and eating substitutes to suppress it. Even better, enjoy your food in a space that makes you feel comfortable. Whether in bed watching a movie or outdoors in a park, the dining experience is just as important as the food itself.

6. Enjoy your surroundings

Use your time to take advantage of your environment and view your town as a tourist for the day. Dedicate a day to exploring local places and events—visit the museum, walk around the shops downtown, go to a sporting event, or enjoy the farmers’ market.

7. Do something with friends and family

Surround, pamper yourself with the people who make you the happiest, and do something together—for example, you might go to a golfing range, bake cookies, try a new restaurant, watch a movie, or go bowling. You deserve to spend quality time with valuable people.

8. Sleep in

The clock never waits; we all have things to do and places to be. However, one of the most superficial luxuries you can give to pamper yourself is the time to get more rest. While habitual over-sleeping negatively affects health, the occasional late wake-up call won’t harm you. It can be stressful to obsess about the alarm clock and to listen to your conscience reminding you to get up—sometimes, it’s wise to give pamper yourself a break and sleep in for a little longer.

9. Retail therapy

It’s not necessary to splurge and go on a shopping spree, but if there is something that you’ve been eyeing for a while or that you genuinely need, purchase it. Even treating pamper yourself to an extra hour or two of window shopping can re-stimulate a tired mind and give you fresh inspiration.

10. Art therapy

Finally, even if you’re not an artist, you can find mental relief through art. Sit down, listen to music as you colour, go to a local art show, or visit a sculpture garden. Don’t forget, the performing arts count as well; dance, play an instrument, go to a concert, or watch a play!

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