10 Tips on Kids Dental Care for Healthy Teeth

The following are top ten tips on kids dental care for healthy teeth that can assist you caring for your baby’s teeth

It is common knowledge that you need to brush your teeth daily, floss and visit the dentist more often. It is important to take care of your teeth to enhance your pride of appearance and physical health. It is also necessary to care for your child’s teeth too as it is an important part of their daily routine to help them maintain their healthy daily habit as they grow. You need to begin brushing your child’s teeth as soon as they first appear into the mouth. At this period, babies are usually aged six to ten months.

The required amount of toothpaste used will depend on your baby’s age. For babies under the age of three, you can use a thin film or a smear of toothpaste, and this should cover at most three-quarters of the toothbrush. However, for babies aged three to six years, you can use a pea size amount of toothpaste. You should encourage your baby to spit out the toothpaste after finishing brushing. However, they should not rinse their mouth with mouthwash or water. Kids younger below six should not use mouthwash. The following are top ten tips on kids dental care for healthy teeth that can assist you caring for your baby’s teeth:

10. Kids Dental Care Should Start at birth

Kids Dental Care Should Start at birth

Although you can’t see your child’s teeth at this period, it is important to take care of their gums to prepare for when their teeth start to show up. This typically happens when your baby is between four and seven months old. You can take a wet washcloth and wipe your child’s gums daily to remove the bacteria.

9. Infant Toothbrush

Infant Toothbrush

From the time their first tooth appears until about two years of age, you can use an infant toothbrush with a pea size amount of toothpaste and water to clean your baby’s teeth. There is toothpaste that young children can swallow.

8. Use Two Toothbrushes

Use Two Toothbrushes

At the age of two, many babies will frequently want to brush their teeth by themselves. However, mos often, they will use the toothbrush to chew on and this damages the bristles. You need to give them time to try on their own. You can then follow up with a second toothbrush that has soft bristles and a small size amount of toothpaste to brush their teeth. Usually, babies around this age can easily spit and so make sure they dont swallow but spit out their toothpaste.

7. Try New Flavours

Try New Flavours

You can also try different new flavours if it happens that your baby is picky about the taste of the toothpaste she is using. There are a lot of various types of toothpaste available online and in stores.

6. Supervise


It is also essential you keep watch of your babies as they brush their teeth. This will assist them in creating healthy brushing habits. In addition, you should make sure that your baby spits out the toothpaste after brushing the teeth. It is recommended that moms should help their kids brush their teeth until they are about six to eight years old.

5. No bottles in bed

No bottles in bed

It is advisable not to put your baby to bed with a bottle because it can cause tooth decay. The sugars from the milk or juice or milk remain sitting on the baby’s teeth while they sleep. This will eat away or erodes the enamel causing the baby to have discoloured or pitted teeth. This will gradually lead to cavities.

4. Visit Kids Dentist

Visit Kids Dentist

It is suggested by the American Dental Association that you take your baby to the dentist during their first birthday. When you start consulting the dentist when your baby is still young, you are helping them to be less afraid of the dentist.

3. Brush twice, floss once

Brush twice, floss once

Just like adults, you should make sure that your baby’s teeth are brushed twice a day. Your kids need to brush their teeth in the morning and evening just before bed. It is also vital they floss their teeth once each day when their teeth are already touching. After brushing, nothing should be drunk or eaten except plain water, for the last time before they can go to sleep.

2. Sealants


When your baby’s permanent molars start to show up, it is best you consult your dentist so that he can apply an incredible amount of resin to the back teeth. This will help keep out bacteria in the crevices between the teeth. This can help greatly in minimizing chances of cavities.

1. Don’t Overdo Sweets

Don’t Overdo Sweets

It is important you try not to give your baby too many sugary things such as jelly, fruit snacks, juice and dried fruit. At times, you may find it difficult to avoid it. When you give your babies sweet foods, try to serve them during their mealtime rather than as snacks. Introduce your kids foods for healthy teeth if you could.

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