10 Sneaky Ways to Make Your Office More Fun

Do you ever dread a day at the office? You are not alone. Business Insider reports that 80% of people are dissatisfied with their jobs, and even those who love their jobs can tire of fluorescent lights and cubicles. The next time you find yourself wishing you were somewhere else, try some of these sneaky fun ideas that will actually make you miss being at work over the weekend!

1. Bring your pet to work

You won’t know if you can take your pet into work until you ask. Some environments are conducive to animals, so if you have a well-behaved dog (for example) then try to find out your options. Your boss may not approve of an everyday policy, but you can always try a Friday option or even half a day once a month.

2. Act as a decorator for your desk

Increase your comfort by making your workspace reflect your personality. Try out some of the most unique new designs for an office space. For example, Nordstrom now sells items like the geometric photo mobile. Buy Post-it notes and folders with fun colors that you look forward to using. Another unique design option is the new copper wire string lights, which are safe for indoor use since the LED lights do not overheat.

3. Sports bracket fun

Nothing brings people together quite like sports. Even those who do not follow different teams closely can participate in the fun. Brackets are a great way to have fun with coworkers and create an amiable work environment. If you are not allowed to bet money in the office, bet with fun items that you might choose for a secret Santa gift.

4. Make the most of business trips

Getting out of the office can be fun, but what happens when you are stuck daydreaming about the trip in the meantime? Business trips often severely limit the amount of time available for recreation, so make the most of that time in a new city by planning for it at home. For example, find great restaurants or events where you can take clients.

5. The famous screensaver and background

Many workers choose to put up beach scenes and other pretty scenery that Windows offers. Instead of just longing to be somewhere else, put up pictures of a place you actually plan to visit! It may still be a beach and palm trees, but it will have a purpose (especially on bad days), offering a quick reminder that your upcoming trip will provide a much-needed break! The present is much more bearable when you have hope for the future.

6. From a candy drawer to a dart board

Make your desk the most popular in the office by having an entire drawer devoted to candy, or set up counter space where people can bring in homemade items. For a healthier break room idea, Anthony Palermo (resident of Mayfield Heights, Ohio) suggests a dartboard. For example, the office can have a make-your-own burger or taco day, and the dart board can have the ingredients for your meal (allowing you to get the best ingredients if you hit your target). This makes the office a friendlier place and gives you another reason to wish you were at work!

7. Raffles

This is an incredibly easy idea to present to your boss. Countless research shows how healthy interoffice competition can spike productivity, and raffles are another form of fun that gives work a new purpose.

8. Make coffee breaks more exciting

If you depend upon caffeine to get through your day like most hard-workers, bring varieties of coffee beans to try each day (while tea drinkers can spring for fancy loose leaf tea). You can even drastically improve break time by bringing in a coffee or cappuccino maker. Your coworkers will thank you, and so will your boss. Palermo also highlights the numerous benefits of having a mini-fridge. Even a mini-freezer with ice cream treats will have your coworkers clamoring to hang out at your desk.

9. Have an entertaining BFF on your desk

Why not have an office pet, if your boss allows it? Beta fish are some of the easiest to take care of and do not require a great deal of space or a filter—just make sure to clean the tank or bowl, so your coworkers like your new pet as much as you do! You can even have a tiny lizard or another low-maintenance pet. Just be sure to pick a creature that does not have to be fed over the weekend. Beta fish can certainly benefit from this tiny break in their diet—these pretty creatures have stomachs about the size of their eyes, so people have a tendency to overfeed them. If your boss says no to a pet, then asking for a flowering plant or low-maintenance cactus is a good alternative.

10. Music

The sneakiest worker may utilize the wonder of small earphones, with one in the ear and the other ear free to hear phone calls. Pandora and Spotify are great, free ways to enjoy music at work as well as digital music from your library. Listen to the music that makes you wish you could stay at your desk longer just to hear the end of a great song. You can even listen to audiobooks free from your local library on the Overdrive smartphone app. Some of the best audiobooks can be truly engrossing, so only do this if you can maintain your productivity at the same time!

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