10 Cool Phrases Which Will Make Anyone Flat On You

That is why using the right words and beautiful Cool Phrases can make that extraordinary one fall in love with you. Or, you can at least do some fun by using it only for flirting.

English is a language of romance. There is an entire age of romance in the history of English as a language in which the writers and poets like William Blake, William Wordsworth, John Keats, and many famous names. That is why using the right words and beautiful Cool Phrases can make that extraordinary one fall in love with you. Or, you can at least do some fun by using it only for flirting.

The best part is, if you are not a native English speaker, you can significantly impact the listener if you introduce yourself by using some fancy English words and Cool Phrases. But first, make sure that the listener also understands those words. However, flirting with a native English speaker can be challenging.

You are in a club, school, college, or anywhere else. You see someone particular person across the room. You need some beautiful words to create a window in that person’s heart. That is what makes this article important. In the following lines of this article, I will tell you those ten perfect phrases which will make anyone flat on you.

1. Has anyone ever told you ______?

When I was learning how to write blogs, my teacher always said that the blog’s first line should be a quote, fact, phrase, or question. You can use this tip to engage that particular person in a conversation. Just start with “Has anyone ever told you” and add something in the blank about that person’s personality. Now, don’t go cheeky by saying something which that person doesn’t have in his personality. Try to add only that aspect they have in her personality to keep things realistic.

2. Are you seeing anyone lately?

This is an excellent way of not only getting the attention of someone but also starting a conversation. This phrase can create a lighthearted, friendly and casual feel in the sense of the listener. It all depends on how you take the conversation after that person’s reply. For example, hey, are you seeing anyone lately? If the reply is; I am, but s\he is not here, then you can bang on in the absence of that person. If the reply is; no, I am not! Are you? Then your reply must be; Yes, and I have eyes on him\her right now.

3. Are you on ______?

Instead of asking about the social media profile of that special one like a nerd, you can use some tremendously cool English phrases, too, for that. Moreover, asking for anyone’s social media profile would not be wise because you never know which website that person would be on. Ask about only two social media websites. Preferably Facebook and Twitter. This will also show how socialized you are that you have your profiles on both websites.

4. Can I get your digits?

Asking about the cell phone number could look like a desperate attempt. That is why it is essential to tweak that sentence and use the word digits instead of numbers. This will make that person concentrate on the word digits instead of the number. This could increase your chances of getting the number of that person.

5. I Love your _______:

The moment when you feel that this is the right time to say something which can make your person blush, you can use this phrase. Add anything you love about that person. That is why you are trying to build your relationship with that person.

Caution! Be careful while using this phrase because if you choose the wrong timing, it can backfire.

6. I am totally into you:

This phrase is for the second half of your discussion, in which you are confident that your particular person is also taking an interest in you. By using this phrase, you can indirectly convey your feelings about that person. You can use this phrase when the person asks you any question by using do you, can you or will you. You can use it in your reply, like “of course I can, I am totally into you,” and then answer.

7. I am falling for you:

Now the time has come when you can start making solid points by keeping a shield up. Everyone knows that “I am falling for you” means to fall in love. However, if you have used this phrase at the wrong time or a little bit early, you can always come back from it.

Moreover, it can make other senses too. If, after saying it, you feel that you said it a bit earlier, you can always take a stance that you have begun to fall on them because the sentence is in the present continuous. You can play around with these words; that is why it is a safe phrase to use for flirting.

8. Have a thing for ______:

To “have a thing for” means having something in that person you like. You can also use this phrase when a friend of that person asks you about your feelings for her. Or you get lucky enough, and that person asks directly from you. Keep your composure because, at any point, you can ruin everything you have done for her if you lose grip of your emotions.

9. Talking to you makes my day:

This phrase is for the moment. By moments means when you are deep with that person and think that you need some unique things to say to go deeper. Now take my words literally and use this phrase when you have to appreciate that person’s company and show them how much his company means to you.

10. I was thinking about you:

Everyone loves to hear such words. We all love it when someone thinks about us. That is why using this phrase, even if you are not even thinking about that person, could do wonders for you and your relationship. Moreover, it will create a sense of importance in that person, and things like this are essential for every relationship.

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