How To Get Gum Out of Hair in Under a Minute?

Have you managed to get gum into your hair?

Getting gum in your hair can be the most disgusting experience ever, which can end up in tears and an unwanted hair cut. In this busy life, it is not possible to spend much time on thinking about gum until your hair get stuck by gum. At times giving your child gum seems like a good idea but it doesn’t end up all that great because kids end up getting gums in their hair. Not only child adults also sometimes get gum in their hair while using gum. Both adults and children can use the following simple techniques for getting gums out of the hair without chopping up your hair.

This method will help you to get rid of all the embarrassment that could have risen after cutting out a chunk of hair. There are several methods of removing gums from hair without much trouble. Although this sticky mess is quite a tough job to clean as it bonds with hundred of hair strands at once, tugging and pulling it is painful, but if you follow the right steps and use recommended tools, you can have a good result. Thus, with the right information and resources at your disposal, you will be able to remove the gum without getting your hair chopped.

How To Get Gum Out of Hair

Many home remedies are there that work well for this job. With gum in your hair, you will not be able to go to the local store for buying gum cleaner; these products are not always good. The best option for you would be to clean the mess up by what is available near you. Citrus peel extracts contain solvents that are the lighter fluid, which is excellent in breaking down and softening gums. Here, there are some of the most common techniques that are recommended for you.

Adding food to the hair strands

Mayonnaise, peanut butter, and plain vegetable oil are very effective in releasing the bond between the hair and the gum, but it is a gross proposition for many people. These methods work well, but you need to wash your hair soon after getting the gum out. The greasy ingredients in these products make these substances work, but certain ones are better than other because of the presence of certain specific properties. Oil and

Oil and greasy contains these elements makes the gum slippery and thus helps to remove the gum from one’s hair. Take a generous amount of these substances and put it around all sides of the wad. After coating the oil, the ingredients in the gum will begin to break down, and thus the bond of the gum with the hair will weaken.

You will soon start to feel the softening and loosening of the gum sticky strands. As soon as it loosen try to pull the loose pieces while continuing to massage. All gum will soon slip free, and you can dispose of it soon.

Vegetable oil takes more effort than peanut butter oil, peanut butter oil is a better solvent than others, but as mentioned above, many found the substance gross enough and difficult to rinse off. Many people sometimes tend to be allergic to peanuts. Using mayonnaise, on the other hand, requires a same technique and is also very effective, Mayonnaise is a great conditioner. Thus it apart from offering hidden benefits doesn’t require much effort of cleaning.

Coconut oil

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil being one of the most versatile ingredients in the world has numerous incredible uses. Apart from having great health benefits for our body, it is also a great cooking ingredient and cleaning agent. Peanut oils solving dreaded gum in hair moments have already been mentioned above, but coconut oils are the better alternative.

And is also very effective for hair. The oil should directly be applied to the hair and should be left for few minutes so that it can slide the gum out. Coconut oil contains the greasy and sticky substance, which helps to get rid of gum stuck, oil being hydrophobic in nature breaks down the stickiness of the gum without damaging our hair.


White Vinegar

Many avoid vinegar because of its stinky nature, and this is the reason why it ‘s hard to use on children, but this commonly available substance is very effective for breaking down the gum. It by acting as a solvent helps to weaken the bond between the gum and the hair. This substance is also good for hair, and many people apply it for its beneficial properties. You can use regular white vinegar, soak the piece of gum thoroughly by using a saturated rag, or you can use a cup where you can dip into.

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If you use vinegar to get gum out of your hair, you don’t need to worry too much about its cleaning process after finishing off, but it is not a very fast method. After soaking the wad with vinegar, you will feel that it is getting softer and slippery. If you soak the gum for a longer time, it will be easier for you to take out, so you should be given time to have the best results. After it gets soften completely, you can remove it with your fingers or a wide comb.



Vaseline provides lubrication which helps the gum to slip out of the tangled hair. If you are using this method, you should definitely rinse the substance with shampoo and conditioner afterward so that the greasy gunk can be removed from your hair. Separate out the affected strands with a comb and then apply an appropriate amount all over the gum-affected areas. Now with a comb start brushing downward to remove the gum. This method although sometimes turn painful but has been proven to be an effective way that works.

Try to harden the gum with ice

Try ice

Oily and creamy peanut are considered to work best for removing gum from hair, but are you looking to avoid the messiness of applying this substance? Then you must go for ice to gum method. It is recommended by many people to use ice on the gum stuck area for about 5- 15 minutes. Freezing the stuck gum areas can be the most effective ways to get gum out of your hair. Usage of some ice on all side can harden the soft wad and makes it more brittle.

Put an ice cube over the gum and leave it for a few minutes until the gum becomes a solid substance. Ice can also directly be applied to the hair; this will harden the gum and thus will enable you to pick at it. Try a couple of rounds of freezing and picking, but this method is very effective in smaller amounts, for the larger patch it can be time-consuming. Do you want to try this method? Then, simply take a couple of cubes and surround the gums or you can also use the ice pack, if you try several times you will be able to master this technique.

Other ways To Get Gum Out of Hair

In many instances a bit of steady heat from a blow dryer helps to melt the gum and helps you in your efforts to remove the gum. You can also try hair mousse, hair sprays, they also play a great role to eliminate sticky things. Even toothpaste can help remove gums from hair and is easily available in every household. Don’t dilute the paste and apply it directly to the gum and leave it to dry. As soon as it dries off to try to remove the gum with your finger

Try to separate the gum stuck hair strands from the ungummed hair with the usage of a rubber band or hair tie. Wrap aluminum foil around the area in order to keep the above-mentioned substances only to those areas where you want. Use your finger to gently work the oil into the mess, don’t squish the gum too much, after completely coating the gum portion with these substances you can begin to rake your fingers through the mess so that the gum can be dislodged from the hair strands.

Always remember not to message the gum too hard until the oil saturates whole of it otherwise the mess could be spread. If you see that the gum is creating a problem and is not coming out then leave the oil to those hair strands for some time and try again later. You can be aided with a comb for stubborn messes.

These products help to break down the gum, and it will be removed easily. These are great for removing gums from pets or children who can’t tolerate the combing and tugging to remove the gum. The amount of gum and the length of time it is in the hair are the determining factor of a successful removal. If one method can’t remove it, then you should try another one. You need to have patience and consistency in order to get the gum out of your hair.

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