Why Henna Hair Dye is Special & How to Dye Your Hair Using It?

Why Henna hair dye is Special?

As a child, our grandmother preferred henna hair dye to chemical dyes. This completely changed her hair to red-orange. Since natural products are the best, we still do the same thing today. If you have never used it before, you need to try it out. You will definitely like it!

Henna Benefits For Natural Hair

Henna, a secret product for dying hair and nails can be found in places such as Middle East, South Asia and North America. After grinding, the leaves are mixed with an acid to come up with dye chemicals. This then produces a deep red-orange color that is popular with many people. Apart from these, others can be derived from natural dyes and chemicals. For it to work well, Lawsonia molecules move from the cells to the hair shaft then combine with keratin. This makes it change your hair to a translucent red-orange color.

Why henna hair is special

  • It loses tights curls.
  • It does not involve any chemicals hence it’s natural.
  • It can help you get rid of ringworms and lice.
  • It changes gray hair well.
  • It clears dandruff.
  • If you have dark hair, it can give you a beautiful deep red tint.
  • It leaves your hair heavy thick and silky making it the best.
It’s our desire that these steps guide you into becoming one of the best fans of henna hair dye.

Steps to follow when using henna

1. Choose the best

Since there are several types and brands in the market, it’s very important to choose the best. The best quality is the one with the highest content of dye content. Although it’s quite costly, it’s recommended because it’s more finely grounded making it easy to rinse thereby giving you the best results. You can get the natural red henna from overseas, a few Asia stores

However, before using it on your body do some test to ensure that it’s the best.

2. Add henna bowl

Depending on how many people will be using the henna hair dye and the length of your hair, you can add as much as you want to the bowl. For instance, if your hair is reaching your shoulder you should add about 100g of henna. If henna remains, you can freeze it to use later.

3. Add lemon juice

If you want to remove the dye, use lemon juice that works perfectly well. In case it’s too strong, you should use half orange juice or half lemon plus half water. Continue adding until the henna hair dye has achieved the required thickness. While some acidic teas will also do the trick, avoid using anything having strong caffeine content as this will make your headache.

4. Use clove powder

To intensify the color, add a little amount of clove powder. However, since it might affect your skin, you should first test it on a small patch of your skin before applying it all over your hair.

5. Leave it to sit

Cover the product and leave it like that overnight. If you need it faster, you can keep it in a warm place to make the dye come out faster. When the color on top of henna on the bowl becomes darker, it means that the dye has begun to come out.

6. Prepare the area

Henna is not only messy but it can stain more than your hair and your skin hence you make sure you prepare well by wearing protective clothing while applying. Also, use a plastic handy cover and wrap your head with a scarf after applying henna. To protect your hands from stains, you can use disposable gloves.

7. Apply the henna

If you are doing this at home, you probably know how to go about it. First, divide your hair into sections then, starting from the back apply the dye well one hair one strand at a time. Once you are done with the back, move to the front and do one side at a time until you have covered the entire head. Depending on how much hair and henna you have, your hair will feel cold and heavier. It’s advisable for someone to apply it for you. To get the best results, apply henna generously.

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Also, wipe any unwanted henna that drips on your ear, neck, and face using a pair of clothing to avoid staining your skin.

8. Wrap your head and wait

Once you are done your head may look messy but do not worry henna hair dye will do wonders. To keep the moisture and heat, wear a plastic bag, shower kit or a plastic wrap. You can also wrap a scarf to prevent drops of henna from dripping all over the place. Although it’s recommended to keep it for 3-4 hour the longer you do this the better. You can also leave it overnight for stubborn or gray hairs. More so, to allow for easier rinsing, wrap your head well. While waiting for henna to work, find something to do such as watching a movie or anything else.

9. Wipe

Make sure you clean any henna that has dropped on your face or ears once you are through. Instead of waiting until you are through with the application, keep on wiping as you go along. Don’t worry if you realize that your ears or neck is stained, henna in this areas will come out quickly

10. Bathe

Since washing out henna hair dye can take a while and is hard, take a long shower, be gentle and take your time. You could also soak your hair in a bucket of warm water before bathing. By removing as much henna as possible you will not stain your beddings. The best way to avoid stains is to use dark towels. Also, you can mix tablespoon of cinnamon or powdered ginger to help you get rid of the smell

11. Wait patiently

It will take up to 3 days for your hair to change to what you want. This is due to oxidation.

12. Done

Although the first time may be hard, do not worry, the more you do it the better you will become.

If you do not want the red orange dye you can mix indigo into your henna and change it from red to brown black. The more you add the darker it will be.


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