Why Choose an ABSN to Change Your Career to Nursing?

career to nursing

The healthcare industry has many rewarding and satisfying career options to choose from, particularly nursing. Nurses are currently in high demand across the US due to a national shortage of these key healthcare professionals.

They enjoy a high level of job security, a huge selection of opportunities to consider when it comes to career advancement and progression, and generous average salaries.

If you already have a bachelor’s degree in another subject but want to move across into nursing, here are some reasons why an accelerated Bachelor of Science in nursing program could be ideal for you.

Get Started Sooner

Traditionally, the BSN degree program will typically take around four years to complete when you are studying full-time. However, if you want to get your nursing qualification and start your new career as a nurse as quickly as possible, the top ABSN programs will allow you to get qualified in around half that time. This degree program is ideal for career changers who are looking to get started in their new career as a nurse as quickly as possible.

Save Money

Since tuition fees are charged by the year, an ABSN program is the ideal option for those who want to reduce the overall cost of your studies. If you already have a degree and are repaying student loans that you have taken out to cover the cost of that qualification, an ABSN can be an ideal method to reduce the amount of money that you will need to borrow or spend in order to retrain as a nurse and change your career.

Study Online

With the ABSN a popular choice of degree program for people who are hoping to change their career to nursing, there are many online degree options available that are flexible, allowing you to study while continuing to work in your current career.

If you are concerned about the opportunity cost of retraining as a nurse, an online degree could be the ideal way for you to fit flexible learning around your current job and avoid the need to take time off work or reduce your hours while you study.

Enjoy Fast-Paced and Interesting Work

Since the ABSN is designed for people who already have a bachelor’s degree which has contributed to their foundation of learning, they do cram a lot of learning into a relatively short period of time, meaning that this is an interesting, exciting and fast-paced program option.

The course is often more straightforward compared to the traditional BSN degree as it gets straight to the point in order to ensure that you are able to qualify and start working as a nurse as quickly as possible. While the ABSN course is ideal for anybody with a bachelor’s degree, it is a particularly good choice for people who have a background in a non-nursing healthcare career.

With a high demand for nurses in the US and around the world, more and more people are being encouraged to change their career to nursing. ASBN programs are available for anybody with a bachelor’s degree who is looking to move into this highly rewarding career.


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