PMS Symptoms Management Tips

Expel backache & bloated Feeling, curb cramping & that crabby Feeling. Here are twenty-five natural cures for ably managing PMS symptoms.

Expel backache & bloated Feeling, curb cramping & that crabby Feeling. Here are twenty-five natural cures for ably managing PMS symptoms.

Tips to tackle Boated Feeling

Augmented estrogen levels during the days before the menstrual due date could hinder a woman’s capability of flushing out water from her body.

  • Geranium oil is believed to help balance hormones by affecting the corticosteroid hormones-producing adrenal glands that play a critical role in controlling amounts of sodium and even influence sexual growth. It even has urination-increasing properties. Add 5-8 droplets into a tepid water bath. Also, direct application of essential oil onto the skin’s surface is to be avoided since several of these cause extreme irritation.
  • Sodium infamously promotes fluid-retention hence avoiding salt-laden food items that have undergone packaging (over 350 mg/serve is not advisable). One should lower the salt one uses when one cooks instead of boosting food flavoring utilizing an array of herb forms.
  • Leaves of dandelion are deemed to have innate urination-increasing properties. Steeping 1/4th cup of the dry leaves in a container full of water. Drinking 2-3 cupfuls daily no sooner does one sense bloating for increasing the strength of the tea, merely adding duo tablespoonfuls of arid parsley and keeping a lid on the remnant tea for retaining volatility of essential oil present in the leaves.
  • Latest scientific studies have found that magnesium intake assists in reducing fluid retention, although the reason for this is yet unsure. Magnesium-rich foods include nut, whole grain varieties, avocado, green veggies, or taking two hundred milligrams of magnesium in supplemental form.
  • While a woman is experiencing water retention, she should ensure staying amply hydrated by drinking 6-8 glassfuls daily. The diuretic properties of water would help in stimulating the body into excreting the surplus. Also, dehydration could make the body hold whatsoever fluid is obtainable, thus worsening the bloated Feeling.
  • The lymphatic system assists in maintaining the appropriate fluid balances in our bodies. Hence getting massages from therapists that involve kneading the neck, underarms, backsides of the knee area, groin & inners of the elbow region (location of lymph nodes) using gentle pumping movements would prove immensely useful allay premenstrual syndrome symptoms.

Tips to Tackle Achy feeling

PMS Symptoms like headache, backache are mostly the outcome of vacillations in prostaglandins, hormone-similar fatty acids, which could be causal to blood vessel constriction & triggering pain.

  • A trial is appearing in the American Journal of Obst. & Gynaecology indicates that females with a calcium intake of 1200 milligrams daily were found to experience a fifty-four percent lessening in joint pain & ache complaints while placebo takers sensed augment discomforting feelings.
  • Doing yoga can bring about improvement in premenstrual syndrome symptoms. One could try doing the child pose by kneeling on the ground, knees separated to a slight extent & being seated on the heel region. A bundled-up towel is to be placed from corner to corner of the top part of the thigh area & then leaning forwards for gently resting the temple area to the ground. The arms are to be kept relaxed by the sides with palm areas to face the roof. This pose is to be held for a minimum of thirty seconds and doing deep inhalations & exhalations.
  • The most primeval cure is the use of heat, possible because it does show results. Those not having heating pads handy could try warming up a moist towel by microwaving it for around twenty seconds & then placing it in a sealed plastic carrier.
  • Getting a good night’s snooze is of the utmost importance when one is dealing with PMS symptoms. Pain thresholds are always lesser when tiredness is present; hence women must be aiming for 8 hrs on a nightly basis.

Tips for managing emotional rollercoaster

Pre-menses dip in levels of estrogen triggers a plummet in feel-good brain chemical serotonin.


  • Starting intake of B-complex for such women is highly recommended since it holds special significance in allaying moodiness. It dons a part in tryptophan manufacture that then assists in serotonin production. Best sources include a lean cut of meat, bananas, chicken, brown rice (having 8 B complex vitamins which aid in glucose metabolism & stabilizing chemical composition in the brain). One should avoid crossing the intake of two hundred milligrams. It could cause nerve harm.
  • Meals must be near placed and comprise essentially complex carbs like whole-grain, legume, fruit varieties would help regulate emotions & blood glucose levels.
  • Numerous trials have uncovered that females who engaged in aerobics exercises regularly experienced lesser intensity & frequency premenstrual symptoms.
  • A few trials have shown that evening primrose oil having prostaglandins-managing GLA allays moodiness, bloated Feeling, soreness in breasts & cramping. Specialists advise the intake of five hundred to 1500 milligrams two times daily all through the month.
  • During a pilot trial that appeared in Journal of Obst. & Gynaecology noted that those who suffered from acute premenstrual syndrome when given exposure to wavering red lighting sensed a seventy-six percent lessening in symptoms. However, researchers are unsure precisely what the reason for this truly is.
  • Particular chemical constituents in chocolates help in stimulating brain neuro-transmitter dopamine being released for proffering a feel-good effect.

Tips for tackling Cramping Feeling

Uterine contractions are stimulated by prostaglandin presence, thus leading to the lining being discarded. When amounts are elevated, then cramping mostly occurs.

  • In Chinese medicine, cramping is the result of stagnating blood in the uterine region. The use of acupuncture is believed to stimulate numerous chemical responses that enhance blood supply & allay contractions.
  • Our feet are believed to be maps of the complete body, with every region interconnected with a net of nerves that correspond to points on foot. During a trial enrolling, eighteen females appeared in the journal of Obst. & Gynaecology in ’93 noted that eighty-three percent of them who were offered reflexology sensed a minimum of thirty percent lessening in symptoms.
  • Though the belief that is making sit-up moves possibly is akin to torment, however, it works the abs that allay cramps by augmenting blood supply.
  • Several females have claimed that experiencing orgasms, allaying cramping feeling.
  • Try making gentle massaging moves over the lower tummy area using a mix of one teaspoonful of almonds oil (carrier oil) plus four droplets of chamomile essential oil to be warmed before use.
  • Intake of four hundred I.U. of vitamin E once or twice daily for three months is strongly advised. In case of soreness in breasts does not show improvement, then its intake could be stopped. A caveat – for women having hemorrhage issues or those who take blood thinner drugs or fish oil in the supplemental form- must first discuss with their physician before starting additional vitamin E intake. Avoid exceeding the suggested quantity as it could be lethal.
  • Innate progesterone cream obtainable in supermarts & medical stores sans prescriptions also alleviate PMS symptoms. A protest is a popular choice among women, and application is 1/4th to ½ teaspoonful on the breast areas two times per daily to be commenced no sooner has breast soreness started.
  • Using heat helps blood vessel dilatation that allays swell-up of the breasts. For respite, wrapping ice-pack in a towel & moving these about the breast areas are advised.
  • The omega-3 fatty acid presences in salmons are heart-healthy and help reduce tender & lumpy Feeling in the breasts via regulation of prolactin hormone that manages variation in moods & fluids metabolism. Even tunas & sardine are an ideal source.

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