Citrine Crystal (Yellow Quartz): Meaning, Properties, Chakra

Yellow Quartz

The crystal healing properties of yellow quartz (or “lemon quartz”) are varied. Learn more about yellow quartz’s healing properties and how you can use it.

We talked to an astrologer Kim Woods to narrow down the power of yellow quartz.

Lemon Quartz vs. Citrine vs. Yellow Quartz

First, this crystal has many names. Woods says that yellow quartz, citrine, and lemon are all the same.

There is, however, a distinction between quartz in its natural state and quartz that has been fired. Woods explains how raw yellow quartz is found in Brazil. It is usually yellowish with a green tint.

The yellow crystals found in stores are manufactured versions of lemon quartz. Woods says clear quartz or amethyst are used in firing to ensure crystals can withstand high heat. This extra ingredient gives crystals we see in spiritual shops their amber, orange hue.

Healing Properties

Woods says, “Citrine has so much power.” It’s like drinking in the sunlight. Yellow quartz is magnetic and can be used in many ways, making it one of the strongest and most cure-all stones.

It’s amazing! Woods says that yellow quartz can transform energy and is self-cleansing, so you don’t have to clean your crystal.

This crystal is also known as the “merchant’s stone” since it promotes prosperity in all areas of life. It not only attracts opportunities and money but also inspires confidence so you can navigate your life.

These are some keywords Woods, associates yellow quartz with:

  • Inspires confidence
  • Creates clarity
  • Promotes calm
  • Inspires power
  • Encourages prosperity and money flow
  • Encourages joy and happiness
  • Promotes warmth


The alignment of yellow quartz with the solar plexus chakra (located below the ribs and represents intellectual thought) is very important. It can help you radiate your energy outwards. Woods suggests that yellow quartz will make you more authoritative and commanding.

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Yellow quartz can also be associated with the sacral chakra, which is sometimes located below the belly button. This chakra is associated with creativity, imagination, and sexual organs. This would make sense, given that yellow quartz is known for bringing vitality and creativity.

Some believe the stone’s energy flows through a sacral chakra, then into the solar plexus.

Zodiac Sign

Because Leo is ruled over by the sun, this stone is associated with Leo’s energy. As we have explained, yellow quartz is vitality. It is compatible with Aries and Sagittarius, which are fire signs.

According to Woods, yellow quartz can be paired with Scorpio because of Scorpio’s natural ability to succeed and prosper. You’ll be able to convince anyone that you are wearing or using this stone if you have prominent Scorpio placements in your birth chart.

Part of the Body and Healing Properties

Woods claims that yellow quartz can heal all “bodies,” including the physical, mental, and emotional. It’s a wonderful little crystal you can take wherever you go.

Physical: Yellow quartz is all energy. Who can use it to give you a boost when you feel tired or sluggish? Because it is an energetic stone, it can aid digestion and metabolism.

Mental: This stone is known for its inexhaustible energy. Its best qualities are displayed when there is a lack of inspiration. Do you have writer’s block? Yellow quartz may be able to help. Do you have a problem that is too big for yellow quartz to solve? You can solve your problem with yellow quartz.

Emotional: This quartz is a great crystal for anyone with low self-esteem or depressive symptoms. Yellow quartz is a great crystal for boosting confidence when you are about to face fear.

Use Yellow Quartz

Woods recommends placing yellow quartz in the kitchen or family area to bring warmth and light into the home. She says that it helps everyone feel better.

Woods recommends keeping yellow quartz near the computer or cash register for business. This is a great option for CEOs, authors, marketers, salespeople, and artists.

Who can add small amounts of yellow quartz to your pocket or coin purse for personal prosperity?

Yellow quartz can boost self-confidence by being worn in jewelry, including necklaces, bracelets, and rings.

Yellow quartz is especially useful when preparing to do something scary, like public speaking. A yellow quartz “worry stone” can be hidden in your pocket to ease anxiety and calm nerves before big events.


Is citrine quartz?

Yes, citrine is quartz. Citrine, yellow quartz, and lemon quartz all have the same properties, as mentioned earlier.

What does raw citrine do?

Raw citrine is more powerful than any other tumbled stone. Natural yellow quartz will give you twice the energy.

Is clear quartz and quartz one?

Clear quartz is one form of “quartz” crystals. Another form of quartz is citrine, also known as yellow quartz.

Do quartz crystals always have six sides or is it just a matter of preference?

Quartz comes in many forms and has different sides. The answer is no.

What is the formation of quartz crystals, including yellow quartz?

It isn’t easy to find natural yellow quartz. Quartz crystals are made when the silicon and oxygen atoms become stuck together and stack on top. As the atoms are heated, the silicon dioxide will melt. The substance will harden once the temperature drops again and form a crystal.


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