Why Your Website Traffic is Low (and what to do about it)

Website Traffic
Website Traffic

Whether you have recently launched a new website or your old one is going through an unexpected slump, low levels of website traffic can be very frustrating. It means that all your hard work is going unnoticed, and it can make it much more difficult for website traffic customers. What can you do about it? That depends on what’s causing the problem.

Your search engine ranking is poor

When you search for your site based on likely queries, what do you see? It needs to be on the first page of results to get attention – and if it’s not among the top three listed sites, it’s still going to struggle. If this is your problem, you need to start by making sure that the site isn’t breaking any rules and getting penalized. You then need to invest time or money in good quality SEO.

Nobody is linking to you

Even an otherwise optimal site can suffer because of a lack of inbound links, which hurts its ranking and also reduces the chances of people finding it. Don’t try to solve this by pursuing just any old links, as poor quality ones could harm you. Instead, bring in a backlinks service and look for other ways of getting links from high-quality sources, for instance, by getting your business talked about in the media.

Your social media promotion is poor

Social media also matters. Whenever you make a blog post, you should be promoting it across popular platforms and taking your time to engage with people who comment, aiming to build up a rapport that will encourage sharing. You should also look at other ways to promote the site itself, such as creating video content and putting it on YouTube or Vimeo.

You’re not attracting repeat visitors

Building up your website traffic isn’t all about those unique visits – it’s also about customer retention. If people are not coming back, you may have a site that’s appealing to search engines but not to humans. Good web content is designed to appeal to both. Invite the visitors you do have to leave feedback and look for ways you can improve. Try making special offers to persuade them to return.

You have technical issues

Sometimes the reason for low website traffic is much simpler: search engines or visitors can’t see your website properly. Check your back end code and make sure that there are no problems there. Try accessing your site on different devices so you can see if it’s displaying properly. Over the long term, you can further improve your traffic by improving your site’s accessibility.

Once you’ve established a healthy flow of website traffic, you’ll need to keep your site up to date to make sure that it keeps coming in. The above problems can recur, so it’s important that you never take your visitors for granted. If it’s properly looked after, your website will continue to build up traffic over time as it becomes better known, and your efforts will be rewarded.


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