Why Taking a Shower at Night is Good For You

If you prefer to take a shower in the morning, you’re not alone. It’s a standard way to start the day and often associated with providing an energizing boost that shakes off early morning grogginess. But have you ever thought about taking a shower in the evening instead?

Showering at night has a host of benefits. Read on to learn why you should consider changing your shower routine.

It helps you fall asleep.

Without a doubt, taking a shower at night is a soothing act that helps undo the day’s stress and get you ready for bedtime. It can even help you fall asleep, but experts note that it’s essential to know the time between your shower and when you go to bed.

They say that the key is to shower an hour and a half to two hours before going to bed, even though it’s tempting to jump into a cosy bed immediately following a shower.

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Waiting this amount is time-based on research showing that the body naturally decreases in body temperature as the day goes on. Therefore, the body’s cooler evening temperatures signify sleepiness. So, showering and then immediately going to bed sends the wrong signals to your body by tricking it into thinking it’s not bedtime yet.

On the other hand, waiting for the amount above of time between an evening shower and hitting the sack allows the body to cool off. This way, you’ve cleaned and relaxed after a long day and done so in a manner that doesn’t impede your ability to drift off to sleep easily.

It improves hygiene and helps with skin conditions.

Experts have found that showering at night benefits those with strong body odour or conditions like acne. Showering at night essentially washes the day off your skin, so you’re reducing the amount of built-up dirt and oil being pressed against your body in bed—dirt that would otherwise accumulate on your sheets if you showered in the morning.

As far as your face is concerned, washing at night allows you to have maximum time for creams to absorb and work their magic on your skin. In addition, your face has more time to breathe after an evening shower, unlike in the morning, when makeup (which can clog pores) is usually applied post-shower.

It lets you sleep in

Many people dread the thought of hitting their alarm clock in the early morning hours, finding their way to the shower with eyes half-closed. They’d give anything to sleep in for another 15 minutes or so.

Showing at night allows you to do this. After putting in a full day, you’re awake enough that taking a shower isn’t inconvenient, so give it a try. It’ll seem like a luxury to get another 15 minutes of sleep in the morning!

It keeps allergies from worsening.

All of those allergens and irritants (e.g. pollen) are washed from your hair and skin when you shower at night. Going to bed with a clean body means you aren’t transporting allergens from your body to the pillow and sheets. In turn, you reduce your risk of triggering an allergic reaction.

It’s suitable for intimacy.

If you shower in the morning, that means you’ve had a full day of accumulating germs. You’ve shaken hands, borrowed tools, exchanged money, held folders, touched keyboards and maybe shared space with a coughing coworker.

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Going to bed slathered in the day’s germs isn’t exactly conducive to an evening of intimacy. A clean body is a better bet if you want both you and your partner to be more interested in initiating romance and engaging in lovemaking.

Plus, time in the shower at the end of the day gives you a chance to reconnect with your physical self. Shaving, sudsing up and pampering your entire body with pleasant-smelling body washes can help you tune into your sensual side. And who knows, maybe there’s room for two in that shower to get the excitement started before even going to bed!

Why not try taking a shower at night? You may find that it allows you to sleep longer in the morning or gives you that extra time to browse the top headlines. Who can achieve everything from improved sleep and better skin to reduced allergies and a boost in intimacy by making this change? Go for it!

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