Here’s Why Kerala Tour Should Be In Your Bucket List

If you have never visited Kerala, you must. Kerala is beautiful enough to coax a stranger into visiting the state. No matter what your taste or what kind of traveller you are, you are bound to fall in love with the natural beauty and vast culture of Kerala. Browse through the various Kerala Tour Packages to learn about the state’s infinite choices.

God’s Own Country

The fantastic destinations all over the state will leave you spellbound. You will want to spend a long time at each tourist spot; one long trip is not enough to take it all in. Once you visit Kerala, you will realize that the title of “God’s Own Country” is justified. The enthusiastic people, the unique cuisines, the still backwaters, the clean and heavenly beaches, and the tall waterfalls are all just as hypnotic as they look in the pictures.

You can’t simply visit just once

You will need to take an extended vacation to visit even half the places worth visiting. Once you have made your first trip to Kerala, you will want to return for more. It would help if you visited places you have already been to feel like you are again in Nature’s lap. You should take time for a second Kerala tour to visit the places you missed the first.

Best Seasons to Visit

Visiting Kerala during the festive season will bring you a new box of surprises. You will be mesmerized by the festivities of Onam, Thrissur Pooram, Theyyam, Pongal, and the Kerala Boat Festival. It is good to target one of the most festive seasons if you want to breathe in the rich culture of Kerala. Christmas in Kerala is an exclusive affair. A winter visit will pay off with all the lights and warmth.

Another unique thing about a Kerala tour is it is best to be made during monsoon. Besides the festive seasons, usually during autumn, winter, and spring, Kerala’s tourism peaks in monsoons. The time between June and August is busy because thousands of people who want a rejuvenating retreat with Ayurveda know that this is the best time to visit Kerala. You have all the time to get rid of your physical and mental stress and do some soul-searching in the forest-like natural settings of Kerala when it rains for a significant part of the day.

Kerala is one of the few popular tourist destinations of the country that is good to visit almost any time of the year, be it autumn, winter, spring, summer or monsoon. You need to decide when you want to go depending on what you want from Kerala.

A Global Affair

Kerala is not a place to go and relax without ever getting out of your room. Of course, you can do that if you want. But with all the attractive destinations around, it is unlikely that you will want to stay in most of the time. You might go for the Ayurveda retreat while thinking you will keep the sightseeing low-key. But the energy of the state will make you change your mind.

Kerala is a place people from all over the world want to visit. You will meet people from different countries worldwide, exploring the destinations just like you. The ambience of Kerala is surreal.

On the one hand, you will find festivals, colours, joy, crowds, enthusiastic people from all over the world, dance forms, elephants, animals, art, and rich culture. On the other hand, you will find old monuments, mysterious temples, calm and quiet hills, the echo of strange birds, vast rice fields, the tea plantations of the Western Ghats, and the cool streams running down from waterfalls, all come together to provide a haven for soul searching.

This diverse beauty and Nature of the state make it appear on the bucket list of travellers from around the world. As an Indian, it is a shame not to have visited this state at least once in a lifetime. We are so close to this treasure. People from across the globe come to visit Kerala. We must take advantage of every chance to visit here.

Primary Tourist Destinations

Suppose you have all the time to explore Kerala at leisure, cherish your long visit. But if you have just about a week or two, go for one of the tour packages that squeeze in as many destinations as possible with the quickest journey spans. Common Kerala travel packages offer some popular destinations you must visit. You can only visit all the important places in one visit if you have planned a month’s tour.

There are two broad primary tourist destinations best for the coming seasons. These are places you can visit any time of the year and go anywhere you want to from here.

The Alleppey Backwaters

You can ride a houseboat to the ‘Venice of the East’. Spend as much time as possible with the ducks swimming by, the fishermen with nets, and the water lilies. Don’t forget to visit the Arthunkal Church, PathiramanalMarari Beach, Krishnapuram Palace, and more places you can get to from Alleppey.


If vast green mountains and tea plantations are what you like, visit Munnar. You will love to lie down in the green grass as the clouds float in the valleys beneath you. If you want to go hiking, start at Munnar. Munnar Tour Package will give you the ancient colonial feel, which will help you reconnect with the old soul that goes ignored in your regular busy schedule.

You will find other vital destinations on Kerala tour packages: Kumarakom, Wayanad, Thekkady, Kochi, the capital city of Thiruvananthapuram, Ashtamudi- the land of the eight channels, Varkala, Bekal, Kovalam, Thrissur, Marari, Vagamon, Kozhikode, Nelliampathy, and Malampuzha.

Take a tour package or make your itinerary, do what suits you the best, but visit the beautiful land of Kerala.

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