Why is Cloud Hosting Security Such a Big Challenge?

There is no doubt over the rapid emergence of cloud technology among enterprise businesses for the past few years. At the same time, we need to accept the fact of data infiltration in the cloud environment creates a significant negative impact on its growth.

The potential benefits offered by the cloud technology such as improving business operations, handling advanced technologies, cost-effectiveness and efficiencies are in the cliff due to the growth of the cloud security concern.

Here in this article, we are discussing the key security challenges that create a significant threat to the growth of the cloud environment.


Key Security Challenges of Cloud Hosting 

1. Data Breaches and Downtime

Well, there has been a saying as enterprise-level cloud service will be a top-notch and highly secure enough to offer legacy-hosting services. However, still, the enterprise-level cloud service has a high risk of getting potential data breaches and server downtime. Though cloud service providers may avoid addressing such issues with their clients instead, they prefer third party providers to handle to address such potential threats and solving such problems.

Based on the 12th annual cost of data breach study conducted by the leading tech giant IBM, the numbers reported as the global cost of dealing with data breaches seems to whooping amount of $3.62 million and counts more.

2. Insecure Access Points

One of the biggest advantages of cloud computing technology in the cloud hosting turns out to be a potential security threat for the sites hosted in the cloud environment. Yes! You heard it right, the benefit of accessing the cloud platform from anywhere of the world with the aid of any internet accessing devices now turns to be a nightmare for the potential security attack in the cloud hosting security.

Not all the Interfacing platform and APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) handled by the developers in the cloud environment are not safe. It leads the exposure of the privacy data and this could be because of the internal application used by any site hosted in the cloud platform.

3. Data Loss

Losing data in the virtual world seems to be the biggest threat in this digital world, especially in the business world the results of data loss could be more worsen. Losing data in any form of accidental deletion, malicious tampering, or in the form of any natural calamities can lead to a disastrous point for any enterprise business.

To avoid such data loss security, reliable host service providers just like eWebGuru offers an impressive data recovery system and a disaster recovery process to recover those lost data.

4. No Service Transparency

Running an enterprise business without transparency service is a disastrous thing to do. And it is taking place all over the world, by handling the hosting process to a third-party cloud service provider who possesses a pubic or hybrid cloud environment.

To be frank, the security processes of the entire cloud platform would in the hands of the cloud service vendors, which will be completely hidden from the owner’s attention.

5. Cyber Attacks

In the recent past, the cloud environment drags more and more attention among the enterprise-level businesses around the world; this gained the attention of the attackers to target the cloud platform to do malicious attacks.

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So far, cloud platform experiences DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) as the most common form of attack. Apart from the cloud environment, such DDoS highly placed on the IT services, SaaS, and so. With the DDoS attack, the attackers manage to block the user request to the webserver and block the websites from offering its service.

Bottom Line

Well, these are not a simple problem for the enterprise-level business to handle at ease and it is essentials to find a viable security solution to avoid such security lack in a cloud environment. Trusting a reliable host provider like eWebGuru can be an option to overcome those security challenges. Preferring hosting companies like eWebGuru, which offers new class security products Cloud Data Protection Gateways can address the cloud hosting security lacks.

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