Why Do School Students Worldwide Prefer Online Tuitions?

Online Tuitions
Online Tuitions

Like many services such as airline ticketing, utility bill payment, even online tutoring is also gaining strong momentum in various parts of the world, including India as well were institutions like the Doon Business School have started online courses for students. This is a similar approach started by various well-known universities and colleges in the West such as Oxford and Harvard.

So why is online learning is becoming to be the next big evolution in learning? Let’s find it out.

The first and the most important point on why more students are opting to continue their education online instead of going out for the campuses is because of its convenience. Online tutors are available round the clock and also saves you from the cost of traveling if your tutor stays more than a few miles away. With the help of Internet connection, a laptop / PC / tablets nowadays, attending classes from any part of the globe. Also, there is a facility of registering for the classes of the day instead of waking up early in the morning for the morning classes at the campus.

Another vital reason students are preferring online tutoring nowadays is due to its affordability. They are less expensive compared to on-campus tuition. As the classes are online, the study materials are being provided by the university and the costs are covered within the tuition fees aid at the beginning of the semester hence the costs of buying or renting out extra course-related books. As the classes can be done from home, this saves the expenses of traveling. Students have an option of studying from different curriculum across the globe at priced rates.

Time is precious for any reason. Online education can save you a lot of time that is being spent on studies. Most online tutors can be available according to the student’s convenience. Students are advised to look for online tutors based on their own preferences and needs.

An advantage of online education is that the learning pattern of an individual student can be tailored as per as his/her capability to learn. Also, the online tuitions allow students to select the subjects they desire to study which happens when the tutors to take the responsibility of assessing the student’s requirements and their learning capabilities -thus designing the teaching plan.

Parents or the closest ones are always concerned about their children’s safety all the time. Online education portals eliminate the risks of children getting into an acquaintance with strangers they are unfamiliar with by monitoring their online activity -to make sure they are on the right path.

Online tuitions do also conduct assignment help /homework help programs online which is why the students are never alone when they are doing their homework at home. This frees them from the hassle to wait until and unless they can meet the teacher/lecturer, the next at class in person to discuss the problems they are facing while solving the homework They do always have the help that is available whenever needed by asking for help using the online classroom help portal.

Another disadvantage of the traditional classrooms which make the online class much more reliant is that in traditional classes students are often distracted by the jibber -jabber talk between friends or sometimes the lecturers that also wastes the time allotted for each class session. However, during online classes, as there are no friends to distract the students they can pay undivided attention when the lecturer/tutor is conducting his/her classes. Therefore the students can understand whatever is taught in the classes better as there with no interference around. Also, the lecturer can also finish a greater part of the module/subject within a slot of time

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Online Classrooms are the future and it is here to stay. We might see that due to the prominent advantages of online education and also as the word connects and even better with the widespread usage of the Worldwide Web it would not be long enough when the parents alike their children would opt for online education instead of sending their children to the traditional classrooms in schools or colleges they have used during their time.


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