What to Consider When Choosing a Professional Steel Detailer

Professional Steel Detailer

Steel detailing is considered as part architecture and part engineering. The appearance and design are considered from the architecture perspective. On the other hand, the engineering perspective carefully defines the calculations, ensuring that the future structure will be safe, strong, and accurate.

It is important to create drawings with precise and accurate dimensions for every detail and part of the framework. This can be done when the engineering and architecture perspectives are used in steel detailing. Precise measurements are crucial because the builders and welders will use these measurements.

It is essential to consider metal fabricators with excellent steel detailing skills.

Below are some of the factors you have to consider when choosing a professional steel detailer.


When choosing a steel detailer, you have to ensure that their team can analyze complex design issues. Good metal fabricators can also provide solutions that can significantly and positively impact their projects.

To do this, the steel detailing company should have knowledge, skills, and experience across a range of domains, including civil engineering, electrical engineering, structural engineering, architecture, and plumbing/mechanical design. Excellent metal fabricators also know a wide range of construction materials, including steel and concrete.

Equipment and Technology

Several software advancements have revolutionized steel detailing these past few years. Nowadays, it has become faster and easier to produce 3D drawings accurately. To get results done accurately and promptly, you should choose a steel detailer who uses 3D drawings for erection plans, shop drawings as well as on full-scale templates of complex layouts.

With this kind of technology, steel detailers can easily plan each component and comprehend their role in the future structure. At the same time, Who will easily identify potential problems. When a project deals with complex connections like column splices, 3D isometric drawings can be very useful. They can also help quickly and easily respond to Requests for Information (RFIs).

Steel Detailing Standards

You need to choose a company that complies with the steel detailing standards of the Australian Institute of Steel Construction (AISC). It is the engineer’s responsibility to ensure the steel structure’s strength, design, and integrity.

On the other hand, the architect must comply with the building codes and major dimensions. Finally, the detailer’s job is to ensure that the structural engineer and architect approve the drawings before the fabrication process.

The steel detailer should be able to follow all the guidelines of construction as well as the state and city requirements. So, you have to ask them if they keep up with the common practices and updates from the AISC. Whether your project is small or big, it will still require accurate measurements that only a skilled, experienced, and government standard-compliant detailing company can provide.

Reasonable Turnaround Time

Consider metal fabricators who are reliable enough to deliver your project promptly. It will not hurt if you ask them their usual turnaround time. Do not forget to ask them about their production capacity. While some detailing firms produce excellent results, they may not have the capacity to handle several projects.

You can also research and look for reviews posted on online metal fabrication forums. Search for references where you will learn about the steel detailer’s past projects. If you have the time and resources, try reaching out to their past clients and asking for feedback.

Keep in mind that when choosing a professional steel detailer, you have to consider a company that will place customer satisfaction on top of their priorities. In this way, you can ensure that they will deal with your project responsibly and accurately.


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